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Sydney Riots, Australia -The Last Straw  

P Pallek


While there were undoubtedly some 'racist' elements in the riot at a local beach, and the opportunistic inclusion of some unsavoury groups, this misrepresents the causes of the riot and fails to examine the strong racial/religious hatred displayed by the largely Lebanese Muslim gangs.  

Recent riots by locals at Sydney beaches were labelled racist but the reality is that they were a response to many years of intimidation, violence and verbal abuse by largely Lebanese Muslim gangs hailing from Lakemba.  People have been attacked, called f' ing Whites, the beach have been taken over and women and girls have been subjected to the foulest language and abuse. 

Locals claim, Middle-Eastern gangs show no respect for others and don't obey beach rules.  

Last week about 12 of these 'Middle-Eastern' men attacked 2 volunteer lifeguards, knocking one unconscious and apparently causing a 'Nippers' program to be cancelled.    This was the final straw –volunteer lifeguards are sacrosanct. People called for a gathering at Cronulla to show that locals wouldn't be intimidated any longer and to 'take back' the beach.  

A hot day, alcohol, incitement from some 'White' group was a bad mix and eventually anyone who looked Middle-Eastern was attacked.  This is despicable and the local surf clubs have already apologised to representatives of the Lebanese Muslim community.  Sadly these representatives DID NOT APOLOGISE for the long-term violence and abuse by Lebanese gangs but they claimed they were now sending out messages to stop further violence!  Indeed, they have continued the so called 'retaliatory' riots through several areas for 2 nights since the single riot on one beach.  

The middle-east gangs gathered at a Lakemba mosque and travelled into beach areas the night after the beach fight, attacking people (causing serious head injuries), smashing over 100 cars, shop windows, pelting police and possibly firing weapons.  The violence continued into a second night. A Church hall was burnt down.  

Yet the violence, racism and religious hatred shown by Muslim gangs gets little publicity as everyone wants to be 'tolerant', including the police! Complaints have largely been ignored.  No-one condones these attacks but the fact remains that there was a long history of underlying problems with Middle-Eastern gangs.  

They hail from Lakemba, a Muslim enclave with fundamentalist Imams that preach hatred of Jews, America, the west (Sheik Hilali), are linked with terrorists (Sheik Zoud) and a guest Imam was videotaped teaching Koran suras 4, 5 – don't be friends with Jews and Christians!  This is home to known terrorists (Khazal brothers – convicted in Lebanon ), suspected terrorists, the horror gang-rapists (there are other rapes), murderers (one man was shot on the steps of a mosque) and drug traffickers.  Retired police detective Tim Priest warned in 2003 that police should stop being intimidated by these gangs who were responsible for attacks on non-Muslim Australians and had taken over much of the drug trade and other crimes.  He described the gangs as ruthless in the extreme and compared certain areas with the no-go Muslim enclaves in France .  

Most Australians don't care about colour, we're a mongrel breed, but many are rightly concerned over these growing Islamic enclaves and parallel societies that abuse and threaten wider Australia and constantly demand that everything be changed to suit them.  The problem isn't race, it's ideology and the destruction of free speech for those who wish to draw attention to problems or challenge Islamic propaganda.  Any discussion of Islam's text, practices, laws, gangs, enclaves and the aims of political Islam and their impact on Australia is gagged by laws in some states, and by political correctness, blind tolerance, 'multiculturalism?' and the fear of publishing anything negative about Islam.  Any who dare to speak are instantly labelled 'racist' (Islam isn't a race, it's an ideology), ignorant etc!   While people are gagged, and fundamentalist enclaves free of police intervention grow, so will the anger on both sides.  

I'm still waiting for the apology from these Muslim gangs for their long-term intimidation, violence, verbal abuse and bashing of lifeguards as well as an apology for their ongoing violence that extended well past the beach riot and was significantly more vicious.









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