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How to play with Islam

By Sher Khan


It’s a dangerous and tricky game. Unlike Gladiatorial combat or bull fight this game must be played with tact and composure. It’s more like a chess game where one may have to plan up to 20 moves ahead. According to Sahi Bukhari Mohammed prohibited Musilims from playing chess. Hence we definitely have an advantage of having a weak opponent.   

I wish I had a magic wand that could wipe out Islam! But, I don’t. So, what are the options?  

Some people comments…… “Nuke all Muslims! Kill them! Maim them!”

Quran says…… “Slay the idolaters wherever ye find them” (9.5).  

Do I see a pattern here? The idea of killing all Muslims is unrealistic, unethical and a clear reflection of Mullah’s attitude! Are they echoing the same tenets that we are fighting against? Should they degrade themselves to Quranic Level?  

I am not a vegetarian and I am all for war if situation compels. Ironically, history teaches, war may become inevitable at times to restore peace and uphold humanistic values. But the concept of killing all Muslims is not an option rather a disruption of the strategy. Islam is not an entity; it’s a shadow of an evil ideology. You can’t fight with a shadow unless you expose the source.  

Is it not an interesting fact that European Union (EU) is by far the largest donor to Palestine with almost $380 million dollars and brethren Arab League being the second largest donor with $318 million dollars in 2002? Even USA has pledged $75 million a year, thus creating a corrupted Palestinian Authority and a lot of suicide bombers. Donating money is a benevolent act but donors will have to carefully judge the intention of the recipient.  

America and western countries painfully remain hostages of oil politics; Middle Eastern countries take full advantage of this situation and tactfully spread Islamic imperialism. When Muslim community of a western country requests to build a mosque, authorities rub their hands with glee and irrevocably grant the permission. When they ask for permission to yell on the loudspeaker and call Muslims for prayer, they don’t hesitate to say ‘yes’.  

Essentially, it’s a good idea to allow Mosques to use the loudspeaker in western countries. However, there must be two preconditions that Muslims should meet. All Friday sermons must be translated in English or in the native language of the country. Secondly, one Surah a day must be recited with its translation. Imagine an Imam (Muslim priest) singing over a loudspeaker at five o’clock in the morning,  

Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day……(9.029)  

And fight them on until….. there prevail…faith in Allah;(2.193)  

Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you, and let them find harshness in you (9.123)  

Let not the believers take the unbelievers for friends rather than believers; and whoever does this, he shall have nothing of (the guardianship of) Allah (3.028)  

I have no doubt in my mind that this process will work like a boomerang and help illustrating real Islam!  

Governments and citizens of western countries will have to understand the threat of real Islam. Their appeasing attitude comes from two factors, one is oil and another is the concept of freedom of faith. Freedom is an unknown word in Islamic book; it does not carry any value in the world of Islam. Freedom of faith gives Islam the freedom to kill and freedom to hate. Western world still has no clue of what Islam can do. Sikhs and Muslims are followers of different faiths, with a history of long-term hostility. When some bigots attack Sikhs because they cannot differentiate Muslims from Sikhs; it becomes clear that western people have no knowledge of other religions, specifically Islam.  

Hypocrite Muslim intellectuals have successfully created a rosy image of Islam, far away from actual Islamic teachings. Many western scholars fell in this trap and made comments that favored Islam. When some Muslims carry “Islam will rule the world” placards, people of western countries fail to get the message.  

Western countries are smart enough to find alternatives of Oil and fight with Islam. However, this urge will not arise until they know what Islam is all about. Paranoid political leaders are afraid of calling a spade a spade. News Medias are scared to publicize horrendous Islamic news. Non-Muslim citizens avoid this sensitive subject of Islam.   

I wish I had a time machine that would take this world to 7th century and have everyone watch Mohammad’s actions. The Majority of Muslims are nice people and they are nice because they don’t follow Islam religiously. They take religion loosely and their conscious plays an effective role to overrule Islamic decrees. Still, why do they remain captives of Islam? Can they overcome the fear of hell and the greed of heaven that drives them crazy?  

Crows are notorious birds and famous for stealing small stuffs. These birds are abundant in some of Asian countries and often their nests are filled with key chain, sunglasses, pencils and what not! It is said that these crows close their eyes when they hide stolen things in the nest. They assume no one has seen because their eyes are closed.  

The complexity of this analogy denotes the minds of Moderate Muslims. They know what is hidden in Islam but they keep their eyes shut pretending no one else has seen it. The brutal teachings bother their conscious but they also like to enjoy the benefits of Islam after life. It’s the same conscious that a freethinker uses to disapprove Islam. They find excuses to white wash violent verses and Muslim Intellectuals write thousands of books in this regard. This is where our mission starts.  

Bookstores and libraries are flooded with phony and twisted Islamic books that help moderate Muslims and western countries to get the message of unreal Islam. Very seldom they read the translation of Quran or Ahadith, where the real picture of Islam is hidden. Reading Quran is no fun; one may have to empty a bottle of Aspirin after going through a few verses. Inconsistent verses and hodgepodge thinking of a crazy man make no sense to a sane person. Not too many people read porno type Ahadith and other authentic Islamic books. Merely 23% of Muslims understand Arabic and rest of the Muslims read the Quran like magic spells. They memorize the Quran in Arabic and depend on politically correct books to find the answer. Over the years, these books have built a sand castle of deception and lies.  

Are there enough books available to expose the real Islam? Until recently, no one dared to write against Islam. Those who opposed Islam in Mohammedan age have been smashed mercilessly. The same trend continues today. Islam is extremely vulnerable to criticism because it is based on lies and deception. Bats see better in darkness and light makes them blind. Islam does fairly well when the darkness of ignorance prevails but it’s fragile under the light of truth.  

To educate the world we need more books, movies and websites that will expose Islamic vandalism. An international awareness of Islam will help to burry this cult. So, start writing whenever you can. Write to your political leaders, write to News Medias, and write a book or an article. Keep writing and things will change.


Are you in?  


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