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Dear Ali,

Your reader below asked the following question about Malaysia :

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"Dear Dr Ali Sina,  

I was reading your article and you threw a challenge by saying “Show me one Islamic country that is prosperous and its people are free and happy or its jails are not filled with dissidents.” I was wondering if Malaysia fits the bill. What do you think?   "



I want to clear up the confusion people have over Malaysia 's status as an Islamic country. Muslims are especially fond of pointing to Malaysia as a successful example, but is it really an Islamic country? The Federation of Malaysia, and I must stress the word FEDERATION, was formed in 1963 by the former British colony of Malaya, the crown colony of Singapore , and the largely Christian states of Sabah and Sarawak in Borneo island. At the time of Malaysia's formation, more than 50% of its population were non-Muslims - about 35% Bhuddist, 5% Hindu, 10% Christians and 10% agnostics/aethiests,animists,taoists,ancestral worshippers. It inherited its legal system and parliamentary form of government from the British. Islam was named the official religion out of deference to the Malays but we have to be clear that the federation of Malaysia was designed and formed to be a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-lingual nation. 

How its non-Muslim population percentages declined to about roughly 43% today out of a total population of 24 million was by kicking Singapore (today's population 4.5 million and 85% non-Muslim) out of the country in1965, giving PR and citizenship to large numbers of illegal Muslim Filipinos from Mindanao and Muslim Indonesians from Sumatra and Java (including Hambali, one of the world's most wanted terrorists), and making the environment so hostile to non-Muslims that an estimated 1 million fled to Western countries or to Singapore because they felt their future was no longer secure in Malaysia. Like elsewhere in the world, the birthrate of Muslims also exceeded that of non-Muslims. Still, even at about 43%, the non-Muslim composition of this country is nothing to be sneezed at. How this farce of being a Islamic country came about was when the former dictator, oops, I mean Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, unilaterally announced that Malaysia is an Islamic country to appease ultra-Islamists at home and because he wanted to gain influence in the OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries). He also embarked on an Islamization exercise in the government when he came into power in the early 1980's called "Penerapan Nilai Nilai Islam" or the adoption of Islamic Values. He established Jabatan Islams or Islamic Departments and elevated the status of the syariah court till even the National High Court can be over ruled by the Syariah court! 

As for Malaysia as a successful nation, much of the wealth generated in Malaysia are by non-Muslims. Most of the successful entrepreneurs and workers of global MNCs are non-Muslims. The Muslims, since they control the government, have official  policies that discriminate against the non-Muslims. That's why many non-Muslims convert to Islam for a better chance at promotion in the government or to get government contracts and not because they believe in Islam. If any reader doubts, this, they should visit Malaysia and see for themselves. The government goes around claiming Malaysia 's achievements to be Islamic when non-Muslims contribute greatly to the nation's success. This is a gross injustice. Many muslims around the world are so desperate for a role model country that they quickly point to Malaysia not realizing much of what makes Malaysia successful is its non-Muslim population.

Nevertheless, as a result of this overt oppression of non-Muslims, Malaysia is actually less successful today than it should be. In fact, Malaysia should at the very least be as successful or more than Singapore , given its similar history as British colonies and the added advantage of vast natural resources. But this is not the case. Tiny Singapore is richer and more advanced than Malaysia . It is very fortunate that many Malays do not really practice Islam or the situation could be even worse! Malays, who were once Hindus, Bhuddists and animists and are by nature gentle, easy going and playful, are also feudalistic and obedient to their rulers and since their rulers tell them they must be Muslim, they don't fight back. Sadly, the utlra-Islamists have confused Malays so much many have lost their Malay identity and think they are only Muslims or even Muslim Arabs! Those Malays that want to leave Islam are threatened or denied legal status as non-Muslims. Google 'Ayah Pin' and 'Lina Joy' for details. Living in Malayisa, where non-Muslims are under increasing threat from Muslim authorities, I totally agree with you that Muslims have a religious agenda and that is to eventually subjugate non-Muslims Kaffirs and Dhimmis as required by the Koran. They will say one thing in front of non-Muslims to placate them but in front of Muslims they will say another. 

As for peace and tolerance, it is a one way street. Muslims tell non-Muslims, don't speak up and don't talk about Islam and there will be peace and harmony. Isn't that like extortion and gangsterism? Muslim groups even opposed an inter-faith council this year saying it will threaten Islam! I invite all readers to visit open forums like www.malaysia-today.net and www.malaysiakini.com to see what the real Malaysia is like and don't believe government propaganda or clueless journalists. 




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