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Muslim Mothers Called To Prepare Children As ‘Lions’ For Killing Non-Muslims

J. Grant Swank, Jr

Recognizing that females are treated as sub-humans in practicing Muslim nations, it is surprising that females are now being called to play a major role in fighting off non-Muslims. Muslim females are regarded as useless to many Muslim males, even considered ready fodder for being slain if they misstep in the eyes of governing Muslim men.

Therefore, when Muslim women are called upon to take charge in readying their children to play a significant role in ridding the planet of non-Muslims, such is an obvious contradiction to Islamic thought. How can Muslim females play no important role in life as far as Muslim males are concerned while at the same time be charged to instruct their youth to lay low non-Muslims?

Yet such is the message given via an Internet "magazine," according to news releases from Dubai , United Arab Emirates . The call is pointed to "Arab women to fight holy wars against non-Muslims." They are to raise "children to fight nonbelievers." The women, "female jihadis," are referred to as "holy warriors."

"The blood of our husbands and the limbs of our children are an offering to God," is the call to arms.

There are two significant innovations in all this: One is the primary use of Muslim females in the battle against non-Muslims and the other is the use of the Internet to communicate that message.

Realizing that committed Muslim males in particular will go to any length to see through the killing-texted Koran’s dictate to murder non-Muslims, it now should be no surprise that even their socially low-scaled women would be corralled for the planet’s project.

The Muslim religion is the only global "faith" that sets forth killing off non-devotees. No other religion prescribes that those not agreeing with the religion’s tenets be eliminated from the world community; however, Islam in particular makes that one of its chief goals. Those who devote their earthly existence to that will go so far as to commit suicide in seeing through Allah’s requirements of disciples.

"An unsigned magazine editorial says female Islamists ‘have set our lines next to our men to support them ... raise their children and be prepared. May God elevate us to martyrs. We will stand covered in our veils and abayas (ankle-length cloaks), with our weapons in our hands and our children in our arms. The blood of our husbands and the limbs of our children are an offering to God.’"

Muslim mothers in particular are to bring up their offspring to realize that their "main mission is to present lions to the battlefield."  






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