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Submission Impossible

By Steven Luotto

The facts are before us and a critical mass is gathering. It's no time for pessimism, but for concerted effort. Movements, opinion swings and suchlike sometimes take off on surprisingly small stuff. If we keep the fire burning rest assured that a favorable wind will come. Few people will openly admit that they've been won over, but one small doubt can nibble and nibble.

One small crack in the evil system of Submission, be it to the cult of Islam or the altogether more sophisticated thought control system of Political Correctness is very difficult to repair and is by the nature of an awakened conscience self-widening.

On my Italian jihading efforts, I've noticed that an inordinate amount of answers point to the hypocrisy of Christians, Jews, Buddhists, etc. saying: "from what worm-eaten pulpit are you preaching? Look at all the violence done to the American Indians, the religious wars in Europe, the Crusades, the Nazis etc.!"

The Islamics kill 2 million people in Sudan? Oh yeah, what about the American Indians?

It seems that hypocrisy, the most inevitable of sins, has become the biggest crime imaginable in the Universe. Naturally there is some folk truth in a pot calling the kettle black, but when you think about it, such an approach is the end of all morality.

I've been stressing the fact that the IMAM of Europe's biggest Mosque (Rome) was busted for exalting terrorists. This, at least to the Italian mindset automatically proves the true nature of Islam. One doesn't become the Imam to such a sensitive post unless he is "safe" and mainstream.

As we've seen, "Suicide bombers" have been elevated to the status of "martyrs"... Yet very few people are openly willing to blame Islam. They'll naturally go social, political, civilizational, never MORAL.

But rest assured that their mealy-mouth social speak will never have the power or eloquence of HONEST enough-is-enough INDIGNATION.

We must explode the myth that integration will solve the Islamic problem and make verse 3.28 known far and wide: "Let not the believers take for FRIENDS or HELPERS Unbelievers rather than believers."

We must reveal the extra psychological, indeed the physical pain of Muslims questioning their faith, the far greater social pressures on them.

We must continue to ask why the likes of somebody as "good" as Mother Teresa of Calcutta, or as wise as the Dalai Lama, or as august and deserving as the old doddering, Koran-kissing pope is too "najis" too impure, dirty, to set foot in the Al Jazeera (the peninsula) whereas soldiers, petroleum industry workers and Filippino servants are not.

We must question why the religion of brotherhood denies a dying Catholic man, (among others) a simple worker collapsing from a heat stroke, the comfort of the sacraments, a last confession, extreme unction, before meeting his maker. What kind of brotherhood is that?

We have strength, beauty, image, life, force, justice, fellowship, hope, on our side whereas they not even common decency.

The spiritual / temporal leader of Iran wrote that shocking book, excerpts of which are out on the net (and in the forum of this site as well). How is it that MAINSTREAM public opinion doesn't know about it? Pedophilia is a huge issue. All of Europe knows about the suspicions hovering over the King of Belgium, but hardly anybody knows about Ayattolah Khomeni marrying a 10 year old who had a miscarriage at the age of 11.

How is it that a crime considered so heinous for us that even the worst criminal in jail is liable to kill or beat up his cellmate if he finds out that he's a child molester, is not a crime at all in the Islamic world? How is it that a pervert can become the leader of a great nation and the spiritual authority of the Shiites?

Do not become discouraged. Darul Harb doesn't have to be heaven to criticize Darul Islam. We have through a zillion mistakes learned to get along with one another. Israelis are playing Wagner, Indians are poking gentle fun at their old English colonial masters and the English can't get enough of it. We are dancing to each other's music, inventing fabulously exotic races through intermarriages based on genuine love. We may not be Puka clean, but they are Najis, filthy rotten to the core and without a soul, throwing bombs into each other's mosques, passing candies to children in celebration of slaughter.

Strength. Fortitude. Hope. Vision... not for some triumphant march to an impossible Utopia, but for common decency, fellowship, simplicity, for a world capable of saying "NO!" to children wired up to explosive charges, saying NO! immediately, without the need for lessons in sociology, history or fear of hypocrisy.

They are at odds with the obvious, at fault by every honest parameter of measurement, so hopelessly truth-impaired that peace processes are used to launch offenses and month long fasts are nothing but nocturnal Pantagruelic food orgies and a religion touted as universal, instead of marching with the new times, needs to re-create the old primitive societies of its birth and heydays to be even minimally applicable. The religion of peace and hand grenades and suicide bombers.

Yes, come join us and you'll find peace and happiness and starvation, illiteracy, and jawbones cracking under a hail of stones hurled my squinty-eyed mobs, and little girls pulled away from their dolls and turned into women, by old men muttering Bismallah to keep the jinns away from their penises, and muslimas at the Sorbonne refusing to be interrogated by male teachers in the name of modesty, as if stupidity were incapable of being lewd and immoderate.

A lot of work to do, a helluva lot. Dummies and Dhimmies everywhere you look.

Submission Impossible!


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