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B Kisan 


Recently 4 devout Muslims blew themselves up and dozens of Londoners on the way to work in central London. This was but a few of the hundreds of ‘martyrdom’ operations carried out by the faithful over the year of 2005. Like many of these operations this one specifically targeted ordinary civilians in Western terminology, however as an Islamic scholar justifying the bombings explained in Islamic religious law this term doesn’t exist, people are either dar ul harb (zone of war as opposed to zone of Islam) or not.


Following this targeting and bombing of London commuters the trendy leftist newspaper the Guardian carried prominently a Tariq Ali editorial that whilst omitting to critique the bombings for targeting civilians in London did raise countless civilian deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq and culminate in suggesting getting out of these places and Palestine as being the solution.


Naturally enough the Jihadi elements of Islam love this type of analysis and promptly this article was put up on Islamic website jihadunspun.com along with a Fisk article of similar propaganda utility from the Guardians sister publication The Independent. There both articles remain along with one more on that day from Yamin Zakaria, a Hizb ut tahrir hardcore jihadi propagandist based out of London.


A few days later the Guardian ran a sassy article giving the radical Islamist perspective from Dilpazier Aslam a trainee journalist who is also a hardcore Hizb ut tahrir propagandist as discovered by an intrepid blogger who expanded on these links which have picked up by several media outlets since.


The guys who wish to bring back the Caliphate and end democracy on the way to Islam dominating the world have not only mastered the art of using the useful idiots on the far left but have incorporated much of their technique, rhetoric, terminology and arguments from this left who largely in tactical alliance with them. They are also well represented by the Guardian – Faisal Bodi is another radical Islamist Guardian opinion writer who in the Guardian article linked to his name agitates for some Hizb activists arrested in Egypt, one of many articles from this author printed by the Guardian.

      Despite a Guardian journalist dying in the London commuter bombings the Guardian publishes propaganda for the bombers by their sympathizers and cheerleaders for the Hizb ut tahrir. Highly useful.


Where the Islamists succeed in gaining power we can be sure that these useful idiots will be among the first to have their throats cut as happened after Khomenei captured power in Iran with the help of socialists and communists. They weren’t useful any more. 







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