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Angry With Muslims?  

by  Anees Jillani  

Since my last article on the Tsunami tragedy and the response of the international community I have received a number of letters, some angry ones and others that encourage me.  

One Taufiqul Huque found my views about the extent of the Muslim support to the Tsunami victims `offensive'. He suggested that I consult Professor Juan Cole of the University of Michigan , a person more qualified than I could ever be to comment on Arab affairs. He quotes from his website that by the time of the article Saudi Arabia had already pledged $10 million, Qatar , $25 million, Kuwait , $2.1 million, Algeria , $2 million, Libya , $2 million, the UAE, $2 million and Turkey , $1.25 million. He adds that if you want to compare the donations, you can't do it in terms of absolute numbers. You have to look at the population of the country and at its per capita income. The announced Saudi contribution of $10 million is probably about $0.66 cents a citizen on a per capita basis. The second US offer of $35 million was about 12 cents per person. Since US per capita income is approximately 4.5 times that of Saudi Arabia , the Saudi contribution should be seen as about $3 per citizen on a US scale, with regard to the real per capita burden. The US Government is now pledging about $1.19 cents per person ($350 million). The Qatar offer of $25 million is about $250 per citizen. The Kuwait offer of $2 million is $2 per citizen or $1.00 per person if guest workers are counted. Either way, it is comparable to the US offer on a per capita basis.  

As for my claim that Bosnian women were being raped while Muslim countries did nothing, Mr Huque says it was the West that did not do anything, but countries such as Pakistan, Turkey, Iran and Malaysia were sending a steady stream of arms and ammunition. The West only responded when it realized that there was a real threat of increasing Islamic influence. It was at that juncture that they moved in - not to save the Bosnians, but to keep Bosnia in the Western orbit. So, no, the West did not help the Bosnians in their hour of need - the Muslims of the world did.  

Then there was one from Amber Gil who asked me if I was angry with the Muslims for not helping the Tsunami victims?  Ms Gil is of the view that the West has hurt the Muslims in the past, used various psychological techniques to retard them, have invaded their countries, snatched their resources, and used sophisticated tactics to make Muslim countries fight with each other while they moved in creating bases everywhere. The West controls all the money of the Muslim World. Whatever have been their faults, the fact remains that they are poor and cannot look after themselves, thanks to their enemies, what to talk about others.   

Ms Gil thinks that let the West look after the Tsunami-stricken areas. They owe it to them, and bloody well should donate a good sum. Their people go there in hordes to have their holidays. It is easy to blame ourselves for not making progress. It is the Americans who used to support and fund our religious parties with the hope that the Muslims will dwell in mysticism, and will stay backward. But it is poetic justice that terrorism has erupted from the same religion. In other words, it backfired on them. And now they realize that it was not after all such a brilliant idea, and thus are working with our government now to reform our education system.  

Ms Karin W. Stenger thought that what I had put forward is so true and more people should ask the same questions. Most of the poor Tsunami victims were Muslims. Most of the dear little children were Muslims. Why do we not see the pouring out of large finances from the Muslim communities in response to the international grief? Many of the wealthiest men in this world live in the Middle East through oil that they inherited on behalf of the rest of humanity and not for their own personal gain nor to use as a weapon against people who will not submit to their draconian religion. One of the five pillars of faith of Islam is Zakat, almsigiving. All Muslims are legally required to give one-fortieth of their income for the destitute as well as freewill offerings can be exercised. So why are we not seeing this happening? Won't Allah be angry with them and ban them from paradise? Rather, they hand over their almsgiving to the likes of bin Laden and Zarqawi who kill Muslims while murdering infidels, the very people that are pouring money and effort into helping their brothers in the Far East . The Middle East is so quick to call America the great satan. They pour scorn on the ways of the 'western world'. Yet they do not mind receiving from them in times likes these disasters. And we do not mind giving because we are driven by the love for humanity!  

Mr M. Barrett, who is not Middle Eastern or a Muslim, says his numerous Middle Eastern friends often raise issues that I have mentioned in the article. They have often questioned why the Red Cross has to often use the title Red Crescent in order to administer aid in Muslim countries. Why is there not a Muslim organization that "hits the ground" running when there is a need in the Muslim countries? Why are so many Muslim people greatly interested in the Israeli-Palestinian issue when there was little if any concern for Muslim Kurds, or any Muslim group disputing with another Muslim group? When the Palestinians moved into Egypt and into Jordan and were later expelled, there was little concern from neighboring Muslim countries for the evicted Palestinians by another Muslim country. As an "outsider" or "spectator", it appears the Muslim community has sympathy for Palestinians only when Israel is the opponent. When Jews were evicted from Muslim countries after the re-formation of the State of Israel, Israel "adsorbed" those homeless Jews into the new State of Israel. Why after so many years after the surrounding Arab countries (NOT Israel ) encouraged the Palestinians to leave their homes, why have not those Muslim Palestinians been "absorbed" into neighboring Muslim countries. As a "spectator", it appears the Palestinians are nothing more than a tool to be manipulated and used to fight and destroy Israel and the Jews?  While Middle Eastern Muslim territory outnumber Israel by more than 600%, Israel still sends aid to countries around the world at times of "need". It seems (at least to some spectators) that the Muslim community is not moved by human needs, justice, equality, freedom, democracy or compassion.  

Mr Ather Mohiuddin made me aware that there is no "Ummah" at present. Most rulers are corrupt to the core and are slaves of the West. Unfortunately as per one authentic hadith, they are put into power by the equally corrupt masses.  

And then there was Mr Ali Sina who thanked me for the article and for trying to sensitize the ummah to be more humane. Another refreshing mail, my first ever from Srinagar : The editor of Kashmir Observer, Mr Sajjad Haider, thanked me for writing on this sensitive issue. Mr Haider thinks that write- ups on such topics are necessary to clear the misconceptions we live with. Ms Johanna Lodewijks just wanted me to mention that China had also donated 44.5 million euros.  

And, finally, Dr Eileen Austin, who was touched by the article! She said that we must respond to this tragedy, because while you see us as Westerners, we see ourselves as children and grandchildren of the earth. “You are our mothers and fathers,...cousins, distant brothers and sisters. You just don't know it. “Dr Austin’s grandparents were driven from the Middle East during the First World War. Her grandmother survived barely as she fled with her son to the US . Her older daughter had been taken to a harem. Her parents and brother slaughtered by soldiers. She says, “That is why we help, we know what it is to be naked, hungry and friendless. Something to think about...”  

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