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A Cry from an Arab American over the Russian Children

 By: Nonie Darwish

Among the Chechen terrorists that did the unspeakable in a Russian school were reported to be several Arabs. Personally, I am not surprised, but how many Arabs in the Middle East even try to connect the dots and link their current radical culture of Islam to these unspeakable deeds around the world?  

They simply do not see the connection and unfortunately the world media is not doing its job in telling the Arab World about it. CNN feels that being “objective” is never to blame Arab culture, and it ends up supportive of Arab views in its delivery of news in the Middle East and around the world.  

Until age 30, I lived as a Muslim in the Middle East . Horrible news such as from Chechnya , or other terrible incidents like in the Philippines , India , the Sudan or Pakistan , were always covered up and twisted to portray Muslim terrorists around the world as just innocent victims of terrible discrimination. These murderers were always portrayed as minority “freedom fighters” who needed to rise against the majority Christian or non-Muslim population in their midst.  

The larger picture in these countries and the reasons behind the turmoil was never explained in any other way. I will never forget the prayers that many Arabs offered in support of minority Muslims all over the world who were believed to be manning the frontier for Jihad. The world-wide Muslim community is tasked spreading Islam in the “lost” world around them, in Dar-El-Harb, the land of war, to be conquered by the sword.  

I once had a guest from Egypt in my home who was the most kind and wonderful Muslim man you would ever want to meet. While he was watching Chechnya rebels on TV, I saw him pray and cry for their success against the Soviet Union . Praying for killing of the innocent never seemed holy to me.  

The world has been seeing Arab radical terrorism growing without much international outcry for half a century. I started seeing many men and women in my culture of origin turn into robotic monsters with a wish to destroy life on earth in order to go to heaven. Many thought this was only against Israel and its interests and, as a result, they ignored it.  

The world and its lazy media is not doing Arabs or the rest of the world any favor by sticking their heads in the sand like ostriches. Even after 9/11, many in the West and the UN are still finding excuses for terrorism. Even the Arab’s best friends, the French, thought they would get special treatment from terrorists by selling out the US and supporting Saddam Hussein. But in the eyes of the terrorists the French were always just temporary friends until the right time came to strike - - one enemy at a time. 

Where are Muslim demonstrations against terror? All I’ve ever noticed following 9/11 were celebrations throughout the Arab world. Taking a stand against terrorism and for reformations in the Muslim world is viewed as an Israeli conspiracy. The very few courageous Arab writers who think and speak independently are often attacked and terrorized for their views, and accused of being puppets of the Zionists. Apparently standing strong against terrorism and for reformations in the Muslim world is viewed as “Zionist” conspiracy no matter how heinous the murders conducted by militant Islamists.  

Since 1967 there have been thousand of Arab terrorist attacks. Israel had only one against the Arabs – and that was by a mentally deranged man that was condemned vehemently by almost all of Israel ’s citizens. The Israeli government never tried the Arabs who beat the attacker to death after he surrendered. Yet I hear apologists for terrorism here cite that one incident as justification for the thousands and thousands terrorist attacks Israel and America over the years.  

Even worse, how many resolutions by the UN Commission on Human Rights condemning an Arab country for human rights violations have ever been proposed or passed? The answer is zero. But the number of Commission on Human Rights resolutions condemning Israel for human rights violations is 26. Imagine that! Is there any doubt that much of the state-sponsored and culturally-encouraged terrorism all over the Middle East by the Arab states is a violation of someone’s human rights? Could it be that the UN is contributing to the problem, rather than solving it?

Seeing the horror on the faces of the Russian children who looked malnourished and poverty stricken to begin with, I decided to make a stand against the Islamic culture of terror I grew up in and the madness resulting from its teachings. 

The intense and repetitive teachings of hate produce inhumane robots. Make no mistake about it, my motivation is out of love for the goodness in the Muslim world to prevail and that I do know exists, but is today so deeply hidden under the layers of indoctrination. Accusing me of being part of a “Zionist conspiracy” is a joke at this point from the other side to cover up what is going on.  

It is time for the world media and the UN to take a serious stand against Islamic, yes, Islamic, terror. The UN should immediately issue a very strong resolution condemning terrorism with serious consequences to Oil rich Arab countries that finance terrorism or teach that terrorists are heroes going to heaven. No “ifs,” “ands” or “buts” and no diluted language by the international media.  

The out-of-control culture in the Middle East needs a wake up call and a dose of reality. I cannot defend the cruel teachings and hate speech in my culture of origin any more. No other Arab with any integrity should. There is no cause in the world that should justify this insanity. I lived it and know what will end it. What is needed immediately is a united world stand against the Arab’s stagnant and barbaric view of the world and of themselves. We should demand from our media to report the truth and not stand as an obstacle in facing and fighting danger. The world cannot stand by, confused and equivocal about 9/11 and Islamic terrorism any more. 

Please, America and the good people of the world, save my Arab culture of origin from itself.  








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