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A. Kasem's Exegesis Plus a President 

by Alexandra Paris


    My legend says I'm French.  Abul Kasem writes from Down Under.

They resist there.  In France the rot attracts maggots.  I'm a kafir, and Mr. Kasem's apostate.  I greatly value such courage as I read as reflected in FFI.  His brilliant exegesis is FFI-posted as "Deciphering an American Fatwa," as dated 8/8/05. 

    Some threshold points: First, may God protect Ali Sina and all who publish at FFI, an historical center of gravity for truth.  Second, I urge Ali Sina to encourage footnotes, which will dramatically increase FFI influence.  (A speed-trick is the note beginning, "See generally....")

   Third, Ali Sina, gracias a Dios for your publishing Paul Sperry's 12/14/05 report on U.S. Intelligence now briefing Pentagon on the Islamic texts as source of ideology.  Urge Mr. Sperry to post all of his war articles on FFI; as he knows the truth, and is a splendidly clear and wise communicator.  Fourth, see my 2005 novel, posted on Amazon as ARABEL:  THE PLAGUE CHRONICLES.  And fifth, anticipate my copyrighted DEFENSE TOPICAL CONCORDANCE TO THE QUR'AN, somewhere soon available.  It is the data base which is the big skeleton key to so many rooms filled with deceit, mendacity, fear, ignorance, and the warning of a U.S. at terrible, ongoing risk of destruction. 

    I need a drink to abate modest hysteria.  Down Under, Abul Kasem's not familiar with how the non-Muslim world's leaders, and his advisers, have shown terrifying ignorance of the Qur'an.  Once you read what follows, then go to read Mr. Kasem's profound and erudite analysis of the fatwa itself.         

On 7/28/05, U.S. Muslims’ “Fiqh [Fatwa] Council of North America”  published -- to Tv network-level news coverage -- a long-awaited “Fatwa Against Terrorism.”  This  Fatwa itself  pronounced that “173 [U.S.] Muslim organizations, mosques and imams [i.e., clerics]…endorsed the…fatwa.”   See this “Anti-Terror Fatwa” as posted at  CAIR personnel and their affiliates are among the I.E. Enemy’s foremost U.S.-based propaganda agents.

 (1)  On 9/9/05, the President would swear in his “friend and confidante” Karen Hughes as the new U.S. “Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs and Ambassador,” a woman with a “brilliant mind.”  See article, “President Honors Ambassador…Hughes at Swearing-In…,”  

(2)  On 9/2/05 had yet occurred the here-analyzed,  embarrassing example of  such U.S. leaders’ (advisors’) dangerous ignorance of  Islam.  In Rosemont, Illinois, the “Islamic Council of North America” or ICNA met.  ICNA “had invited Bush to attend its national convention,”   but he “sent Hughes…recently confirmed as undersecretary.”  This date was a long 37 days after Ambassador Hughes had received and presumably analyzed the said Anti-Terror Fatwa. After all, such Fatwa is U.S. Muslims’ only important position-statement yet in the four-year-old war. In war they have been very satisfied and close-mouthed about adverse events affecting the U.S.

 (3)  President Bush’s representative spoke to the smiles of deceitful Muslims assembled.  Confirming her (advisors’) ignorance, she announced that the Fatwa “says there is no justification in Islam for terrorism.” She then praised ICNA as “credible voices…of Muslims” which Ambassador Hughes promised to “help amplify” as against terrorism.   [Actually, ICNA is not credible.  And ICNA deceits should not be amplified, unless the U.S. is to remain laughing-stock to the ummah or nation of Islam.]   See T. Burghart, Associated Press, article entitled “Bush confidante…Hughes meets…Muslim group…,” as posted for “Detroit News Religion”. 

(4) The said 7/28/05 Anti-Terror Fatwa was and remains a deceitful slap in America’s face, a slap swung by American Muslims’ highest religious-ideological leaders.  Mrs. Hughes’ (advisors’) praise thereof  was hence negligent and dangerous.  One next shows how the Fatwa epitomizes Islam’s confident disrespect for U.S. leadership at least as to Sharia Law competence.

(5)  The Anti-Terror Fatwa itself cited three Qur’an verse-laws for the deceitful proposition that “terrorism targeting civilians” is  “forbidden…in Islam.”  The proposition is mendacious.  The Fatwa is replete with lies.  The “Fiqh Council” yet claims Qur’anic authority for this proposition,  by claiming that the “Qur’an…states” as follows in material part. 

 “’Whoever kills a person (unjustly)…it is as though he has killed all mankind.  And whosoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind. (Qur’an 5:32)’” 

(6)  The Muslim Fiqh Council’s above “authority,” is arrogantly, obviously fraudulent because (a) it omits words; (b) it hides that Allah was giving new laws about Jews, not “mankind”; (c) it is a citation from a non-standard English translation; and (d) most importantly, it is only the first part of a two-verse jihad law ordering barbaric aggression by Muslims against Jews who do “mischief.” The full verse-law, misquoted above, is quoted next below. 

“On that account:  We ordained for the Children of Israel [i.e., Jews] that if any one slew a person -- unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief  in the land -- it would be as if he slew the whole people:  and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. 

“Then although there came to them [i.e., the Jews]  our [i.e., Muslim] messengers with clear signs, yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land.”  [Qur’an, ch. 5, v. 32 ( Yusuf Ali trans.) 

(7)  Did Ambassador Hughes’ (advisors) read their copies the Qur’an?  Do she and they have copies of the Qur’an?  If so, her praise of the Anti-Terror Fatwa was a deceit to the citizen-voters of the U.S.  The adjacent Qur’an verse-law, next quoted, is the violence-provoking second verse of this two-verse Jihad law which is quoted next. 

“The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger [i.e., Muhammad], and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is:

“ execution, or

“ crucifixion, or

“ the cutting off of  hands and feet from opposite sides, or

“ exile from the land:  that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter.”  [Qur’an, ch.  5, v.  33 (Y. Ali transl.]  

 (8)  One knowledgeable in the Qur’an can further perceive that the above, related verse-law, deceitfully  omitted by the Muslims, is a kill-directive.  Hence, U.S. leadership praised a kill-directive order. 

 (9)  The war formally commenced over four years ago, driven by the Qur’an.  Will Ambassador Hughes and the President remain so ill-advised of the Qur’an?  If so, Muslim propaganda will deceive U.S. leadership, yet ignorant or ill-advised and gullible to deception into war’s fifth year, and beyond.  Such ignorance at the top, as to the Qur’an, breeds erroneous conduct below.  Errors multiply.  Presidential advisers should Google “critical thinking”.  For me, I will have another adult beverage and then go pray.









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