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Worley then pointed out that Hezbollah and his church share similar goals, along with comparable opponents:  

We have suffered much pressure on the part of Jewish organizations in the U.S. because [of our help in] divesting corporations working with Israel .  We want Jerusalem to be a united city...

The visit gained little notice until last week, when it was reported on by both The New York Times and The Chicago Tribune.  Even in the glare of hostile media attention, Worley and Reynolds remained unrepentant, with Worley declaring “Hezbollah got its reputation for resisting occupation…Hezbollah is part of rebuilding Lebanon .  

What a contrast between the pioneer Presbyterian missionaries’ presence and work in Lebanon , and the modern PCUSA churchmen who came to “dialogue” with Hezbollah’s men! It is indeed outrageous and beyond belief.  

First, their behavior was contrary to traditional Christian principles, and was more akin to the ideology of some extreme leftist groups. Certainly, it is not the function of a Western Christian church to send its people to the Middle East , and allow them to engage in such phoney “peace” overtures.  

Second, the visit of these latter-day Presbyterians constituted a dishonor to the memory of our brave men who were killed by a Hezbollah terrorist back in October, 1983. For the sake of those who may have forgotten that tragic event, let me share with you a quotation taken from the following web site: http://www.army.mil/terrorism/1989-1980/  

On October 23, around 6:20 AM, a yellow Mercedes delivery truck drove to Beirut International Airport , where the United States Marines had their local headquarters. It turned onto an access road leading to the compound and circled a parking lot. The driver then accelerated and crashed through a barbed-wire fence in the compound parking lot, passed between two sentry posts, crashed through a gate, and barreled into the lobby of the Marine headquarters building. The Marine sentries at the gate had loaded pistols but were not equipped with M-16's, and therefore were not able to stop the driver even though they shot at him. According to one Marine, the driver was smiling as he sped past him.  

The suicide bomber detonated his explosives, which were equivalent to 12,000 pounds (about 5,400kg) of TNT. The force of the explosion collapsed the four-story cinder-block building into rubble, crushing to death many inside.  

Rescue efforts continued for days. While the rescuers were at times hindered by sniper fire, some lucky survivors were pulled from the rubble and airlifted to Cyprus or West Germany .  

The death toll was 241 American servicemen: 220 Marines, 18 Navy personnel, and 3 Army soldiers. 60 Americans were injured. In the attack on the French barracks, 58 paratroopers were killed, and 15 injured. In addition, the elderly Lebanese custodian of the Marines' building was killed in the first blast; the wife and four children of a Lebanese janitor at the French building were also killed.  

This was the deadliest single-day death toll for the United States Marine Corps since the Battle of Iwo Jima (2,500) of World War II. The attack remains the deadliest post-World War II attack on Americans overseas.  

The memory of those brave American servicemen, who died on that Sunday morning while most of them were still asleep, has been desecrated by utopian ideologues who wear clergymen’s clothes. They manifested no loyalty to the Christian faith, and revealed an abysmal ignorance of Islam and its designs for the world. It’s a pity that so many wonderful God-fearing Presbyterians in the USA tolerate the behavior of some of their ecclesiastical representatives. Should Protestant mainline denominations continue to put up with such official or unofficial representatives, they will soon move to the sidelines, and their decline will continue rapidly as the most up-to-date studies indicate!








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