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Senator Kerry Osama bin Ladens Tyoko Rose

By Stanley Zir     

It stared about a month ago. I noticed that every time Senator Kerry came on stage at his rallies he would put his palms together, bow to his audience and then give the old American thumbs up sign  

The palms together bow was first made famous by Mahatma Gandhi and adapted by the spiritual leaders of the peace-nik generation of the sixties Coincidently this gesture was also the calling card of Jane Fonda and other communist sympathizers of that era They used this “we come in peace greeting” when meeting with Ho Chi Minh to praise his cronies and trash our Americas military men during the Vietnam war.  

But something even more unsettling occurred yesterday. With less than a day to go before the election, Kerry was at it again trashing President Bush…. his mistake about attacking a Iraq, how many causalities there were and how we had to bring our troops home and we were losing this war so on and so on.., when suddenly I had an epiphany!  

Kerry's tone became all too familiar; a voice from the past, the message the person was unmistakable. Could it be? Yes, it was. Tokyo Rose! She was at it again but this time she was more than a radio personality she was running for President of the United States of America via Senator Kerry.  

Tokyo Rose born Iva Toguri was American-born Japanese’s woman who became the seventh American ever convicted of treason During World War II, a young Japanese American woman gained notoriety as "Tokyo Rose" for her broadcasts of Japanese propaganda beamed over Radio Tokyo to American troops in the South Pacific .Her program, known as the Zero Hour, became part of Japanese psychological warfare designed to lower the morale of the United States Armed Forces.  

Never before in the history of American Presidential elections have despots around the world lined up to endorse a candidate for the president of the Untied States of America . Why would people like Fidel Castro, and Arafat endorse Kerry and hate Bush? They know with the election of Kerry the White House would become a conduit for third world politics thus enabling them to jump start their new attacks against liberty unimpeded.  

That is why endorsing Bush by them would be as likely as Hitler endorsing Winston Churchill for prime minister at the outset of World War II. Now what does this tell you? It tells me why Senator Kerry should be voting for President Bush.  

Claiming he would regain respect for America in this world and win back the majority of our allies in our fight against terrorism, Senator Kerry has pledged his unconditional allegiance to the United Nations to offset Bush policies in his war against terrorism Will his pledged to honor the decisions of a Security Council where the Nations of Tyranny and the United States of America are on equal footing, make America any safer from terrorist advances?  

Will honoring nations like France and Germany whom have collectively been protecting and serving tyrannies’ interests in the Mid East gain the respect from the international community that he is seeking?  

No, not even by trading in America ’s security and dishonoring her name could you gain the respect of an international community that has long ago forfeited their passports to liberty.  

That is why Senator Kerry who thinks the promotion of dialogs with tyrannical nations will avert terrorism is not quantified to be at the helm of liberty’s ship.  

It is obvious to all except Senator Kerry that after September 11 America could no longer afford to be sabotaged by the forged documents of tyrannical regimes and hope to survive.  

Furthermore putting the fate of liberty in the hands of those that would appease tyranny in hopes of achieving a safe haven from madmen could only now be considered an act no less than that of treason.  

Over and over the again, Kerry has failed to realize what our founding fathers knew only too well:  

“That peace is not the absence of conflict but the final victory over tyranny (the parent of terrorism and the cause of war in this world”  

Senator Kerry, which bully in history was ever vanquished through peaceful dialog? Because the democrats have turned their backs on American historical struggle to rid the world of tyranny, they are now offering an olive branch to those that would support American downfall in the name of peace.  

Not only is Senator Kerry now dishonoring the lives of the youngest amongst, who are sacrificing their lives so the world can be free from these terrorist fiends from hell, but also by abandoning America ’s Mandate (her Eternal War on Tyranny) he has disqualified himself as spokesmen for the advancement of principles of liberty at home and abroad.  

His agenda amounts to nothing less than a person who would have sided with the British in our war of independence by accusing Nathan Hale of being arrogant in his defiance stance to defend principles of liberty with his life.  

Senator Kerry, what peace are you fighting for? One where we are “freed” from world conflict through our submission to tyranny, or one where we are forever freed from the chains of tyranny by confronting it at its source?  

Employing American Democratic Ideology as the weapon of choice to defeat terrorism and end poverty in the Religious Totalitarian nations of the Mid-East and around the world, still eludes the best minds of the Democratic Party, as well as the scope and size of the war on terrorism that we are engaged in.  

With Kerry as our president you may as well lower the American flag over the White House and board up its windows, for we will become nothing less than a buffoon on the international stage, an in- house joke at the UN and the laughing stock of terrorists around the world.  

We cannot afford to go back to the Clinton era where flagless homes and a culture where right and wrong were absolved by endless apologies, and hope to survive as nation.  

Now with the possibility of a third world election fiasco thrust upon us by the democratic party we must do everything in our power to defeat Senator Kerry … a presidential candidate who stands together with the principle players of the European Union and Third World counties who collectively stand against the United States of America in their fight against terrorism, and the spread of liberty across the globe.  






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