Leaving Islam




Letter to the President 

By Charlotte Baker 

Dear Mr. President,
        Merry Christmas.
        Millions of us love you and supported you. We worked sometimes around the clock, connecting with others in the effort to bring out voters for you. We are thrilled that you will be "safely" in your 2nd term, in less than a month.
        However, there are the same millions throughout the country who are aghast that you continue to say that Islam "is a religion of peace!" 
       It is NOT. It never has been a religion of peace. You are giving the American Muslim associations and groups more power in their blatant attempt to convert this country (eventually, as they think in terms of centuries), into an islamic country!  Please convey your strongest objections to the government of Iran (which we think is and has been ILLEGAL since 1979)............objections to the IMMINENT atrocity which is about to befall this woman whose photo you see on Ali Sina's website.
       Time is of the essence!  How can you - as leader of the free world, promoting democracy around the world - refrain from objecting on behalf of all of us, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!.....to the barbarism which is going to be carried out in Iran any day now!
       You can save this woman's life, if you just ACT! 
       Please do something!  No human being "deserves" such a horrific fate.
Charlotte Baker - Member in good standing of the RNC.
Valley Village,CA.

Note: The picture in this link belongs to a woman who has already been stoned and died. It does not belong to Hajieh who is scheduled to be stoned soon. 

Thank you Charlotte for writing to the President. 

Evil triumphs when good people do nothing.







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