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A Murderous Regime, Gets Away with Murder and Mocks the World 

By Potkin Azaremehr 

“Iranian official beat Kazemi with shoe” was the headline of an article printed in Toronto Star on July 17.  And the French newspaper Liberation reported, “A Montreal-based photojournalist who died of brain hemorrhage in an Iranian hospital was beaten about head with a shoe by a high-ranking Iranian official”. The name of this Islamic high ranking official of course turns out to be none other than the notorious former judge and now the Tehran prosecutor Saeed Mortezavi. A psychopath by all accounts; known in Iran as the butcher of the newspapers. He alone has shut down more than 100 publications and jailed scores of journalists and writers. 

So far nothing out of the ordinary! Those who follow the events in Iran know this psychopath too well and know what he is capable of when it comes to murder and brutality. 

Then there was the next wily headline; “Reformist president Khatami orders an enquiry into the death of the 54-year-old photojournalist Zahra Kazemi”. The word “reformist” being splattered in every other line of the article like confetti. As stomach churning as this continued fascination of some Western journalists with “reformists” in the Islamic Republic of Iran is, again it is nothing unexpected for those who follow the events in Iran. We are used to see these gullible and spineless journalists being overawed by the pretty phrases of the Iranian clerics who audaciously use deceptive catch phrases like “civil society”, “dialogue amongst civilizations” etc. for foreign consumption in the face of the harsh realities inside Iran. 

Some of us derided such empty gestures of Islamic enquiry team for we were too familiar with these scams of the Islamic Republic. After all we saw what happened when enquiry committees were set up to investigate the serial murders of Iranian dissidents and intellectuals five years ago. Tens of prominent dissidents were murdered in the middle of the night at their homes by what came to be known as “chain murders”. An enquiry committee was set up. The murderers got away with it and the lawyers of the victims’ families were sent to jail! Where else such injustice can happen but in the Islamic paradise of Iran? 

Of course as usual the world stood silent, the murderous regime got away with it, and some Western politicians such as the British Baroness Emma Nicholson, Robin Cook, the “debonair” Dominique de Villepin, the anti-war hero Tam Dalyel and many more continued to sing the praises of the Islamic Republic and promoted this medieval regime. Even Colin Powell recently claimed that there was democracy in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Just like when a bully finds out that it can get away with bullying and so gets more bullish, so the turbaned politicians of the Islamic Republic got bolder and bolder every year. A clique of religious fundamentalists resurrected from the dark ages continues to mock the rest of the world and consolidate their foothold for their global ambitions. Latest development in the case of the murdered photojournalist, Zahra Kazemi, proves this. Guess who is heading the enquiry team into Zahra’s murder? None other than the Tehran prosecutor himself, the former judge Mortezavi. Can you believe that? This is indeed adding salt to the injury. Isn’t this an insult to the victim’s family and coking a snooze at human rights? What a mockery of justice is this? Where in the world a murderer is chosen to head an enquiry team into his own murders? Unbelievable as it may sound it happens in the Islamic Republic of Iran. That is like asking Hitler to head an enquiry team to investigate those responsible for the holocaust. 

Continued complacency and silence on the murderous actions of the religious dictatorship currently ruling Iran has made them so bold that they believe they can get away with murder, time after time and poke fun at of western journalists and politicians’ gullibility. 

How much longer will the freedom loving westerners stand by and remain silent and thereby threaten the future prosperity and freedom of not only the innocent children of Iran but also their own? Isn’t it clear by now that the Islamic Republic is heavily funding world wide Islamic terrorism? Is it not time that we shame these “dashing” politician who still support the thugs of the Islamic Republic and vote them out of office? Is it not time that we tell these “reformist”-loving loving journalists to wake up and have a conscience? For how long should the world listen to the lies concocted by unscrupulous news corporations such as BBC and unethical journalists such as John Simpson? 

The Mullahs lied fooled the Iranians to get to power in 1979 and now are fooling the world to stay in power. Western journalists and politicians, either through ignorance or greed are their accomplices. The fact that the story of the murder of Zahra Kazemi did not make headline, that many news corporations such as BBC originally echoed the Islamic Republic’s lie, reporting that she felt “ill” during the interrogation and had a stroke, and the fact that now no one is saying that this enquiry into Zahra’s murder staged by the Islamic Republic is a sham, is proof enough that the western media is either being duped or is lying for some undisclosed reason.






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