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Questions for the Swedish Prime Minister  

By David E


Swedish Prime Minister Goran Persson has criticized France ís handling of the unrest in the country. We will look at what he says and then ask him some questions.  

Excerpts from the Local (http://www.thelocal.se/article.php?ID=2459)  

"They have chosen a confrontational route and it is hard to see how it will become a dialogue," he said.

Persson reserved his strongest criticism for France 's interior minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, who described the rioters as racaille, or 'rabble'.

"I'm surprised by the choice of words, at the start and as things went on. There is an implacability in the attitude towards the situation and I don't think it will lead to a dialogue," said Person.  

"It's clear that if you resort to emergency legislation then it's naturally very dramatic, the like of which I haven't seen in Europe in the last 30-40 years. It feels like a very hard and confrontational approach."

Here are my questions for the Swedish Prime Minister  

Havenít the French passed laws stating that you canít burn cars or pubic buses or buildings? Why should there be a dialogue when society has already decided that these behaviors are unacceptable? Is it your position now, that, if the police find a murderer or rapist, society should enter into a dialogue with him?  

Why shouldnít the French be confrontational with those who break French laws?  

Doesnít it undermine a democratic society when the laws of that society are ignored?  

Who should France have this dialogue with - the rioters, the Muslim leaders, the  Ayotollahs in Iran , Bin Laden?  

Mr. Prime Minister, lets look at what you do in Malmo ? The Muslims stone a public bus going through their neighborhood-you reroute the bus. What does that do? That further isolates the Muslim population by eliminating public transit that Muslims in that area may depend on.  How does that help the Muslim population for you to reroute the bus? Then they stone fire trucks and ambulances? Donít Muslim residents of your country deserve public services? How does it help Muslim businesses to just allow thugs to run wild in those zones? Isnít the problem that you are too willing to let gang rapes of both Arab girls and Swedish girls go unpunished because  punishing them would mean a confrontation?  

Letís face it. You and not Sarkozy are the problem. Sarkozy at least gives a damn about what is going on in those neighborhoods. He is trying to enforce the law. Have you ever heard of that concept?  You just sit back in your damn office and watch things go to hell. Maybe you should at least try!   







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