Leaving Islam




By their violent actions, Muslims are telling all the non-Muslims of the world that they cannot express their views even in their own backyard, as it hurts or is likely to hurt their religious sentiments. They are also telling them that they would be beheaded, if they dared to offend them by doing anything that is prohibited in their religion.  

Instead of realizing the grave threat that the Muslims pose to the non-Muslim world, many Christian debaters and commentators have chosen to take their side by claiming that since Muslims do not insult the revered personalities of other religions, non-Muslims should reciprocate their so-called noble gesture by not insulting their Prophet. This is a fallacious position and those who propagate it must be told that they are digging their own graves by using the above argument in favor of the Muslims.  

Muslims do not respect or revere the personalities of non-monotheistic religions. Given the opportunity, they would not hesitate even for a second before razing to ground all the Hindu temples and the Buddhist monasteries together with all the idols and statues that are housed in them.  

How easily Muslims can trample the feelings of other religious people is discernible from one of the actions of the Muslim leaders of Afghanistan. They destroyed three of the old statues of Buddha who is deeply revered, and worshipped, by his followers.  

Despite this outrageous action of the Muslim leaders of Afghanistan, no Buddhist is known to have reacted against the ordinary Muslims, nor are the Buddhists known either to have burned the national flag of Afghanistan, or destroyed Muslims' property anywhere in the world.  


As Buddhism is a real non-violent way of life, its practitioners do not react violently even against those who insult, defile or destroy the statue of its founder. This Buddhist attitude cannot be found in the Muslims, hence their destructive agitation against Denmark, and the Christians of the West.  

The West must take note of it, and take appropriate actions for defending its peoples' rights in the face of the Muslim onslaughts. Its inability or unwillingness to act now is likely to produce two results:  

1. Muslims would take over the West and then turn it into their own Islamic State.  

2. They would turn all of its inhabitants into Dhimmis and treat them according to the directive of the Quran, which is:  

[Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Apostle, nor acknowledge the Religion of Truth {i.e. Islam}, (even if they are) of the People of the Book {i.e. Jews and the Christians}, until they pay the Jizya {protection tax} with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued] (Sura or Chapter 9; verse 29).  

Do you, the people of the West, want the Muslims to take over your land? Do you want to become their slaves?  

If your answers are in negative, in that event, please refuse to submit to the mad demands of the Muslims. Instead of defending them on one pretext or another, tell them to behave and to mind their own business so that you may be able to accommodate them in your midst.  

Should Muslims fail to pay heed to the above conditions, you must boycott them and their businesses. Should you fail to do the above two things, please note, your future is bleak and you, your children or your grandchildren may end up being their slaves.  

In your action lies your future wellbeing. So, do not hesitate nor procrastinate; rather, act quickly, if you want to save yourselves and your progeny from the evil designs of the Muslims. But should you choose to ignore this advice, and you or your progeny become the victim of the Muslims, in that event, you would have none to blame but yourselves for the plight and sufferings that are in store for you and your descendants.  







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