Leaving Islam



The Mullahs Smell Victory


By: Potkin Azarmehr

Those of us who have first hand experience of the Mullahs in Iran, know how they beg for mercy and cower when they feel threatened and weak, but we also know how over confident, audacious and ruthless they can be too when they smell victory.  

I remember reading the memoirs of one of Khomeini’s allies (I think it was Bazargan), when I learned how Khomeini rebuffed those who wanted to compromise with the Shah. ”You have a rope tied around his neck, and you can pull at both ends of the rope, so don’t hesitate, pull hard while you can and finish him off.” He screamed at those who were wavering and didn’t have confidence in the complete overthrow of the Shah.  

These days, I can sense that same air of over-confidence about the Mullahs in Iran , except this time they seem to think the rope is tied around US’s neck. At one end of the rope, they have Moqtada Al-Sadr, a young callous gangster whose stare instills fear in the hearts of  Iraqi citizens and at the other end of the rope they have once again activated Golbedin Hekmatyar, an  Afghan criminal warlord whose ruthless reputation still makes the ordinary people of Afghanistan tremble with fear.  

Both have been trained and nurtured in the art of genocide by the Islamic Republic of the Ayatollahs. Nothing has been spared in anticipation for the day when they feel they can finish off the “Great Satan”. Money, arms, training camps, propaganda tools, and the lot has been flowing from the coffers of the Iranian people who have no say in their own destiny to these warlords. The same Iranian people who only want moral support for their struggle and a firm stand against their oppressors by the Free World, so that they could control their destiny and not have the name of their motherland mixed up with these Neanderthal terror groups.  

Just like when the Shah’s men wavered and dithered in 1979, the Free World is now acting too scared to take on the enemies of civilization. Just like in 1979 Iran , when a firm response was needed to quash the forces of darkness, some presently talk of the coalition troops to leave Iraq . This is reminiscent of when the Shah was told to leave Iran in the hope of the situation calming after his departure.  

Everyone knows who the paymaster of those at each end of the rope is, yet there is no firm response. Back in 1979 the clerics had ordered their thugs to burn down a cinema which resulted in the death of close to 400 innocent lives; men, women and children were charred to death while watching a film in Rex Cinema , Abadan . The clerics infuriated the crowds by blaming the atrocity on the Shah’s regime. But the Shah’s regime had the main culprit of the massacre in their custody. The culprit was willing to testify in an open trial and disclose those who had given him the orders, for he was suffering from a terrible guilty conscience. He did not know the cinema goers would be locked in and unable to escape. He wanted to reveal it all, but the Shah’s men were worried that his trial could lead to more tension with Khoemini. They were duped into thinking that Khomeini was willing to negotiate!  

In 2004, the leaders of the Free World know who is giving the orders, but they are scared to rock the boat. After all, the mullahs in Iran are offering to negotiate. Just like the Shah’s Generals, they are hesitating to act, as they did in 1979 hoping they could reach a compromise with Khoemini. The BBC, always boasting for wanting to show all angles of a dispute and hence often ending up in giving a platform to the instigators of violence and intolerance, has not as yet once even mentioned the role of the Islamic Republic in the recent events of Iraq and Afghanistan .  

The Islamic Republic continues with its winning formulae of 1979 tactics, the Mullahs can smell victory and are pulling the rope tighter and tighter, the Free World on the other hand seems to be infected with the Shah’s indecisiveness in the last days of the Peacock Throne. They talk of assurances from Khatami's close allies that the Islamic Republic is not behind the uprisings! (See the Time Magazine this month).  

I see many parallels between now and 1979, but victory for the Mullahs this time will not just mean pain and misery for the people of Iran , Iraq and Afghanistan . It will be the beginning of the end for the Western civilization that did not act decisively when its own survival was at stake, instead the dithering European politicians who continued with a losing formulae of what they preferred to call “critical dialogue” with Islamic Republic! A farce which was neither “critical” enough nor a “dialogue” with the paymasters of terror.---  






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