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IRAQ or SAUDI ARABIA, who is the real threat?


By Lee Jay Walker Dip BA MA

All the time the media in both the Islamic world and West focuses on the bombing of Iraq.  Some opinions are in favor, while others are opposed.  Yet shouldn't the real question be focused on reality, with regards to global terrorism?  If so, then who is the real threat, Iraq or Saudi Arabia?

Firstly, we all understand that Saddam Hussein is a despot, and terrible events like the persecution of Kurds, the Iran-Iraq war, killing of Shia Muslims and persecution of Marsh Arabs, are all realities.  Only the most "blinded" pro-Iraqi could ignore this reality. Yet it is also clear that Saddam Hussein is one of many dictators who happen to reside in parts of Africa or Asia, but also in other parts of the world.

While it must be stated that the Kurds have been killed in the tens of thousands by Turkey and in the 1990s alone, around 3,000 Kurdish villages were destroyed.  And of course the Islamic Republic of Iran have crushed Kurds who challenged the central government.  Also, it is a reality that in Iraq, just like in Bahrain, Syria, and other nations, that you do have a sensitive Sunni-Shia divide; and Arab Sunni Muslim governments like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia were happy to give military and economic aid to Iraq during her war with Iran.

Therefore the geopolitics of the region is very complex and diverse.  Added to this reality is that Iraqi society in general was based on religious diversity, in which Christians became part of the Iraqi elite and women had greater freedoms in Iraq than in nations like Saudi Arabia and Iran. Also, Iraq was never known to be a nation of terrorism or spreading radical Islam, and this takes us back to the original question.

For the government in Saudi Arabia have been involved in spreading radical Islam throughout the world and supporting hundreds of thousands of Islamic institutions. While radical Islamic individuals and organizations have sponsored terrorism in Chechnya, the Philippines, Indonesia, and countless other nations.  More to the point, nearly every citizen involved in the bombing of America came from Saudi Arabia.

Given this, it is apparent that the real threat to global peace and spreading international terrorism is Saudi Arabia, and not Iraq. And in many parts of the Unites States, Europe, and other parts of the world, it is Saudi Islamic radicals who are spreading militant Islam. This applies to sponsoring tens of thousands of Islamic aid agencies, schools, and other covert ways.

It is also apparent that Saudi Arabia is a nation which kills all converts from Islam and persecutes Muslim women who are not free to either talk openly or even drive a car.  This to most Iraqi's is clear prove of American "double standards" and this applies to democracy, terrorism, and regime change.

If America is serious about tackling radical Islam, then Iraq is not the nation to focus on.  If America just desires a regime change, then at least America should be honest.  Also, it is worth mentioning  Northern Iraq in the Kurdish protected zones, for radical Islam is growing under the protection of America; so what does this say about a future Iraq? 

How ironic that Christians in Iraq have been forced to leave this nation due to American policies; and Christian migration may mean a permanent future marginalization in a post-Saddam Iraq.  While the nation of Saudi Arabia which kills all converts to Christianity and will not allow one single Christian church, continues to be an ally of America. 

So what does this say about the current American administration, and indeed past American governments? To me, and countless others, it is clear "double standards."  And these American standards are no better than Arab Muslims who ignore the plight of Africans in Sudan and modern day slavery in this nation.

At the regional level, it can be stated easily that Iraq went to war with both Iran and Kuwait, and this nation was a threat to regional peace.  Yet this nation is now contained.  However, with regards to global threats from radical Islam and spreading hatred in many nations, then surely people can have no doubt that Saudi Arabia needs to change, and be forced to close down numerous radical Islamic organizations.

So do people really think that Iraq is the major threat to global peace?  Or do we put the blame on the nation which supplied the hijackers who killed thousands in America?  So who is the real threat to global peace, Iraq or Saudi Arabia?





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