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 Where Is N.O.W. When Females In Irag Are Threatened By Muslim Males?
By J. Grant Swank, Jr.
Oct 19, 2004

The National Organization for Women is remarkably silent these days. Yet, as far as I can read in the press, its agenda should be full and running over. There is so much that is going on today dealing with madness leveled against women. And that includes not only females in the USA but females worldwide.

Yet NOW, that prides itself on being on the cutting edge of contemporary issues, continues to hide instead of marching forth on behalf of female safety and advancement, particularly in the field of education and vocational choices.

Muslim murderers have set up camp against females attending higher educational centers in Iraq. Females are threatened daily by thug-minded Muslim males intent on running them off campus or laying their dead bodies in university alleys. Itís no joke. Itís not an isolated horrific circumstance. Itís daily workings of the killers international.

Yet I have not heard an outcry from NOW. As NOW continues to remain silent when females carrying womb babies have those humans sliced from their bodies, so NOW continues to remain silent when their own gender is raped in Iraq, torn from classrooms, and forced into hiding.

If NOW harnessed its forces it could make significant changes planetary. It could champion femalesí educational chances in particular, especially in Iraq. NOW could station spokeswomen in that new democracy with the express purpose of shielding threatened females from male killer types.

NOW could establish education points whereby NOW representatives could instruct the New Iraq regarding the cultural respect due women. NOW could broadcast to other nations the high-regard-for-women stance needed in order to lift females from their slave holding status.

But instead of NOW getting into the fight, its members continue their yammering about non-issues or championing killing the unborn or lifting high the homosexual lifestyle as lofty and legitimate.

The Washington Times headline reads: "Women Fleeing College under Islamist Threats." The account goes on to relate that "Islamist extremists are targeting the city's universities by threatening and even attacking female students who wear Western-style fashions, setting off bombs on campuses and demanding that classes be segregated by sex.

"At least 1,000 of an estimated 3,000 women who want to postpone their studies for fear of violence will be granted leaves of absence, a student affairs official here said.

"Guards at al-Kindi University in Baghdad last week arrested a man carrying nearly 10 pounds of TNT in a bag.

"íThe terrorist admitted that he belongs to an Islamic group,í university security chief Sameer al-Sumaidai said. ĎWhen we asked him about the one who sent him, he replied, "It is God who sends me."' "

Once again the world confronts those who worship Allah, the devotees proclaiming that the Muslim deity instructed them to wipe out all non-Muslims and in particular treat females as trash castoffs. Itís written in the so-called holy book, The Koran. Itís espoused by the mosque clerics. And itís taught in Muslim schools so that the next generation of males will follow suit.

Surely NOW realizes this ongoing menace to females, particularly women imprisoned by Muslim ideologies. But because itís not politically correct for NOW members to voice protests against Islam, NOW remains silent. In the meantime, females like unto themselves continue to be pitted as throwaways, in one form or another.

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