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Heart-to-Heart on Faith

By IoshkaFutz

My impression, at this point, is that Islam is structured in such a way, that everybody can be a reformer (of sorts). There's an aya for all occasions, to justify any whim whatsoever...

I think the real evil in Islam is not in the obviously violent verses, but in the so-called good ones. They are the ones that allow Islam to insinuate itself, to pose and posture, to slip and squirm...

The so called "good" verses are what allow the Muslims (and so many of "us") the satisfaction that their religion is good or good enough... and by doing so, create complacency, moral abulia.

From this perspective, the real evil of Islam is not even in the deeds committed by her bad boys. Terrorists, after all, are a minority. The real evil is in the vast majority of Muslims' ingrained passivity towards morality itself, which is tantamount to saying lies.

No, the evil is not so much in what the thundering or babbling or moaning (self-appointed) Imam says... the message can be murderous, sweet, insane, or sensible... but in the abject moral indifference of his listeners.

The good of the Koran serves this complacency. The good-bad duplicity itself is the evil, and it is mostly compounded (rarely mitigated) by the lack of central authority. This is the real perversity of Islam: an incredibly strong faith in a morally blank Deity.

This is the trick, the false ring to "Wassalam!" We dutifully list the ho
rrendous (unto themselves) ayas, and then they come back with the good stuff. A game... a distraction... with Allah's so-called real intention a never-ending masquerade, with NOTHING under the costume until after the deed is done.  

Each Muslim is a Prophet unto his own. For matters of speculation (who or what kick-started the universe, what if anything, we're doing here, etc,) I might agree: "Don't be a follower, but be a prophet unto your own!"

In truth, these things are too big to be fathomed anyway, so we are already prophets unto our own by default. No two snowflakes are identical, go figure if two people can have the same rapport with immensity, infinity, be it outward or inward.

But in moral questions, as soon as one tilts his head back from the infinite heavens and down to earth... well too many prophets at the moral level engender chaos, relativism... perhaps ability, even brilliance at a personal level in fighting ones perceived enemies, but scarce little to promote the values needed to meet the real challenges, which are not just in the realm of opinions, (nigh unto meaningless against people without a conscience) but of personal and social behavior.

Again, the wine, but not the vine.

Wine is good. It is friendship, politics, opinion... but well, I'm a Christian, so here goes: that wine must become blood: family, real solidarity, virtue, children, charity, society, strength, conviction.

A world without moral orthodoxy (in which relativism is the orthodoxy) is not necessarily a world unwilling to defend itself, but a world INCAPABLE of it. A world destined to decline. Our politics are mostly all about making that decline agreeable.

As I said elsewhere, a country like Belgium will go down the tubes with millions of secular people full of pride in their prophethood, free to marry trees, appoint satanists to the Ministry of defense, distribute condoms via ambulances, unworried about stellar divorce rates, unperturbed about abysmal birth rates.

Or maybe perturbed, peeved, upset... MOODS, but not spiritually-physically (wine/blood) disposed to do what is actually needed.

There's no hope for Europe without a rebirth.

This isn't 1683 with the Turks at the gates of Vienna . This is 2005 with the Caliphate in Apt. 10B and the Turks knocking loudly at the gates of Bruxelles to politicians who honor baby murderers (not the usual "mangia-bambini" hyperbole towards an enemy, but the God's truth; knocking and already blackmailing (in finest Islamic tradition) to mostly favorably disposed politicians who are unable / unwilling to understand that they are not merely dreaming of deals with people who have wrought evil (everybody has done that), but with evil itself.

There's a huge difference! It's too big a concept for them!... and tragically, for most of us as well.

Evil? Who the hell are you, IoshkaFutz to tell me what to do with my life?!

Nobody; a jerk, the last wheel of the last wagon of the last caravan! What you do with your life is entirely up to you. The compulsion can only come from within...

That's precisely what we must defend and what Islam so egregiously violates. But unless that compulsion comes, unless we are able to muster it, and turn wine into blood, then instead of hanging together, we will hang separately!

The pride of personal prophethood can admit that sometimes one must be cruel to be kind, but would never admit, even at the cost of survival, that sometimes one must be irrational to be smart, just as perhaps one must forget oneself and trust "the gods" to really dance... or forgive... or create...

Ali Sina says: Faith is a powerful thing especially a faith that plays with our raw and basic emotions

The same thing can be rephrased about lack of faith, especially a lack of faith that panders to pride and logic, but can't seem to bring itself to give a damn about our tomorrow, our very survival.

Raw and basic emotions exist and always will, like a child's need for love. The religious faithlessness of a father who walks out of the house in search of fame, fortune, pleasure, and prophethood will deprive that child of badly needed emotional play... but who on earth can effectively speak out against divorce... when faith is JUST something that plays with our emotions?

What emotions? The certainty that France in my daughter's life span will be 50% + 1 Islamic and that the gargoyles on top of Notre Dame and all they symbolize will hold more sway than the Freres that used to be inside (and all they stood for)?

I cry and cringe in dread fear.

What emotions? That the Mayor of London is already honoring terrorist Al Azhar Imams who preach the joys of suicide bombing via Satellite TV... instead of considering him too foul to be dunked into the Thames ?!

I cry and cringe and fall to my knees and pray to the Virgin Mary. That's right the Freeking Virgin Mary, who I'm still not on very good terms with, whose very name still brings my hands to my head and has me muttering "Oy Veh! Have you gone nuts man?!"

Yes I have. Stark raving mad... I pray to her because she's immaculate, mysterious, all about love and protection, care and kindness... because the thought of her has already given guidance in the past. Because she's a mother with child in a Europe that scoffs at mothers with child, a Europe whose cold-blooded Londonite leaders have opened the gates wide to vultures and ghouls that send children to murder other children and that pays shekels to their celebrating parents.

Mother of God! I beseech thee! I beseech thee! Mother of God, bring sense back to the world! If sense in the year 2005 is not sense, then bring the necessary madness!

What are you saying you idiot?! How can God have a mother?

I don't know! But God can have a mother if each and every one of us is the image of God, if those kids killing and dying are loved, held back by protective arms.

Atheist Rationalism has dried us up and is sweet-talking us right to the slaughterhouse.

People are leaving their countries when they should be going to them anew. What is Holland ? What is France ? What is Italy ? What is Europe ?

Never mind my Catholic symbolism, if it's too much for you to stomach, find your own Madonnas, your own wine to blood methods... but find them and above all, if the utterly foolish pride of rationalism makes those who seek to arm themselves with the unfathomable seem no better than the enemy, then rest assured that in time, you will see lack of faith even more foolish than faith... because just like Islam, it too is a faith with many masks concealing a big nothing until the deed is done.


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