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Bad is Bad is Bad! But There Are Shades!  


By IoshkaFutz

Bad is bad is bad, evil is evil is evil... But there are shades, there are extenuating circumstances and as in everything, One thousand and one things to ponder.

Every time I go shopping I steal a pistachio from the bin... That's a theft so innocent that in some places it's even encouraged by the victims. "Here, have a taste, you like it? Wanna buy it?"

If I were to grab a handful and sneak it into my pocket... that would already be classified as a theft, but in most places I'd probably get little more than a stern look and an escorted walk to the automatic door.

If I go to the storage room and arrange to steal a whole freight container of pistachioes... I would get arrested and carted off to jail.

If while stealing the container in the storage room, I shot and killed a few people and wrote "God is Great" on the walls and then were to shout those same words to the cops arresting me... I would not only be culpable of a serious crime, but I would have people far and wide wondering: "Gadzooks! What kind of crazy religion is that fellow is following!"

One pistachio... handful of pistachios... container of pistachios... container of pistachios with murder and with religious utterances.

What is strange? What doesn't figure, what is out of natural harmony? The thefts? No. Anybody can understand them (without approving of course, except perhaps case number one).

It's case number four, the religious utterances. How the hell can it make sense to steal a sh*tload of pistachios and kill people while praising the creator of the universe?

It means that stealing containers of pistachios is right and proper... that it's sanctioned by the highest possible authority... that the perpetrator thinks he is doing God's work!!!

Okay, enough about legumes. Letís talk about human beings.

Taunting a prisoner=stealing one pistachio (maybe even 3)
Pushing and shoving a prisoner=filling pockets with pistachios
Being brutally, humiliating, taking pictures=stealing a container of pistachios

Killing prisoners, lighting them on fire, mutilating them in public while shouting "God is Great" =everyday Islamic madness.  

Catholics can understand the wrongness of it, Lutherans, Buddhists, Hindus, State Troopers, basketball players, animal trainers, movie stars, valet parking attendants... I believe even dogs and monkeys would cock their heads and dart quizzical looks: "Why are they so happy doing such horrendous stuff?"

But apparently great Muslim Theologians who spend their lives pondering their Sacred Books are unable to understand the obvious.

They and you are in a world of their own... a world in which holding up a human heart and shouting "God is Great" is still a crowd pleasing event.

To my poor way of thinking the word "Barbarian" comes to mind... and I am being kind, for in truth, I intimately feel that "widespread cult-induced pathological sickness" is more fitting.

Well I tried with drunken Germans, with pistachios... I will try again later with lemon peels and railroad conductors, but I fear it will be of no avail, unless you (I mean you Muslims) stop pretending and at last come to your senses... for indeed you are walking along a precipice.

Because a time will come, inevitably, when nobody's gonna listen anymore. It will be a time for war... and human beings who think and act like vermin will be dealt with accordingly.

By way of "blind" corroboration, I clicked to a news service. I knew I would find something: "Karachi, Sunni bomb in a Shiite Mosque..."

It's every day... and the madness is so great that even people who shout "God is Great" are being served by others who shout "God is Great".

If you cannot understand the underlying concepts of drunken German drivers and pistachios regarding Kaffir, perhaps you might make the effort regarding your own...

One step at a time, but for your own sake and for the sake of the children your religion has taught you to sacrifice... I strongly urge you to come to your senses.


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