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Boom Boom Bang ladesh

Sher Khan 


Finally, the toxic trees have started yielding fruit. After years of nurture, the great Madrasa Enterprise of Bangladesh is about to see the light of success. Highly (Un) educated, disciplined and dedicated piranhas are ready to conquer the country. Allah must have enjoyed the recent Islamic fireworks in Bangladesh and been mightily, mercifully, and compassionately pleased by the achievement of some of his real acolytes. 

Bangladesh is subdivided into six administrative divisions and sixty-four districts. The pious Muslims rattled almost all of these districts with home made Islamic bombs. Casualties were minimum but everyone was made poignantly aware of the power of the Mullahs. In many places, leaflets from the Jamatul Mujahidin, a banned Islamic party were found demanding the implementation of sharia law - the hand chopping, throat cutting decrees of Allah. Their message was very clear: either you accept Sharia law or else… 

Everyone knew it was coming, many other countries even warned about it; some South Asian journals wrote articles full of dire warnings, but the Bangladeshi government simply denied the obvious and banned those magazines to protect themselves from the that ever-lurking embarrassment that goes by the name of reality. Naturally, the Mullah brothers felt very offended, their existence was denied and their right to practice Islam in proper fashions was not respected. So it was only natural that they had to work a few standard Islamic miracles to express their displeasure. 

The Jamatul Mujahidin brothers rightfully decided to teach a lesson. Most of the women of Bangladesh don't wrap themselves in 'trash bags', i.e. Burkhas, nor do they commonly grace themselves with the head diaper known as the 'hijab'. Although, television channels are doing their best to teach the Quran, many programs are full of music and dance. Some Islamic banks are already in action to destroy the economy of the country but still there are traditional banks based on 'riba' or interest. In some places having a beard is a required qualification for a man to land a job, but the whole country is still not complying with this all-important procedure.     

In 1972, shortly after independence, the Islamic Academy of Bangladesh was banned. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the architect of the nation and a failed leader, happily restored this institution to its pristine splendor in March of 1975, and so the seed of Islamic lunacy was re-sown. Although, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman initiated the spark of independence, he weathered the storm in a Pakistani jail while the valiant citizens of the country grappled with the Pakistan army.  

He returned from Pakistan to the newly born Bangladesh on January 10, 1972. Confused and clueless Sheikh Mujibur Rahman made a great many hasty decisions that inadvertently harmed the new nation. Under Saudi pressure, he unconditionally pardoned captured Pakistani Army officers who instead, should have been dragged to a war crimes tribunal. Saudi Arabia did not recognize the new country and Muslims of newly born Bangladesh were not able to visit Mecca, the wonderland of Islam. Saudi Arabia cleverly blackmailed Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and he failed to resist Islamic pressure. 

Sheikh also created a single political party system to ensure that power would be firmly in his hands indefinitely, not unlike Idi Amin of Uganda who unilaterally declared himself president for life. He had a vision for a secular country but at the same time recognized the OIC (The Organization of the Islamic Conference) and caved in to the Islamic pressure of other Muslim countries. 

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was killed and after a short interval, Ziaur Rahman, an army officer and another wannabe 'Idi Amin' came to power. This military dictator slowly created his own political party, the Islamic flavored BNP (Bangladesh Nationalist Party). He too wanted to rule the country forever. Probably he is the number one culprit for allowing Islam to infect the country. Although Sheikh Mujibur Rahman encouraged some Islamic formulas without fully understanding the potential consequences, Ziaur Rahman bent himself to the Islamic sentiment of the general public. The docile people of Bangladesh are god-fearing and are unaware of the real nature of Islam, manufactured in Saudi Arabia. Ziaur Rahman inserted Islamic code into the constitution and gave citizenship back to Golam Azam, the traitor and leader of the political party Jamat-E-Islam that helped the Pakistan Army carry out its genocide. And so it came to pass that a wartime collaborator became a coordinator of peace with the help of a greedy dictator.  

Under the reign of Ziaur Rahman, Saudi Arabia donated $1000 to each of the country's many mosques to build madrasas and breed piranhas. $1000 is no great sum of money but in a country like Bangladesh, where the cost of living is relatively low compared to many other countries; it's a hefty amount that can go a long way. The money was used to successfully sow the seed of Islamic terrorism. Once these halfway houses were opened, they never closed the door and they just kept breeding increasingly vicious varieties of piranhas. 

Ziaur Rahman was assassinated and another Lieutenant General, Hussain Muhammad Ershad seized power in a military coup. He followed the same game plan of all the other dictators: he founded his own political party and stayed in power until 1990, when he was forced to resign under pressure by an angry coalition of opposition parties. Before leaving the throne, Ershad did his best to establish Islam. He followed the earlier standpoint of promoting Islam in the culture - he made it mandatory to study Islamic books from 1st grade to 6th grade and his puppet parliament passed a legislative amendment, making Islam the state religion.   

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