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An interesting twist is that a Jordanian newspaper also published the cartoons and the editor was promptly arrested.  Mr. Momani stated that he wanted Muslims to stop and think about how the world is now viewing Islam.  The poor man asked the leaders of Islam to be reasonable.  As a Muslim himself, he should have known better.  This brave editor pleaded: "What brings more prejudice against Islam, these caricatures or pictures of a hostage-taker slashing the throat of his victim in front of the cameras or a suicide bomber who blows himself up during a wedding ceremony in Amman ?"   

As a Muslim, Mr. Momani should have realized that in the eyes of Islam the beheaders and bombers are heroes who praise Allah with their good work.  But a cartoon with Mohammed claiming paradise is running out of virgins is an unforgivable sin.  Butchers of innocent hostages are held in high esteem in Islam but a leader in the new Hamas government of the Palestinians had this to say to an Italian paper about the cartoons:  “The cartoonists should be punished by death.”  

Let’s summarize.  Slit a man’s throat in the name of Allah for no reason at all—good work and Allah is pleased.  Draw a cartoon about Islam—this is punishable by death.  That, in a nutshell, is Islam.   

The Syrian government has claimed that all the destruction could have been avoided if the Danish government had apologized for the terrible sin against Islam.  While the paper that originally publish the cartoons has done just that, the Danish government refuses to cave in to Islamic threats.  Nor should they.  

In truth, no one should cower because of Islamic threats.  The Danes have done nothing to apologize for and should stand their ground as should all the countries who have published the cartoons.  In fact, The Danes and every country around the world should continue to publish them to show the world’s solidarity against Islam and for freedom of speech.  Sooner or later, the daily staged rage-riots will exhaust Islam and force it to realize that Islam does not give orders to the world.  

If there is anything good to come from all of the fury Islamics have put on full display for the world, it is that passive people, especially those in Europe , have now been witness to true Islam.  We have all seen the terrorist arm of Islam while the gullible continued to cling to the idea that Islam is peaceful and accepting and tolerant.  It is none of those things.  Islam demands acceptance while accepting nothing.  Islam demands tolerance while giving none.  Islam claims it only wants peace in the world while starting wars and rioting and killing at the slightest perceived insult.  Horrified Islamic religious leaders will attempt to downplay the violence knowing Islam has exposed its hateful nature, but it is too late.  

At last, true Islam has shown its face to the world, and this time the world was watching.

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