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The Death of British Liberty

by Robert Locke 

Free speech may become illegal in England.

I wish I were joking.

Most Americans know that America’s precious civil liberties was born in England, out of English common law, English ideas of individual rights, and British parliamentary democracy.

Most Americans don’t know that this glorious tradition, in defense of which Americans and Britons fought two world wars and a Cold War together, is dying where it was born.

Today, believe it or not, civil liberty is under attack in the UK as it has not been since the dark days of 1940.

Then, as now, it is threatened by a would-be United Europe, and by those at home who lack the courage to defend it.

Today, European Union laws have snuffed out many of the cherished rights in Britain–rights Americans still take for granted, like the presumption of innocence and the right to elect their own government–and they threaten to snuff out more, from freedom of speech to the right to trial by jury. British liberty is in danger of being swallowed whole by the alliance between Political Correctness and an alien and Napoleonic legal tradition from the Continent, where freedom is nothing more than a loan from the state, revocable at its convenience.

Make no mistake: the unelected masters of the European Union know full-well that British liberty is one of the biggest roadblocks on their drive to create a superstate that will rival and displace the USA. They cannot allow the virus of freedom to infect any part of their bureaucratic despotism, and they mean to eradicate it. Tony Blair is their enthusiastic collaborator.

The present British government–just like in the 1930’s–has responded to the aggression of a diabolical foreign ideology by deciding to appease it. Then it was major newspapers hushing up the truth about Hitler. Today it is the fact that in Britain, a man can be thrown in jail for telling the truth about Islam’s agenda of world conquest.

If you know that Islam has waged holy war from Arabia to Lower Manhattan for 1,400 years, aiming at the forcible conversion of the world, you will this is the simple truth. If you know its holy book, the Koran, explicitly commands every Moslem to wage jihad, you will understand why the world needs to know. If you remember 9/11, you will understand why this is the crucial issue of our time.

Sadly, this is not hyperbole. A man in Britain named Nick Griffin, chairman of a small opposition party called the British National Party, is facing such a trial, to begin, January 16, 2006.

What did this man do? He said, at a private political meeting,

“Islam is an evil and wicked faith.”

Unfortunately for him, government thought police were watching, and recorded him on video tape. That’s right. Thought police. In England.

This is not a joke. It is not even China or Iran. Such things really do happen in Britain today. Let us pray they do not happen in America tomorrow, and draw the line now.

You understand how important free speech is. Without it, all other liberties are moot, as no-one can tell the truth about threats to them. Islamic radicals are hoping to exploit the British courts – using rights Islam would abolish – to silence criticism of their jihad agenda. If they win this case, they will have acquired enormous powers of intimidation.

This must not be allowed to happen. The War on Terror, the Clash of Civilizations, and our most basic freedoms depend on it. Americans can donate, or sign the petition, at http://www.thetruthisnodefense.com

Robert Locke


P.S. You may hear some outlandish canards about Mr. Griffin and his party. They do seem to have been rough customers years ago, but as I wrote in the article below, though I don’t support everything they stand for, they are fairly respectable today, and certainly have the right to participate freely in the marketplace of ideas:









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