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Dutch Get Tough With Illegals. Muslim Mayhem Part Of Prompting?

J. Grant Swank, Jr

Can it be that the socially liberal Dutch have had it? Perhaps so. Therefore, they are not taking any more chances on anarchists destroying culture.

So deportation centers have been created. Thatís right. Illegal immigrants will be put there, according to DrudgeReportís November 10 release.

Those detained could be expelled from the country. Civility must reign. A people who do not want slicers and dicers are going to get rid of the potentials. Of course, some innocents will be caught in the crush, but thatís the price of living in an imperfect world where people want to survive the anarchists, the moral relativists who have no ethical sense of decency and life.

Therefore, these centers will be established. Authorities will put human beings in them. Human rights agencies will squawk. And some people, no doubt, who should not have been corralled will be corralled. But thatís what happens when the majority are scared out of their skins.

Theo van Gogh having his flesh hacked by knife blasts as well as his throat slit for a finale did not set the civil stage for illegals to remain free at large. Then with the Muslim community / leadership sitting on its posterior while the rest of the nation went into spasm did not help the Muslim image, as if anything these days could help the Muslim imageó other than a full scale conversion to a religion of peace rather than Muslim murder "faith."

It very well could happen in America . There are those who are frightened out of their wits regarding the illegals basking in our US sun. They go about as if they belong hereó legally. They get their privileges plus. The rest of us go about it via the rules but the illegals sprout their wings and play angel from the sky.

Yet the Muslim threat is as real in America as it is anywhere else. Muslims adhere to the killing-texted Koran. Their deity, Allah, dictates that all devout Muslims take up arms to destroy non-Muslims. But that has not happened here yet. Right? Nevertheless, it has happened in Manhattan . Recall? And it can happen at any time that the grand Allah signal is given.

In the meantime, as we meander the malls and eat our pizza, should we not prepare to do something about the illegal immigrants who grace our culture? And should not we be more vigilant to check out the Muslims in our midst? And should not those who claim Islam as a peace religion change their tune to reality check maximum?

Rotterdam Airport is the first location for about 200 internees. Another site is set. The Immigration Service in the Netherlands is working night and day to put details in practical place.

Would to God that America were as vigilant. Yes yes yes. Time is a premium. No more Nice Guy Muslim Community as it plans to undermine our very existenceónot just our society and culture but our existence. Got it? Itís called "our existence."  






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