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London’s Sunday Telegraph: Fault The Messenger, Not The Muslim Murderers

J. Grant Swank, Jr

When a newspaper prints truth about Muslim killers international, it runs the risk of the author being killed or the newspaper being taunted beyond measure. In that, the messenger, not the murderers, is the villain.

So it goes when the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) goes on its recent rampage against London’s Sunday Telegraph, according to Reuters News Agency.

Muslims are crying out that the newspaper editor be thrown out because of a line-up of articles exposing Islam as a killer religion. He called the Muslim ideology “the black heart of Islam.”

Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, movie maker who produced a story about Islamic males raping, torturing and slaughtering Muslim females, was knifed this week, bringing Muslim threats screaming across Europe. Yet, according to the MCB, the civilized world is to live with the Muslim murdering spree. The cultures of the globe are to stand by to watch Islamic enthusiasts wipe us out. Therefore, the MCB writes furiously that sane writers be scrapped in order to slide into editorial positions those blinding themselves to the murdering truth.

If the beat goes on, nations will come under further attacks actually against anybody — but particularly those in any mouth-piece positions who speak out against the Islamic killing religion. It is a religion of hell, of course. For those who believe in a Satan, the devil has written the religion. The so-called holy book, the Koran, is no holy book at all. It is a killing textbook informing devotees that they are to rid the planet of non-Muslims — plain and simple and forthrightly.

No wonder there are those who strap explosives to their bodies in order to blow up themselves and anyone else standing in the way. They are guaranteed a lustful eternity with playbunnies in Allah’s afterlife. Therefore, little children stand in line to be the next suicide candidate. Schools with Muslim teachers are instructing the next generation in this Muslim demonology. It is a worldwide cult to slaughter all who don’t bow down to Allah.

Therefore, when the Sunday Telegraph gives forth with truth articles about this threatening storm, Muslims stand in horror, proclaiming that racism is at the base of it, meanness is driving it, and madness has taken over the editorial offices. Consequently, with that kind of real intimidation, it could be that newspapers and news magazines could actually slide by any mention of the Muslim murdering truth.

With the Madrid carnage and van Gogh’s knifed body as living proof of Muslim deathblows, it is no wonder that the globe quakes at the mention of the word “Muslim.” Whereas heretofore various communities in England, Europe and North America tried to assimilate Muslims into their communities, now they are getting the message that the villages could be inviting Enemy Maximum. At a given signal all could be done in by Islamic hammerheads.

The Sunday Telegraph writer described Muslims in league with a “supranationalist army and state.” He compared Muslims to dogs. The latest word is that the author has been “sacked.” The MCB, an organization covering over 400 Muslim groups, dictated that the Telegraph continue to “sack” other editors who could have the same views as the author of that series.





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