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Dumb Down


By IoshkaFutz

The immorality of men throwing rocks at human beings outstrips - BY FAR - the immoral erotic acts of two consenting adults.


Most Muslims have terrible problems dealing with human sexuality. The very thought of a young lady in a swimsuit, perhaps playing Frisbee on the beach with friends, sets all your gyroscopes spinning.

Face the facts, you can't handle 51% of humanity unless it is stifled, controlled, limited, subdued and uglified

I saw the sickness of the Muslim mindset in Morocco when I was repeatedly offered livestock for my secretary. Not kidding. And I've worked in many poor and downtrodden places with illiterate / semi-literate people... but only in Muslim countries was I offered horses and donkeys for HUMAN BEINGS of the female persuasion... and this experience has been shared by a great many Kaffir visitors. It happens all the time.

The great immorality of the western world? Perhaps, but I for one would love to set up a series of tests, to measure the immorality of our separate and mutually exclusive systems.

I'd like to pretend to drop a 1000 wallets in the countries of Darul Islam and then in Darul Harb (respectively the Lands of Barbarity and the Lands of Civilization)... and see how many get returned with the loot and ID papers.

I'd love to leave a woman (volunteer) even "modestly" dressed out alone on a square chez vous and then chez nous and document what happens.

Regardless, I always find it fascinating that the west is labeled so horrifically immoral, yet the people of Darul Islam come in great droves... whereupon they render themselves responsible for a disproportionate amount of the crimes here. Not Indians, not Filipinos, not Chinese, not Vietnamese, not Koreans... some eastern Europeans, some South Americans... but a shocking great number of Muslims (Pakistanis and Arabs).

I feel sorry for you. The truth is you know what ethics and morality are, but you can't think that way, you are required to see things in terms of Halal, Haram and Tolerated.

Among the tolerated items, at least according to most on-line Imams is infibulation... which in my opinion already INSTANTLY and IRREMEDIABLY disqualifies Islam from any right to speak about women.

Then of course there is the matter of marrying age, which disqualifies Islam from speaking about children...

Then of course there's the question of possessions of the right hand... which along with the point previous to the above, also disqualifies Islam from speaking about Human Rights issues.

You belong to a disqualified religion that has generated disqualified economies, disqualified social systems, disqualified schools... You are championing mediocrity. The sad truth is that you know it... thus you couch your words in a soft and malleable glop:

The double-babble reveals a mind making excuses... clinging with angry talons to slippery lies.

As if you yourself didn't know that hurling rocks was obscenely primitive... but that is what you are called to believe... Reject it and you are at a loss, the whole construction collapses.

The modern world has caught up with Islam... It used to be one tribe to conquer and subdue at a time, now the pagans and the people of the book, the infidels and the reprobates, the nifty little people categories of 1400 years ago, are riding in the same elevator with you. And statistically speaking, they're smarter, richer, happier, better traveled, better read, better fed, and better sexed.

The simple injunctions of Islam are no longer applicable, but need 20 consecutive headaches of contextualization just to, barely make sense.

Unlike the core wisdom of Christianity, Buddhism and other religions - even atheism and agnosticism - that call / demand for creative thinking / interpretation, you fine folks are stuck with injunctions, and these injunctions have proven themselves unable to go the distance. Like imposing Jiyiza taxes in Winnipeg ... ordering lady astronauts to wear modesty veils, or pulling children away from dolls and cartoon shows to get married.

And yet you cling, for cling you must... and so you become either enraged or slippery, just like gang members or the lawyers of gang members.

Yes, you are in a form of psychological distress called denial. You know what good is, but must pretend that it is what you were told. Naturally we all pretend to a degree... the very continuation of our species depends on some pretending, just as it depends on some illogic, but for Muslims the space between what is and what should be, what makes sense and what is required, what naturally feels good and what is strictly forbidden has widened to such an extent as to create dysfunctional people.

You know damned well that Islam is oppression. Just imagine if one day in your heart of hearts, you were to become - say - an atheist, or a Buddhist - you, in your Islamic countries would either face death or extreme forms of ostracism.

By defending this lack of freedom, you are disqualified from speaking about freedom. All you have are your tribal certainties and fear of losing them, while I'm certain that in your heart of hearts you know that many of these certainties are plainly wrong minded and harmful.

And so you pretend and plunge into circular sophistry instead of breathing the fresh air of original thought.

You dwell upon the comfortable, but plainly disproven Islamic certainty that the occident is some sort of den of iniquity.

The porno sites, (which according to statistics are just as heavily visited by Darul Islam as elsewhere) become emblematic of our culture. A comforting thought stopper... Yes, the west is pornography and women as loose as a Las Vegas floor show... end of the story... never mind the fabulous hospitals (where this very day my mother had a cataract removed), not the planetariums, the satellites, the universities, the museums, magnificent roads, the material well being, the variety of foodstuffs, the ever opening borders... but IMMORALITY - FULL STOP... as if the great masses who brought all these prodigious things into being were round-the-clock lechers...

Yet leave a woman alone in a square of Darul Islam and she is likely to be groped and pestered; talk to many simple people in the lands of Araby and you will be offered livestock for real LIVING women they have not even spoken a word to... I really wonder who's lecherous... Well, which culture imagines their heaven as a place so erotically charged as to be even over the top for Hip Hop lyrics?

I do not envy you. I don't have to call a prophet who started 68 wars a perfect guide. Nor do I have to defend a book that orders crucifixion and decapitation a source of wisdom. I and my confreres have been gratefully spared such self-defeating mental calisthenics... and our churches are for the most part run by men of easy smiles and generously forgiving dispositions. We are happier. The basic natural simplicity of the moral messages we have received as opposed to the many numbing and useless rituals of Islam has freed our minds, and our great achievements in the arts, crafts and sciences reflects that freedom.

Yes today at 7:30 I brought my old mom to a day hospital and was received by a rather good looking nurse. Built with care, packed with pride, smart as a button, tough... professional as can be. In your heavy-duty Sharia countries, she would've been locked up at home; chopping onions and my mom would go blind. She'd have to hide her luscious black hair in a 7th Century dress code... and what's worse stifle her God-given brains in a 7th Century human interaction code.

You'd see her as hair, sexually arousing strands of hair... You'd think of her as sin, not as a full-fledged persona.

You can't do better and better, you're condemned to mediocrity. The Koranic injunctions are not guidelines, they're set and fixed rules... that's the real tragedy of your religion: reform it and it comes tumbling down like a house of cards...

Think about it and you'll understand why Islam Centers are full of so many angry young men dreaming of Caliphates. If Mohammad can't go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Mohammad. If Islam can't sensibly live in this world, then better to bring the world backwards where Islam can make sense again.

Dumb down and cruel up!... while the civilized world looks on in dismay.



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