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Poster Children for Immigration Control? 

D.C. Watson: 


Millions predicted it would happen, and now it has. The mass immigration of Muhammad's little warriors into Western society continues to deliver staggering destruction and loss of life. 

Those who have promoted multiculturalism are seeing its failure play out right in front of their eyes. Europe, now also known as "Eurabia," is watching its history, its culture, and its security being worn away by unscrupulous immigrant Muslim punks, who have now taken to rioting throughout France and Denmark. 

In Paris, during these riots, Islamic maggots, along with their standard protocol of rock throwing, have committed arson, looting, assaults on police, and have taken it upon themselves to douse a handicapped woman with gasoline and set her on fire.

In Denmark, they have made the following remarks: "This land belongs to us", and "the police (has) to stay away. This is our area. We rule this place."

That's what it is all about with them, isn't it? "Ruling this place"? Why are they rioting in Denmark? They are rioting in Denmark over a cartoon that they feel disrespects their pedophile cut throat "prophet," Muhammad. 

They are not men. They are warped fanatics with no regard for compassion, no knowledge of love, no respect, and no desire to live in peace. They play the race game, claiming to be "oppressed." Perhaps if Muslim immigrants would make an attempt at assimilating into the societies to which they have migrated instead of expecting special privileges because they are Muslims, they would have far less trouble. 

If they want to live in a land where "Allah" is everything, then would they not be better off in their homelands? 

What more do these bottomfeeders need to inflict on free societies before it is realized that Islam and democracy do not, cannot, and will not mix? 

How many more subways need to be bombed?

How many more trains need to be obliterated?

How many more European women have to be gang raped?

How many more critics of Islam have to be brutally murdered? 

How many more statues or pictures of pigs have to be covered up? 

How many more statues of persons who ran the invading Muslims out of European countries centuries ago have to be removed? 

How many more riots have to go off before the citizens of Europe finally understand that Muslim communities in large numbers could result in their demise? 

And most importantly, how many more innocent, unsuspecting people have to be killed? 

With all due respect to those who continue to befriend these people, or see them as some sort of victims, your throats may be the first ones they slice. Sure, they're peaceful and law abiding. Well, until their population numbers grow, that is. 


Europe is still filled with strong, decent, respectable people. There was a time when the Brits for example, didn't take any shit from anyone. Now, it appears that at least some of their "leaders" are willing to hand their entire existence over to waddling, extremist Muslim welfare recipients. This really is a pathetic situation to witness. 

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