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Nuclear and Radioactive Bombs and Radical Islam 

by Alexandra Paris, 

Hiroshima …August 6, 1945.  The B-29 Enola Gay…carried a…fission weapon, with 60 kilograms (130 pounds)…of uranium -235…. At 0815 [a.m.], the Enola Gay dropped the nuclear bomb called ‘Little Boy’…. It exploded … 2,000 feet …above the city with a blast equivalent to 13 kilotons…TNT, killing… 80,000 people.”  __Wikipedia

            Family bomb-shelters were common in the U.S. during the U.S. versus U.S.S.R. cold war.  Will backyard bunkers return in the U.S. and the United Kingdom ?  Flying missiles and jet bombers were then a real fear in the advanced non-Muslim nations such as the U.S.

            The radical World Islamic Front cannot military defeat the non-Muslim enemies.  Sheik Bin Laden would know of one exception.  The WIFront might obtain and use nuclear fission bombs inside enemy homelands.  Foremost are the inimical Americans and the British.  This afterword examines the WIFront radioactive bombs programs.  Footnotes enable the curious reader further to become informed.  Noted first is the above quote.  Hiroshima , 1945.  One of two bombs used in war, “Little Boy” killed about 80,000 Japanese in minutes.  Next addressed are the present war context, 60 years later, and radiation sickness symptoms. 

            Today’s war began in Afghanistan . After the nascent World Islamic Front defeated the communist armies in Afghanistan in the 1980s, the U.S.S.R. self-destructed.  Within years, this left unused hundreds of its nuclear bombs.  Still fresh from destroying the godless communist empire, the radical WIFront today seeks to steal, buy or build its own radioactive bombs capability.  Such bombs produce radiation sickness.   [1] 

“Radiation syndrome is…illness resulting from explosion of an atom bomb.  Effects include destruction of lymphatic tissue, extensive hemorrhages, aplastic bone marrow, prolonged clotting and bleeding times, loss of hair and teeth, and possible genetic changes.  In massive exposure to radiation such as would occur in persons close to the center of an atomic bomb explosion, death may occur within several weeks if the individual is not fortunate enough to die immediately from the effects of the explosion.” 

            Today, the WIFront seeks to nuclear-bomb the non-Muslim foes, using human-delivery systems, the homicide martyrs.  The WIFront does not need complex missiles and jet bombers.  It has the world’s only sacred elixir.  Homicide martyr creation poses a flexible and brilliant bomb-delivery system.  

            The WIFront, Sheik Bin Laden knows, realistically has one efficient means to defeat the non-Muslim enemies.  There is one type of weapon that will achieve the necessary destruction of enemy homelands.  It is the nuclear fission bomb.  The WIFront confronts a two-part puzzle.  The WIFront has solved one part, this being how to position and set off such bombs.  This part is the Muslim homicide martyr, which is analyzed elsewhere in FFI articles.  Such humanoids can transport nuclear bombs into pre-selected target sites, say in London or New York . The U.S. cannot well defend against such martyrs. Profiling is not politically correct.  

            Islam has the bombs.  The second part of the puzzle is for the WIFront commandoes to acquire the nuclear bombs.  Two pro-WIFront Muslim nations have nuclear bombs, now or soon.  These are Pakistan , where Osama himself is hiding out, and Iran .  Nearby Iran is run be Muslim Shi’a leaders who have promised to nuclear-bomb the Israeli Jews.  The Shi’a, faithful to the Qur’an’s verse-laws, justly hate the inimical Jews in Zion .  Sheik Bin Laden, though mistrusted as a Sunni Muslim, might yet negotiate bomb purchases from these other members of the Islamic brotherhood.

            The foremost targets of WIFront nuclear strikes would be in the United States , followed by London in the United Kingdom . More targets are better.  Osama may consider ten cities. Boston , New York , Atlanta , Miami , Chicago , St. Louis , Dallas-Fort Worth, San Francisco , Los Angeles . A ten-bomb attack, Osama would think, can bring the U.S. Christian crusaders to their knees and force the U.S. to pull its military invaders home from the Muslim nations. 

            Such military victories would enable the WIFront forces to seize power of the some 55 Muslim countries.    Many of the Muslim nations, such as Egypt and even Saudi Arabia , are now controlled by Muslim hypocrite-controlled dictatorships.  The WIFront would seek to capture Saudi oil fields.  Is this a pipe-dream?  Bin Laden would anticipate that the WIFront would then become a Muslim brotherhood-based super-power.   

U.S. films provide inspiration.  Osama and co-leaders would have seen the instructive movies.  In “Sum of All Fears,” the U.S. city of Baltimore is vaporized.  Fictionally, a nuclear bomb is hidden in a fake cigarette vending machine located in the city’s stadium.  A Super Bowl football game is underway.  A hundred thousand fans cheer.  All die.  An even-smaller nuclear bomb, in a suitcase, is featured in the U.S. film titled the “Peacemaker.”  Both films, Osama would admit, provide practical tips on bomb acquisition and targeting.

            The U.S. borders remain largely undefended.  U.S. seaport security is poor.  Osama knows this, as he helped infiltrate the homicide martyrs for the successful September, 2001, aircraft-missile attacks.  Nuclear bombs can be smuggled.  How likely is this possibility?  Next reviewed are efforts by Sheik Bin Laden and WIFront forces to acquires such war-winning fission weapons.  

Learning Curve:  1967  &  Forward 

                 “[Journalist]: ‘The U.S. says you are trying to acquire chemical and nuclear weapons?’

“Osama:  ‘Acquiring   weapons for the defense of   Muslims is a religious duty.  If I have indeed acquired these weapons, then I thank Allah for enabling me to do so.  And if I seek to acquire these weapons, I am carrying out a duty….’”  [2] 

            1967.  In 1967, a U.S. study  proved it is not difficult for U.S.-trained physicists to start at scratch  and build a nuclear bomb.  Three newly-graduated physics students were the test group. They used only public domain information, nothing secret.  The trio developed a viable nuclear bomb design after just three man-years of effort. 

            It is easier now.  Much more information is publicly available.  The U.S. report on this is classified.  It is called “Summary Report of the Nth Country Experiment,” as edited by W.J. Frank and as numbered UCRL-50248.  A declassified, redacted version is on-line.   [3]  WIFront weapons scientists, splendidly educated by the enemy U.S. universities, would have read all available on the Nth Country Experiment.

            1975.  In 1975, Sheik Bin Laden neared entry into university in Riyadh , Saudi Arabia .  The World Trade Centers were finished and occupancy was underway.  An American author in 1975 finished a book about what a small nuclear bomb would do to the World Trade Centers.  If such were occupied, the bomb would have killed everyone in the Centers.  In contrast, the plane-missiles in 2001 gave time for building occupants to exit by stairs and elevators.

            The Curve of Binding Energy was written by the respected American author, John McPhee.  Osama may have read an Arabic-language translation of the book.  McPhee publicized the conclusion from the Nth Country Experiment of nine years earlier.  With sufficient fissile material, either enriched uranium or plutonium, a few finely-educated Muslim scientists could manufacture a simple but highly destructive nuclear bomb.

              1998.  In 1998, a Muslim newspaper claimed Bin Laden had obtained usable nuclear bombs.  [4]  The suppliers were within the Russian Federation .  The report was published in the French Muslim newspaper, “Al-Watan Al-‘Arabi” in Paris .  In Arabic, the report was soon translated but drew no public interest.  Nine-eleven had not yet shaken up the non-Muslim world.  Osama was still considered a loony ideologue. 

            1999.  In 1999, WIFront planning officers surely read with interest Jewish and Russian news reports.  In October that year, the “Jerusalem Report” reported that Sheik Bin Laden’s al Qaeda army had scored several miniaturized nuclear bombs, so called suitcase nukes. The reported price Osama paid was “30 million in cash and two tons of Afghan heroin.”  [5]  The Russian Federation news report was sourced from a respected expert on Sheik Bin Laden’s pilgrimage.  [6] 

“In an interview with the Moscow daily Komsomolskaya Pravda published on 5 October 1999, independent US terrorism analyst Youssef Bodansky, citing ‘various intelligence sources,’ claimed that the Afghanistan-based terrorist Osama bin Laden had obtained ‘from “several” to “twenty” tactical nuclear warheads.’  He …said…Bin Laden had made efforts to purchase ‘nuclear suitcases,’ small portable atomic demolition munitions in Kazaikhstan….”  [7]


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