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Don Juan of 7th century

By Sher Khan

In Spanish legend, Don Juan was a charismatic hero but a licentious rogue who seduced many women. Based on this fictional character, Spanish author Tirso de Molina wrote a play “The Seducer of Seville”. In this play, Don Juan seduces the daughter of knight Don Gonzalo.  He invites Don Juan to a duel but Don Juan killed him. The complex personality of Don Juan has fascinated many writers and composers. George Bernard Shaw, Moliere, Mozart and Lord Byron interpreted this knotty character differently in their masterpieces.  

In the 7th century of Arabia, there was another Don Juan whose alluring leadership and unique controlling power made a history. His triumphant but sadistic ideology was so powerful that it would haunt people of whole world for centuries to come.  

In his childhood, Don was deprived from motherly affection. For an unknown reason another lady raised him. When he grew up, he took a job of commission agent. Khadijah, a mid-age lady who happened to be his boss fell in love with this good-looking guy. She earned a substantial amount of wealth from two of her previous husbands. Although 15 years younger than Khadijah Don did not want to miss the opportunity. Some cartoon films have characters with dollar sign sparkling on their eyes. Likewise Dinar sign sparkled in Don’s eyes too. So, one day they got married. Besides the financial gain, he also found motherly affection along with natural passion. Nevertheless, he was known for his trustworthiness. One day he claimed that messenger of God spoke to him and he was scared to death. This scariness could be due to his first big lie. It’s unknown whether he found a religious book Torah and decided to play the same game that was played by former prophets. Some people say he could not read or write but this claim may not be of any importance.  

After Khadijah passed away, Don faced serious baby sitter problem. He could not go out and raid the caravans with small children. His friends found fifty yrs old widow. Her name was Saudah Bint Zama. She was perfect for Don. She could take care of the kids and would not ask much from Don. She was very generous. Later on, when Don had plenty of beautiful women and everyone had to wait for her turn to get Don’s company, Saudah gave her turn to Aisha being unable to handle this lustful man.  

By now, Don has gained more power and tired of tasting old women. He decided to marry a young girl. Now the question is, how young? His friend Abu Bakr had a little girl name Aisha, She was only six years old and obviously had no idea of this grandpa like old man is planning to do. He did marry her anyway and took her to bed when she was nine years old. She became very outspoken when grew up. Aisaha was extremely jealous and did not like the way other women offered themselves to Don. She asked, “Does a woman offer herself?”  To her dismay, Don’s imaginary friend Allah sent a revelation to justify his action, “You may defer any of them you wish and take to yourself any you wish, and if you desire any you have set aside no sin is chargeable to you.” Indeed, Aisha was very outspoken and she did not hesitate to comment, ”It seems to me that your lord hastens to satisfy your desire.” It does not take a MIT graduate to understand that Aisha meant sexual desire.  

Don wanted to try something challenging. Hafsa was the daughter of Don’s friend Umar. She was stubborn and well known for haughty attitude. Her first husband died in a battlefield. When Umar asked Uthman to marry his daughter, Uthman panicked and refused. Don took the challenge and married her to enjoy a voluptuous but stubborn lady.  

Next, Don married Zainab; She was a widow also. Her husband died in the battle. This marriage did not last that long. She died after a few months. She was about 30 years old.  

Umm Salamah, another wife of Don did not want to marry him. She was in deep love with her husband. Although he died in a battle, Umm Salamah did not want to marry anymore. She was proud of her two children and memory of departed husband. However, Don was persistent. Not for a date but to marry her. She made some excuses, I’m very jealous, I have children and I am old. Don laughed because she was younger than him. Finally she had to give up and marry him.  

Marilyn Monroe has a famous picture. Her skirt became uncontrollable from an unexpected wind and she is trying to manage it with a mischievous smile. Almost same thing happened when Don saw Zainab Bint Jahsh, wife of his adopted son. She was dressed in a relax manner when Don saw her unexpectedly. His heart jumped as if a teen-age boy found a PLAYBOY magazine for the first time in his life. Zaid, adopted son of Don knew what’s going on and offered to divorce his wife and allow Don to marry her. But it was not that easy. Marrying the wife of own or adopted son is not a descent behavior. It definitely caused some uproar among the followers of Don. So he picked up his spiritual phone and called his imaginary friend,” Hey Allah. Help me. Send some verses.” Allah answered, ”No problemo. One revelation coming up.” So, it did. Don was able to nail his adopted son’s wife without that much trouble. Actually, Allah went out of the box and took the initiative to guarantee on behalf of Don.  

Don raided Banu Mustaliq tribe and captured 200 camels, 5000 goats and captives of about two hundred families. When this group of bandits distributed their spoils, she fell to the lot of Thabit ibn Qais ibn Shammas. She was exceptionally beautiful and caught Don’s eye. He did not waste time to propose her and married right away. Outspoken A’isha made a nice comment, As soon as I saw her at the door of my apartment, I took a dislike to her, and for I know that the Prophet would see her as I saw her.  

Marrying Umm Habibah was not a colorful event. She was married to Ubaid Allah ibn Jahsh. This gentle man decided to become Christian and Umm Habibah became alone. Don proposed and married her.  

Safiyah bint Huyeiy ibn Akhter was born in Medinah, She belonged to the Jewish tribe of Banu ‘I-Nadir. Don kicked out this tribe from Medina and they settled in Khaiber. When Don became powerful and had no one to fight with he decided to visit Khaiber and kill some people. He raided Khaiber successfully and captured a good number of captives. Safiyah was beautiful. Her father and husband got killed in this raid. After a brief marriage ceremony Don took her to his tent. Abu Ayyub was one of Don’s mercenaries. He strolled all night long and guarded the tent. Don asked him about this special attention. He answered, I was afraid for you with this young lady. You had killed her father, her husband and many of her relatives, and till recently she was an unbeliever. I was really afraid for you on her account. Don was very pleased. He prayed for him and immediately fax a thank you note to Allah.  

Maimunah was another wife of Don. Her husband divorced Maimunah bint al-Harith. She was married to Abd al-Uzza for the second time but he died. On the initiation of her sister she was married to Don.  

These were the eleven wives of Don that are recognized by most of the scholars. However, His lust for women was limitless and there are other incidents that prove him as an extremely libido person.  

In one occasion, Don went to visit his wife Hafsa’s house and saw Mariah the captive of Hafsa. He wanted her so bad that he failed to hide his desire. Don had allotted time for each wife. He deprived his scheduled wife and took Mariah to bed. Unfortunately his wife Hafsa caught him. Hafsa talked to Aisha and both of them revealed this incident to others. Don was very upset and promised not to see any of his wives for a month.  

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