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 Winning “Hearts and Minds”? Whose?

 D.C. Watson

December 26, 2004. A major earthquake underneath the Indian Ocean creates a tidal wave, better known as a tsunami, which rolls over much of the surrounding lands, killing over 156,000 people thus far, and counting. Of course, Western nations, referred to by radical Islamists as “the great Satan, infidels, kuffaars”, and in many cases (due to their ignorance of the radical Islamic agenda), “Dhimmis”, rush to aid the fallen victims, no matter who they may be. That’s just how we are in the West – kindhearted, caring, generous, and concerned for all mankind.  

The tragedy in Asia is, of course, a horrific situation. With many children swept away, the 20 to 30 foot high wall of water that devastated everything in its path has destroyed so many lives. All anyone needs to do is to turn on their television or radio, or pick up the newspaper, and they can plainly see what has become one of the worst natural disasters in history.  

The fact that we’re willing to help anyone is apparent. While the United States has provided air support, troops and supplies in the region, Americans have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in donations to help these poor people who so desperately need it. There was never any doubt that this would happen. We are who we are, giving and caring of everyone, no matter their race, or faith. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about others, who seem to be trapped in the 7th century.  

The West will prevail in the task of breathing life back into this part of the world. There should be no doubt about that either. We do this on our own, and we’ve never needed any type of prodding to do it. Like everything else, we do it because we want to, not because anyone tells us to. 

·          http://www.news-leader.com/

This column is written in part, as a response to U.N. Undersecretary for Humanitarian Affairs Jan Egeland, who suggested that the United States and other Western nations were being “stingy” with relief funds, saying more money would be available if taxes were raised. Has Mr. Egeland forfeited his inflated salary and donated it to these hurting people?  

·          http://www.jenmartinez.com/mt/archives/001569.php 

Not only do hypocrites from the corrupt U.N. dare to deliver asinine remarks such as this, but in our own nation, certain sections of the media have jumped aboard this bandwagon, calling us stingy as well. Please note the link provided below, which is the source of the commentary made by our own “American” media. The attempted undermining of the United States and its citizens is nothing short of disgraceful.                                  http://english.aljazeera.net

I know my memory isn’t what it used to be, but did the U.N. call for, or deliver aid to the victims of the latest hurricanes in Florida ? Or was the U.N. involved in sending money or manpower to combat the many wildfires in California ? Maybe they did, I’m not sure.  

Should we feel that we’ll be able to “win the hearts and minds” of those in the Islamic world with our efforts and donations? For everyone to be able to co-exist in this world would certainly be a gift from God. However, after reading some of the statements made, and actions taken by some Muslim clerics and militias, it appears that our efforts and donations will simply not foot the bill. Should we be asking ourselves if we should even be concerned with “winning the hearts and minds” of people who are born and bred to hate everything we stand for in the first place?  

When speaking about the tsunami, one Muslim cleric recently had this to say:

"The problem is that the [Christian] holidays are accompanied by forbidden things: by immorality, abomination, adultery, alcohol, drunken dancing, and ... and revelry," he said, displaying a less-than-Dickensian expansiveness of spirit. "At the height of immorality, Allah took vengeance on these criminals ... Allah struck them with an earthquake. He finished off the Richter Scale," he added. "All nine levels gone."   

·     http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/004572.php 

What this “religious figure” failed to explain was why the majority of victims in this terrible tragedy were non-Christians. Since he’s so in touch with Allah, perhaps he can explain why exactly one year earlier, to the day, a massive earthquake hit Iran , again killing tens of thousands of non-Christians.  

                        Indian Ocean tsunami-December 26th, 2004  (07:58:53 local time)

                        Iran earthquake-December 26th, 2003 (05:28 local time) 

Instead of taking advantage of a major tragedy to spread anti-Christian propaganda, exploiting ailing Muslims in the process, perhaps this gentleman should try not to speak at all.  

While aid givers are in this region, trying to help the survivors pick up what’s left of their lives, instead of giving assistance, Islamic groups seem to be more concerned with the Islamic dress code. 


While aid givers are in this region, trying to help the survivors pick up what’s left of their lives, Islamic thugs, with links to al Queda are attempting their primitive intimidation tactics on the relief workers. My message to them is (move the hell out of the road, idiots, you’re holding up the process). These buffoons are more concerned with enforcing Islamic law than they are seeing their fellow Muslims receive the relief that they need. Or perhaps they stand in the way to prevent Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians in the area from receiving help. This is a prime example of opportunistic predators taking advantage of a bad situation. 

·         http://www.jihadwatch.org


Pledges by nation

As of January 2, 2005 







Amount in millions

African Union

$US      0.10


$US      2.00


$US    46.48


$US      2.72


$US    96.00


$US    33.00


$US    60.42


$US    54.88


$US    40.81


$US      6.12


$US    56.18


$US    27.21


$US      0.27


$US      2.72


$US    95.00


$US  500.00


$US      2.10


$US      2.00


$US   34.00

New Zealand

$US     3.60


$US    16.53


$US      0.33


$US    10.88


$US    25.00

Saudi Arabia

$US    10.00


$US      3.10


$US      0.23


$US      0.11

South Korea

$US      5.00


$US    68.02


$US    80.00


$US    23.81


$US       5.25


$US       1.25


$US       2.00


$US   350.00


$US       2.00

World Bank

$US   250.00


$US 1,858.2

This is not counting hundreds of millions of dollars that the average American gave through non-governmental charities. The pledge of the American Red Cross has been $US 120 m. dollars. Since this chart was printed, and at the time this column was written, Saudi Arabia has increased their pledge to a whopping 30 million dollars. Where are all of the Middle Eastern, predominantly Muslim nations with their contributions? Here’s Saudi Arabia , with their $billions in oil money, offering peanuts. Nevermind, oh “royal ones”, we’ll take care of it, we always do.   

My respect goes out to all fellow Americans, and all other nations who live in freedom and democracy for their generosity and kindheartedness. My respect and thanks also go out to all of the Missionaries and relief workers who, in spite of having to deal with radical Islamic imbeciles, continue their important work. For those in the U.N. who have labeled us as "stingy", or any other organizations that sit on their asses as they criticize relief workers and missionaries for trying to help those in need, please refer to the provided chart above, and then do planet earth a favor, and close your mouths.   

D.C. Watson  Pennsylvania   USA    







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