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  • Peaceful Islam is not allowed to preach hateful sermons by the clerics living in infidel territories. This is a gross violation of Islamic human rights, of freedom to preach hatred for the infidels, since this right has been fully enshrined in the Qur’an, the constitution of Allah.
  • Kafirs deport/cancel visa of firebrand clerics who exhort, in Friday congregations, jihad and murder of the infidels. Read above why Islam is oppressed for such an action of the Kafir.
  • Billboards near Allah’s house (mosques) in Kafirlands brazenly display women’s underwear, bras and lingerie in provocative manner, arousing the sexual passion in the devotees of Allah. This is oppressive to Islam, as Allah does not like to have a look at women’s undergarments and their half-clad body. Allah only looks at hijabi/Burka-clad Muslimahs.
  • Islamists living in Haram land pass by a fitness centre and observe infidel women (and men) performing physical exercise wearing sportswear. Offended, the Islamists complain to the local council and advise the authority that during physical fitness chore the women must wear Burka and jilbab, their shiny and sexy thighs and polished legs must be covered inside baggy Islamic trousers, otherwise, the doors and windows of the gym must be covered with black ‘hijab.’ The local council turns down the Muslim request. This is oppressive to Islam.
  • The Islamists in Kfirlands go to the local swimming pool and observe men and women practicing swimming together. This is grossly un-Islamic and is oppressive to the Muslims. They ask the local council to open separate swimming pools exclusively for Muslim women and without access to male visitors. The council turns down their request, which offends the Islamists. 
  • In Olympic events, women are allowed to compete, in the presence of mixed spectators, in gymnastics, track and field, swimming, beach volleyball, high jump (despicable, because of the possibility of viewing the women’s pudenda), long jump, pole vault…etc., Allah is offended with such display of female flesh in such provocative/erotic manner. The Islamists write lengthy articles and lobby their politicians to ban women from participating in such events. In Islamic Paradises they successfully force the government to ban the telecasting of such ‘pornographic’ events of the International Olympic.
  • The infidels enact laws to prevent polygamy; Muslims could no longer acquire four wives at any time. This surely is a gross violation of Islamic rights of Muslim men to acquire four wives at any time, guaranteed by the Qur’an.
  • Imams extolling the goodness in beating wives to discipline them are deported from infidel lands. This is a great torment to Islam, as it openly violates the Qur’anic verse which calls to beat women to control them,
  • During Christmas gala, party, the Kafir invites his Muslim neighbor and unwittingly serves haram food and wine. The display of haram food and alcoholic drinks to the Muslims is, of course, very offensive. The infidels must not eat and drink haram stuff in the presence of Muslims—it is very odious, Allah becomes angry.

If you have time to spend, I am certain you could find many other actions and traditions of the infidels which are revoltingly offensive to the Muslims, and, therefore, oppressive to Islam. Many of those examples cited above were from my own experience—from real world. So be prepared to witness many such examples in your land as well.  

The above list is just a sample example of the extent to which the Islamists are prepared to go to launch their agenda of globalization of Islamic imperialism, which is basically Arab/Bedouin imperialism.


 Why should we consider Islam as Arab/Bedouin imperialism? Here is the answer.  

You see, the ultimate goal of the Islamists is the creation of a Pan Islamic world, which must be ruled by a caliph (the Islamists call it the Khilafat movement) who will be responsible to enforce Islamic laws (Sharia) globally. So, what are the requirements to be a caliph?—you might ask. According to Islamic law, (ref: Reliance of the Traveler, published by Amana Publications, Bettsville , Maryland , 1999, pp.640-642, law number o25.3) the mandatory qualifications of an Islamic caliph are: 1. must be a Muslim 2. must be a male 3. must be from the Quraysh tribe of the Arabs 4. must be a freeman (i.e., not a slave) 5. must be of sound mind. This provision of Islamic law means that the world—the Pan Islamic world, must be ruled by an Arab (from the Quraysh stock, probably from Saudi Arabia or Jordan ) and no one else. This also means that George Bush, Tony Blair, Jacques Chirac, Vladimir Putin, the Chinese Prime Minister, the Japanese Prime Minister….the most powerful infidel leaders in the world and the not-so-powerful infidel leaders must convert to Islam, declare complete allegiance to the new Arab/Quraysh caliph and become this Arab caliph’s appointed governors. If they do not comply with such Islamic demand then they must be removed by terror, intimidation and force. Please stop laughing! I hope by this time you clearly comprehend the reason of the Islamists terrorists of what they are doing around the globe. The Islamists are absolutely serious in their goal—the Islamic caliphate, and to assist them there is no shortage of Arab charity money to finance their strategy and operations. This is the reason why the Islamists, the Islamist terrorists, the Jihadists and the Islamist apologists have no shortage of fund—the Arab/oil money is aplenty to finance the establishment of a super Arab (Islamic) kingdom. This is what I mean by Arab Imperialism when I say that ‘Islam is Arab/Bedouin imperialism’.  

Terrified, threatened and in panic, the unbelievers might want to know when this Islamic madness might end. I am afraid there is bad news for them. The war against the infidel world is a perpetual war. Islam divides the entire world/humanity into two—the world of Islam (Dar al-Islam) and the world of warfare (Dar al-Harb). These two worlds are in permanent confrontation, until Islam replaces the current civilization with its own version, the Islamic Caliphate. This is what Samuel Huntington had ominously postulated in his classic work, The Clash of Civilizations. This inevitable clash is now on us, make no mistake on this.

Here are two verses from the Qur’an which clearly divide the civilization into two categories: Islamic and un-Islamic, and the declaration of a perpetual war against the infidels.  

Believers fight for Allah, unbelievers fight for evil, so fight against the friends of Satan (this verse literally divides the into two camps—the world of Islam and the world of unbelief or Kufr; i.e., Dar-al-Islam and Dar-al-Harb) …4:76


Those who resist Allah and Muhammad will be humiliated (i.e. Islam, for ever, is at war with the infidels)...58:20  



As exemplified from the most authentic source of Islam (Qur’an), Islam, truly is intolerant to any idea/faith which does not endorse it as the only religion for mankind. Any action/deed which is against the Qur’an is certainly oppressive to Islam. Once we understand this fascistic and imperialistic nature of Islam, the fight against the Islamist terrorism becomes quite simple and straightforward. It (the Islamic terrorism) is not at all a political one—it is an ideological war, truly, the collision of culture and civilization. But, in contrast to the battle among various civilizations, as hypothesized by Samuel Huntington, this clash is between two worlds—the word of Islam and the world of Kufr or unbelief. Let the PC politicians pay heed to what the cleric above had said. He is 100% Muslim and 0% politician/hypocrite.  

The current world is about to be divided into two camps—the camp of Islam and the camp of infidels, without any third-world between them. Thus, having almost been polarized, a final showdown is gradually shaping up between these two camps. It is just a matter of time when this showdown will culminate in a massive loss of human lives—both Muslims and non-Muslims, unless correct steps are taken to diffuse this cataclysmic time-bomb. Read the Qur’an and the Hadis, to learn who will win this showdown, if the showdown does really take place. You might be greatly surprised, if you were to believe these Islamic scriptures.  



Abul Kasem writes from Sydney , Australia . His email address is [email protected]  


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