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Do Palestinians Want a State?

By: Shaul Praver 

I don't believe there is a true desire on the part of the Palestinian Authority or people, by and large, to actually form a state called Palestine . So what is it all about? Simple. The "Quest" for the state of Palestine is a way of focusing and concentrating militant Islamic power against a common enemy....The Jews and the west. Therefore, If a state was actually accepted and constructed, the Islamic struggle against the Jews would no longer have an ideological basis to operate from. And as such, the Jihad against the Jews in Israel would end.
This is because the "quest" for a Palestinian state would no longer be there to galvanize militant Islam against the Jews and the West.

It never really was about achieving a Palestinian State . The faked dynamics of an earnest yearning by the Palestinian people for a state is exactly what was needed to galvanize militant Islam. Notice we call it a "peace process." It's all "process" and no "substance." I believe Barak proved that by offering everything Arafat ever asked for; a Palestinian state on the west bank and Gaza with East Jerusalem as it's capital. That was Arafat's mantra for decades, but Barak knew it was a bluff. Barak called Arafat's bluff and Arafat called for the intifada. The irony is that a Palestinian State would actually detract from everything that militant Islam wants to achieve, i.e. massive Jihad against the West and the Jews. If the Palestinian people really wanted a state they would have had one a long time ago. This is because they have a sincere and willing peace partner, Israel , ready to actually "enact" such a state. And moreover, If such a state would bring true peace to the region, even the most right wing settler would support it.

Thus we can understand Sharon 's plan. Unilateral withdrawal. Serving up the Palestinian defacto state against the will of the Palestinian people themselves; something Sharon believes will cause the collapse of the PA and terror groups from within. Sharon is four steps ahead. I believe the expectation is: Israel with the security fence completed, will achieve security and the PA will start to self destruct because they will then have nothing left to fight for. What Palestinians claimed they wanted was now given to them defacto by Israel . With Israel disengaged, the light shines into the dark places of the PA and civil war ensues. And it is civil war that is actually needed most in Islamic Fundamentalist countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia . The non Fundamentalist Freedom loving non-Jihadists need to rise up and defeat the militant Jihadists. Why should Israel continue fight the Jihadists and perpetuate the false impression that Israel is the bad guy. Let the Palestinian people do it themselves. It's actually their fight, not Israel 's or Americas '.

It's a very complicated Head game and I do think that Sharon understands it well. In conclusion, I don't think Sharon 's plan will bring about a real Palestinian State but a Palestinian civil war. Sharon agrees to move the Jews out not because he believes they are occupiers, but because he wants to get them out of the way before all hell breaks lose. He wants this to be perceived for what it really is, i.e. an Islamic problem with it's very own militant Islam. Sharon wants to make it clear that the problem actually has absolutely nothing to do with Jews, Israelis or the West. Islam has to fight it out amongst itself, and Sharon is moving out of the way to allow this to happen. I think we should support Sharon because I believe he does have a well thought out master plan. I think he understands the complex dynamics of the militant jihadist mind and most importantly,, I think Sharon knows how to defeat it.

We already see the PA beginning to totter and what is happening in Iraq is the very civil war
I mentioned above. Failure in Iraq is not an option and neither is a nuclear Iran .






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