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       Allah: A Mad, Forgetful God

By R.M. Oskui 

This is a topic which had always baffled me when I was a Muslim. As all Muslims know that Quran tells us that Satan is made of fire, like all jinns are. So it is a fact that Allah created Satan as jinn. But when I studied the Quran I found that Allah seemed to have forgotten this fact.

In the Quran it is stated that when Allah created Adam He ordered all the angels to bow down in front of Adam verse [7:11].  

Satan refused citing that he was made of fire verse [15:27] and would not bow in front of a creature made of dust verse[7:12],[2:34]  

Now the question is, if Allah had ordered the angels to bow down in front of Adam then why did he expect Satan; a jinn, to prostate before Adam?  

I had put this question before two  great mujtahids of the Muslims and their stupid answer was that Satan was once a very pious and god loving jinn and had been worshipping Allah for a long, long time so much so that the heavenly creatures started considering him an angel.

But this lame reasoning does not change the fact that Satan was a jinn and not an angel and Allah was amazingly crazy to expect a jinn to follow the order which Allah had given to angels in the first place.

Now, if Allah can forget that he created Satan a jinn and not an angel then how can Muslims expect him to remember all their good and bad deeds and then punish or reward them accordingly on the day of judgement? What if Allah forgets everything just like he forgot in Satan's case? Who will these poor Muslims go to? Who will give them justice?

Muslims might say that we have angels on our shoulders which record everything we do. But then again jinns also have these angels which record their good and bad deeds because jinns like humans also have free will and can do whatever they want, good or bad. If these angels did not come forth to tell Allah that Satan was a jinn and not an angel how can they expect them to do the same in their case?

I must say that this is a very scary, forgetful and crazy god and it is so funny to see how these Muslims try to bend the rules for their creator and their prophet to legitimize their evil doings.

Itís about time these Muslims open their eyes and read their book to see the absurdities in it and realize that it is nothing but lies and stupidities. I guess this is just wishful thinking. If they see these lies they will ask their stupid mullahs and mujtahids who will either give them some lame explanation or tell them not to doubt because doubt will weaken their faith and land them straight into Hell; and then they get scared and stop thinking objectively and act like zombies.

No wonder Muslims haven't accomplished anything except violating basic human rights in these fourteen hundred years because they are all zombies who are willing to kill and maim any one for their religion of hate and universal terrorism.







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