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The mobs rampaging through the streets of Damascus , Tehran and Beirut should serve as a warning to the West. These are not the kind of people a sane person would want living next door. They are mean, nasty, ugly. Satan would have been proud of them; bearded, wild-eyed, irrational…men, youths; mere boys, exuding hatred with every breath. Everywhere one looked one saw men, men…men. Where were the women? The only thing that could possibly ameliorate the savageness of these low-life cretins would have been the presence of women—a lot of them.  The higher the percentage of women in a given crowd, the less the propensity of said crowd to engage in violence. 

Is it possible that 12 cartoon depictions of the Prophet could turn normal everyday men into raving rampaging lunatics—a sort of spontaneous combustion?  Not likely. The kind of hatred exhibited in the streets of Tehran and elsewhere in the Muslim world does not come from the tooth fairy. It has a long gestation period. It has to be imbibed with a mother’s milk. Brainwashing is an art—it takes a long time to put even a small load through the spin cycle. 

And where did the mobs come from so quickly, so spontaneously, so expeditiously? Did they come out of thin air? Didn’t any of those rascals have jobs? Some of them must have been employed somewhere. Did they vacate the counting house, the forge, and the furnace to riot?  No wonder the economies of some Muslim countries rival that of Lower Slobbovia

The truth: Muslims cannot be trusted. They practice taquiya instead of honesty; dissimulation trumps frankness; power relationships replace cooperation. They are not like us, they have never been like us, and, chances are, they never will be. It is time to put a halt to Muslim immigration to the United States . Islam has nothing to do with freedom and democracy; it has everything to do with slavery and oppression. If Muslims want acceptance let them publicly renounce the sharia. If the vast majority of the world’s 1.2 billion so-called peace loving Muslims can’t rid Islam of a handful of Jihadists it’s because they don’t want to. A Muslim is no more likely to join America in its war on terrorism than a Nazi in the 1930s would have been to oppose Adolph Hitler. 

Seeing as America’s mainstream media lies supine in the face of Islamic terrorism it is up to the Internet—the hackers and the bloggers; the last bastion of freedom of speech—to oppose the coming Caliphate. Whenever a mad mullah opens his mouth to scream hatred of America and Israel , post a picture of Mohammed. Whenever Ibrahim Hoopercrit or Nihad Awad or one of their running dogs of the species espositas jonnicus proclaims Islam to be a religion of peace and toleration, post a picture of Mohammed. Post, post, post! As Abraham Lincoln said, “ America is the last best hope of the world.” 

Shane had good reason to call Wilson a ‘dirty Yankee liar,’ and Charles Sumner had an ever better reason to call Butler ’s gal-friend a harlot. Now it is Mohammed’s turn. A mass murderer, the man responsible for the destruction of the Syriac, Egyptiac and Persian civilizations among others, and for the oppression of more human beings than communism and fascism combined, he deserves it. 

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