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News from Tripoli (Lebanon) and Malaysia Illustrate the tolerance of Islam

Fire Destroys a Historic Library in Tripoli, Lebanon

Saturday, 4 January, 2014 11:38 GMT

According to BBC Arabic Television, a historic Christian Library in Tripoli, Lebanon, was set on fire by unknown people. The library had around 80,000 volumes.

Two thirds of the books were destroyed by fire, and the rest were by water used by the firemen. The library was owned by a Christian clergyman. Rumors had circulated in Tripoli that the library had a tract that was critical of Islam, a claim that was denied by the owner, adding that there were copies of the Qur’an among the library’s books

إحراق مكتبة “السائح” العريقة في طرابلس اللبنانية

Arabic-speaking Christians have always used the word “Allah” (similar to the Hebrew “Elohim”) to refer to God in the Arabic version of the Bible. This tradition has been followed by Christians in other Muslim lands in reference to God in their versions of the Bible. However, this is not allowed in Malaysia

The Arabic BBC Television Service reported on Friday, 3 January,  that 300 copies of the Bible in Malaysian have been confiscated by the police because the word “Allah” was used in the translation of the name of God. The Law, recently enacted, reserves the word “Allah” for Muslims only. The BBC added that even before independence, the term had been in use, as well as since independence until very recently. The vast majority of Christians in Malaysia are ethnic Chinese


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