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I receive a lot of mail, I publish only the gems. – Ali Sina



Firoz Khan <firozsster@gmail.com>


This mail from slave of rehman to mr Madaechod or son of bitch.
ead all this side you all jews ……

Mr.Ali sina
see sina’s photo first see here : Ali Sina

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That is a lie. I am not that fat.


The following email shows the mind of Muslims who start with civility and when they are defeated logically they are transformed into something very ugly.

On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 7:35 PM, shadi yassine <shadyyassine91@hotmail.com> wrote:

Hi Ali,
The miracle of Islam is that it allows and supports freedom of speech so if i do not or you do not get anything from this, islam still supports us.

Where do you get the idea that Islam supports freedom of speech? Is there freedom of speech against Islam in any Islamic country? Of course you are free to criticize Christianity and say Christinas have gone astray and are maqdoob (despized/wrath of God on them ) (Quran 1:7) and call the Jews monkeys and pigs (Quran;2:65 5:60 7:166 ) but woe if you say anything about Muhammad. Then Muslims will rise by millions, riot, burn churches, kill nuns and priests and innocent people all over the world and demand the death penalty for the person who dares to practice his freedom of speech. What is the ruling for one who leaves Islam? Isn’t it death? So what is this freedom of speech you are talking about? You seem to forget that I was born a Muslim and know Islam from inside. You should not try those tricks on me.

so as you said where is the proof that god has anything to do with any religions?
where is your proof that god does not exist? can we honestly rely on “chance” for the rest of our lives? can we say that we living here is a coincidence? when we contemplate do we contemplate emptiness or of thought?

My objective is not to disprove God. To believe or not to believe in God is a personal matter. My goal is to make Muslims see Muhammad was a con man, a charlatan cult leader and they should not believe in his lies of paradise with voluptuous high bosomed hooris and stop killing others and themselves for this lie. That they should not hate all mankind for being kafir because assuming God exists there is no kufr bigger than Islam.

i have heard, and have listened of many people like you who refuse islam, and insult the religion, and all getting rebutted with disgrace, i can not promise you that i can prove islam is the right religion, but likewise i can not prove air exists cause we can not see it,.

Well I can and I have proven Islam is a lie. It is all in my book and I challenge anyone to disprove my claims. I even offer money to anyone who can do so. I will also remove my site should I be proven wrong. I know you have no evidence to prove Islam is a religion of God but I have plenty of evidence that Muhammad was a liar. If you decide to prove me wrong, just ask and I will send you my book.

you claim islam is a lie i claim islam is the truth and the most detailed, loving, just religion on the face of the planet, me and about 2 billion people around the world claim that. we also claim that Jewdaism, and Christianity is part of islam which makes us about 4 to 5 billion people around the world. 4 to 5 billion people around the world cant be wrong now can they Ali? it seems illogical.

Apart from the fact that all mankind can be wrong and a lie does not become true just because many people believe in it, Christianity and Judaism are not part of Islam. In your previous email you poured all your vituperation on Christianity until I told you I am not a Christian. Now you suddenly forgot all that venom and say the Christians and Jews are also Muslims?  If they are Muslims why Muhammad says “curse be on them? (Quran. 9:30) This is yet another lie Muhammad said and Muslims rehash uncritically. No Christian or Jew accepts Islam as a true religion and there is not a shred of evidence that Muhammad was foretold in the Bible. Where is the evidence? Also the number of Muslims is no more than 1.2 billion and many of them are nominal Muslims. Millions of Muslims are leaving Islam everywhere.

we all will be shown the truth, whether we like it or not.

Yours Sincerely.

Truth can be found right here. There is no need to die to find out. It will be too late then. We have a brain. If we use it we can find the truth clear as sun..


fromshadi yassine <shadyyassine91@hotmail.com>

dateWed, Dec 17, 2008 at 10:45 PM

your one dillusional guy or women or bisexual, i dont know and i dont care, you will see the truth whether you like it or not.
you know what i have not seen anyone more arrogant and ignorant in conduct more than you, you mother must be very proud of you, your the one who probably will kill her,
you dillusional fuck, you hobo sexual, you serpert tyrant, die and rot in hell even if u dont believe in it, oh and say hi to ur mother for me, i fuked her last night.

Amazing eh? This is what Islam does to human brain. But when the same people leave Islam they are transformed. The following proves my claim.

Dear Ali Sina,

I used to hate you. I would try my hardest to refute your charges. I tried everything in my power to refute your charges. I read the Quran and Hadiths in order to disprove your claims. I failed. I failed miserably. Instead of realizing the truth right away, I resorted to sending you hatemail. http://www.faithfreedom.org/comments/MComments/16.htm (The most vulgar post is mines. Please delete it after reading this email because it sickens me.)
I was 16 at the time. It took 4 years for the truth to finally sink in and for me to accept reality. Islam is not for educated, modern, humanists who want to progress as a society.
However instead of feeling sorrow over my failure, I feel it was the best thing to ever happen to me. Your site delivers just as advertised. It is the truth.




Ali Sina, how are you you bitch?.
Did you have that sexual transplant you wanted to have the other day, and do you still sleep with animal, someone tole me that you a homosexual, is that true.
I bet the jews gave you $10 and 2 prostitudes to start your site.
the 2 prostitudes were 2 animals from the local zoo.
Heres a nice joke:
Do you know why Ali Sina never get married?
Nice one bro. have a good day.
Hope we can meet soon, and you can fuck the cat, like you did the last time
 and dont forget to use a condom.


asep miftahuddin <donz_tsm@yahoo.com>

August 2, 2007

i wanna to kill u

hey suck..
your life will be destroyed with all of your familiy..
the bom from the angel.


sonu smileplease4us@gmail.com


Hi You bloody Mr. N/A ( Not Applicable) haha

There is nothing to do for you. Take your $50,000/- with you can keep it in your as-s-h-le.
If u were in india I would have shoot you.

If you are a true Person and you are correct on you point then you should give us your correct address and not fake like this:

Registrant Contact Information:


I bet you are a GAY. Only a Gay man can do this. If you are a REAL MAN then send me your address. Dont be antonymous. If you need I will give you my address and telephone no. Come visit us… if you have guts. Im based in Mumbai , India .


 fatimah ali<iloveislam13@gmail.com>


dear ali,
           You said that you would take down the website if someone prove you wrong about prophet Muhammmad(S). well i hope you take down he website after you read this. im not going to yell and curse at you becasue that would give a bad impression on islam and Allah(sbt) says you ant force anyone to become muslim and that we shoud try and give dowa to him/her. but if you keep tying to dis islam like that i going to curse you out like crazy ok!!!!! prophet Muhammad (S) is the messenger of islam he was an honest man, people use to keep their valuebles with him, he never lied stole, he was fair or ever did anything wrong. he only said what Allah (sbt) told him to say thats how loyal he was to Allah(swt). in the holy Quran it mentions that anyone who is kaffir will ask Allah(stw) to give them another chane onthe day o judgement. the holy Quran was made over 1400 hundered years ago. it metion signs of th day of judgement:
1.music will be very common
2.there will be tall building.ect.monuent
3.there will many earthquakes,tornadoes,hurricane s.cyclones.ect
4.there is a tree that will not tak for when kuffar hide behind them when prohphet Esa comes to destroy all nonbelivers. right now people in isreal are planting that tree becasue they now the truth but still dont except it.
         i hope you think about the stuff i said and take down that stupid website. i will continue to email more and more signs of the day of judgemet.if not, that fine you can rot in hell! and you are telling us muslim to prove you wrong, how about you prove that prophet muhammad (S) was really a madman and all the other stuff you said about him!!

Jews all over Israel are planting that particular tree that unlike all other trees is a Jew protector and does not talk, so they can hide behind it in the Day of Judgment.   This is hilarious! 

She is not making this up. This poor Muslima believes in the asinine fairytales of Muhammad. This is actually a Sahih (authentic) hadith  Click on it to read it.  Islam is the religion of stupidity, indeed. How can any sane person call oneself a Muslim, after learning what Islam is?



Assalaam Alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuhu

Hello Dear Unbeliever, Jewish, Kafer, Disbeliever, Bastard, Gay Sucker, Bitch, Cunt etc.
I would like just to say

http://img228.imageshack.us /img228/9462/838dedmi0.jpg

Thank you for understanding my peaceful message!
God Take you to your grave soon as possible
I have my way how to destroy your site =D
Ok son of the bitch ?
Ok son of the whore?
Ok son of the gay ?

Good Luck : )


Zaher Haidar <zaher1978@sbcglobal.net>

Tue, Apr 22, 2008

Go fuck urself I thank god everyday that i was born a muslim,u think bashing islam is  gona make me convert to christianity, u fucking wish, get a life u loser. lets talk about the priest that molested little boys in “churches” u nasty prick how come u don’t talk about that maybe u were one of them lmao. u can stick that 50,000 $ in ur azz, i dont have to prove shit to u and keep that website on ur doing us a favor by dissing islam thank u so fucking much.hhahhahahah i bet u got ripped a new one by a priest, dont keep the lights off when u sleep.hahahahhahahahhAAHH GOD BLESS MUHAMED, JESUS (ISSA), AND MOSES (MOUSA).
usama ahmad <abbasi.usama@gmail.com>Thu, Mar 27, 2008 ai do not consider u to be a coward rather u r a idiot a born idiot who knows nothing about the science.  a  5 year child i assure u knows much better than u . u are a stupid u said about zulkar nain [he means Zul Qaranain] that he observe sun into muddy water………… which proves that  earth is a flat. listen dude, u are a born idiot . a stupid . u cannot debate with a 5 yr madarsa child . i challenge u. idiot read the verse of the holy quran 79:30 the earth is like an egg the arabic world for egg is dahaahaa  .which refutes all ur false claims now u must shut down ur websites bcoz u have been proved stupid a biggest idiot of the century . listen idiot when u will be near the ocean and when u will observe , u will see that sun is going into the water. this quranic verse tells that  when he saw sun going into water this confirms him that there r no cities left which has to be conquered means to say that he has conquered all the cities in the west and now its the time to conquered the city in the east so he changes his direction to east. even if idiot like u stands  near the ocean will observe this phenemenon so what is wrong idiot . i think u got now its the time fr u to realise islam is scientifically correct and accurate .
Waleed q <waleed_213@hotmail.com>Fri, Mar 14, 2008GO TO HELL MOTHER FUCKER
I HOPE U DIE BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Yep. He is indeed a Muslim. 


mr malik <mansecool79@hotmail.com>


The time u spent in collecting this material would hd been very beneficial if you hd spared it in finding your father. Definitely ppl like u hv one mother but lots of fathers..each with sum hard stroke and then to grab the attention and to hide a reality they start doing these kinda thingz which u r doing by this fkin website.. i’ld suggest u to stop n the money ur offering i.e. US 50,000 will better be if u announce that “you’ll award this money to a person who will find & bring ur father to u” if n only if ur mother is sure

so before asking ppl for proof ask ur mother to prove tht u r a son of one father;)
bcoz clear & true things dont need proof as ur asking ppl for…
so better stop or u’ld be fucked hard one day….
do publish ;)

from …(name changed on user request) walid
date Wed, Feb 27, 2008 a
subject Fuck you and all youre web site
FUCK YOU !!!! Islam is the only one religion!!! Fuck youre jesus fuck youre religion the only one religion is the islam
Fuck you and all youre website
You will regret this in the next world life is short
Ashy WaTeR oN fiRe <wateronfireashy@hotmail.com
Jul 1, 2007

subject: hey…just wanna drop in my opinion

Hey there whatever your name is.
I was on your damn page a few minutes ago.
And should i say,You totally suck man!

What your point on the Muslim world?? If you think your fucking religion is so far better,than go ahead and make your own life.

Want some of my myspace pictures? And i gurantee you would just love the site of it.
Good for you motherfucking bastard.
Hope you rot in your christian Hell

Why the hell ruin other religion when you think you’re better.
A true man reveals his own self. Not like you.
Oh i bet you are a guy.
You say the arabic/indian women dress in their clothing is so orthodox eh?
Well,have you seen your own self??
You are just like them…behind the viel of your damn assshole sponsers.
Why dont you just fuck your mum to enjoy?? HUH?

it means fuck you mother fucker!

GEt a life loser…

Im sure you just stick you large ass in front of the computer and write these weird idotic shit on the internet blaming people!
So JESUS loved his people?? Then they the fucking hell did he let them drink alcohol and behave like a bunch of assholes?
Our Prophet Mohammad is far2 better.MILLION Times better.
He thought us how to love…respect…patience which Ram Or Sita or Jesus never thought us!
Jesus thought us love…Thought us to MAKE lOVE WITH WOMEN(bitch),Prostitutes on the road who may have probably been your daughters,wives(regarding you 10 wives that you have) and probably even the bitch that gave birth to a bastard like you.
Who the hell are you to ruin Islam??
I’ll tell you who you are. A coward.A lame bullshit.
The bitch that gave birth to your probably didnt even feed you breast milk,probably because he breast milk is powdered!!! HAHAHAHA =D
To the lame loser(you),Get a life.
Rot in hell all i care.
Islam will conquer the world….Mind my words


laraib khan <kashmirikhan87@yahoo.ca>


u fuken ali sinha or wat ver ur fuken nam is u fuken shyt remove the shyt abt islam. You fuken basterd yes i iwll prove that Muhammad PBUH is the true prophet and Allaha is the only God in the whole world i dare u to het bak to me and write me. I swear i iwlll prove it and i never seen the motherfuken basterd lik u and i odnt thnk u are from 1 mom u bch u are from 10 moms.U son ofa a fuken whore

 Oh don’t worry about proving. You’ve already proven what I wanted you to prove.


Mazed Chowdhury <cyber_destiny@hotmail.com>


Peace be upon You

First of all, what a wonderful website you have designed with such a limited bias knowledge. No, I wish not to challange your confused mind but I would like to invite you to Islam… unfortunately I can see that God has blinded you so badly that I doubt if God wil ever show you the reality. I know you hate Muslims and I am sad that how terrible your childhodd has been which made you like this but again it is very pity that you might not be able to understand what you already hate.. but I will definitely see you on the day of Judgement.. would I not?… but if I don’t challange you anything then it might be a shame as you like challanges a lot.. here is a small challange for you, I know we are Mortal, could you be immortal and live in this world for ever… no matter what you say but one day you will die and will enter the dark grave, similar to one that cats dig after they complete their “Nature”.. the one where you will enter will be a little deeper.. and shall see the consequence… May Allah show no mercy to you… actually i don’t have to say that it is decided already…

Thank you for your time…
Abd M Chowdhury


Hi Ali Sina,I just want to question your motivation for doing all this, and spending so much time to preach against Islam. I understand from your perspective Islam is bad, and should go (mainly because you have chosen to focus on a few events, and ignore the rest). However, it is highly unlikely you will have much of an effect given that about 22% of the world’s population is Muslim.


So I ask, why are you doing this? Since you believe in no God, and when you die you are gone, wouldn’t it be more logical to spend your time having fun. I mean from an Atheist’s perspective, who cares if you manage to “unconvert” 10 Muslims, it gives you no material benefit, its just wasted time that you should have spent enjoying yourself. In the end, you are just squandering a lot of your time in endless debate, and stress, when by your own belief in no God it is much more logical to spend the years you have on this planet maximizing your pleasure. If you are right, you will have had a life full of arguments when it could have been a lot more fun, and if you are wrong, you will be punished, a lose lose.

I’d also like to point out the Irony that many people who hate Islam fall into. They hate and call for the destruction of what they view as a “religion of hate and destruction”. Quite interesting.

So again, why are you doing this, what material benefit does it give you?


I respond because you seem to be a polite person, and I consider politeness is the hallmark of great people.  

Apart from the fact that I do not call myself atheist, it is true that I do not believe in the same kind of god that you believe and do not believe in heaven and hell. So for practical purposes you can say I am an atheist.  

Now, I think you really do not understand the mind of the atheist. Many atheists are humanists and I am a humanist. Who said atheists give a damn about the world and all they care is to have fun? As a matter of fact I would argue that the religionists are the ones who are most selfish because their good actions are all intended to gain afterlife rewards, whilst those of us who do not believe in an afterlife try to improve this world solely because we feel responsible for it.  

I recall reading a story when I was in elementary school. A child finds a very old person planting a tree. He asks, “Why you plant this tree when you are so old and may never eat its fruit? The old man responds, others planted we ate now we plant so others can eat.  

You and I are standing on the shoulders of countless generations that preceded us. Some of them tried to make this world better. (Some of them ruined it.) It is thanks to those who made this world better that we have what we have. Now it is our turn to leave a trace of ourselves and make the future better for generations that follow us.  

If you see someone in need, would you not give him a hand if you think there is no God, heaven and hell and you won’t be rewarded? If that is the case then you are less than a bee. A bee stings the intruder to her hive to protect her tribe knowing perfectly that by doing so she will die. She sacrifices her life to protect her kind. Are we humans less than a bee?  

Why parents, including animals, sacrifice so much for their offsprings? Do they do it for reward? Even animals? No my friend! We are genetically wired to help each other. This comes natural to us. The desire to improve the lives of our species, and in fact the world, is ingrained in our genes. It gives us satisfaction to know we did something good that benefited others. This is what keeps the scientist in their labs working late. It is not for reward of the after life but for leaving a part of themselves for future generations.  

We see Islam is a threat to humanity. It is a danger to mankind. It is killing people and Muslims themselves are living in hell. We feel it is our duty to help our fellow being. We do not do this for reward. We get our reward when someone writes to say, thank you for helping me love all the people, irrespective of their religion, for I hated the Jews and the Christians and I was planning to take part in Jihad killing my fellow humans. This is enough reward for us.  

Only if you could understand the joy of awakening someone else, you would not talk to us about heaven. We do not wait to be rewarded after we die. We get it right here.  

You speak of fun. No amount of fun can compare with the joy of helping our fellow being. Admittedly I spend long hours in front of my PC when I could do other things. I do this because I enjoy it. It is not a burden. I love doing what I do and have never felt more alive. A life that has a purpose is a rich life. The loftier is the purpose of your life, the more rewarding it is.



Apr 2, 2007 5:38 PM

I HATE YOU ALI SINA. YOU ARE A CURSE ON THE MUSLIMS AND THE WORLD.I can tell that you were a former Muslim who was ashamed of his faith and culture so he leaves Islam. You are a disgusting liar. Islam is a religion of peace and love and tolerance. Muhammad was the greatest man to walk on this earth. I live in Toronto . If I knew where you lived, I would come to your house and do the whole Muslim Ummah an honour by chopping your head off. You deserve it. Spreading lies about our religion. Our religion was a mercy on mankind and if it wasn’t for Islam, we would be primitive. Thank God every day that Islam came down. I’m going to kill you. ISLAM WILL PREVAIL. I can see your face in hell fire. I’ll be seeing you in hell while I’m sticking the finger at you in heaven. Wallahi [by Allah] I want to kill you. Bringing shame on our Ummah. I bet you that the Muslim scholars can beat you in a debate. Death to the Islamophobic bigots!!!!

The fact that Islam is peaceful and tolerant is quite evident from your letter. The fact that Islam brought civility is also obvious from the Muslim world. Just see how advanced are Muslim countries and compare them to the despondence of the western world. Now, I am not sure why you left your civilized Islamic paradise and came to live in this squalid country of Canada?


Devo Andresson <legionofmarduk@gmail.com>

date Nov 26, 2006
subject where will you run?


where will you hide?

you think the jews will protect you?
what will your excuse be when asked to pay the price?
will you cry like a woman?
will you beg?
will you grovel?
will you fake insanity and rant and foam at the mouth and debase yourself while rolling in your piss and shit?
what will you do when you’ll be caught?
I know you can’t sleep at night,
I know you are obsessed with that moment,
when the blade will cut clean
and your lies will be no more,

The question is where you will hide the day you face your creator and he asks you why you believed and worshiped Satan. 

How will you hide your shame? 

You respond but I was fooled, I thought I was worshiping you.

And He will respond: Get away from me you fool. I gave you a brain to distinguish between right and wrong and you did not use it. Did you think that I would send a pedophile, a mass murderer, a lustful womanizer, an assassin and a thief as a prophet? Now go to hell and meet your lord you fool.

What will you do then my friend?    



Dear Ali Sina,
I am astonished by your debating skills using the Quran and Hadith. But, 1400 Years ago there was no technology to discover the science in the Holy Quran at that time, which is being discovered today. so surely it is clear that the science in the Holy Quran is evidence that it is the word of God?
Also, if you believe that Quran is not the word of God, How is it possible that One can memorise the Entire Quran in a language that child cannot understand at a young age? Surely God gives you the power to memorise His words by Heart?
Why do you hate Islam so much? Why not critise the Christians or Hindus for a change so then the muslims you visit your website know that your not just attacking them, but everyone from all religions! Because what i have seen is that you are getting Top marks from the non-muslims for your debates against Islam, what about critising them for a change for their beliefs! Then let me see what remarks you get from the non-muslims!
Please let me know your ideas?
Thanks for your time
Brother Akhtar


Dear brother Akhtar: 

There is no science in the Quran. This is a lie. I invite you to read my refutation of Dr. Zakir Naik to see how Muslims fabricate unfounded stories to claim that the Quran contains science. Go through the table of contents and read the part that interests you. You would really come to see the truth behind this claim if you read the entire book. 

The fact that children can memorize the Quran is not a miracle of the Quran but a miracle of the human brain. Children have astounding capacity to memorize things. They are capable to memorize anything, not just the Quran. They can memorize Shakespeare, Dante or Vedas. Some Iranian parents used to encourage their children to memorize the voluminous poems of Ferdowsi, and Hafez. This is a fallacy to believe this has anything to do with the Quran. 

I hate Islam because Islam is evil. But other religions are not evil. They are just fairytales. Many people like to believe in fairytale. Who am I to say no? As long as people do good and love mankind, their belief is irrelevant to me. I love those who for the love of Jesus go to Africa to help the victims of AIDS. If a religion tells its followers to love their neighbors and be kind, I love that religion. I am against Islam because it is the only religion that teaches hate and violence and wants to conquer the world with terror. I am not against faith. I am against hate. That is why I am against Islam.

Wish you all the best 

Ali Sina

From: Mohamed Faizal <7heavens@gmail.com>
Date: Oct 18, 2006 12:36 AM
Subject: ISLAM
Give me one solid argument which proves  that Islam teaches terrorism, asks Muslims to kill ALL the disbelievers, Islam does not give women rights! You know who you are at war with by opposing Islam? I can’t imagine you burning in HELL… When i see many of your arguments in your forum, they are so weak. NONE OF THEM ARE STRONG.COMING VERY SOON…A SITE DEDICATED TOCOUNTERING YOUR ARGUMENTS.. A VERY GRAND SITE. ISLAM continues to be the fastest growing religion despite your meagre attempts to debase Islam. You will have a painful torment in THIS LIFE  as well as the NEXT LIFE, If you don’t accept this religion. IT’S TRUE THAT ISLAM CONDEMNS ALL THE DISBELIEVERS FOR DISBELIEVING. BUT NEVER DOES IT ASK MUSLIMS TO KILL DISBELIEVERS!!! WE ARE ONE OF THE MOST PEACEFUL PEOPLE ON EARTH. There are blacksheeps in every community. When oppression of a particular group of people increases, it will automatically lead to increase in blacksheeps in the community. Thats why you see many of the terrorists being muslims, NOT MANY OF THE MUSLIMS BEING TERRORISTS! Many of your arguments are low quality arguments which only those who do not think see.. Only those who are naturally prejudiced towards Islam seek to “attack” Islam. Go to YOUTUBE and see how many people from other religions have converted to Islam. Millions and Millions. Did you think that you are very intelligent just by saying that my email to you itself is a proof that Islam is not the fastest growing religion? THAT’S WHAT I CALL FUCKING BULLSHIT. I FEAR FOR YOU A PAINFUL TORMENT IN THIS LIFE… And i want your “SOLID” arguments..


I sometimes wonder how many brain-cells Muslims use! I doubt its more then 2000. A mosquito must have better reasoning capacity than these poor Muslims.


From: IMTIAZUR RAHMAN <imti.rahman@gmail.com>
To: faithfreedom2 at gmail dot com
Date: Oct 1, 2006 10:46 PM
Subject: Slander for ulterior motives


Mr.Ali Sina,

Wow! after browsing your web page for the first time, I came to the instant conclusion that your one and only motive is to malign the greatest religion created for the entire mankind- ISLAM, with all sorts of fabrications of the real truths and historical facts in order to further your secret agenda aimed at trying in your miserably failed way to stop ISLAM from spreading at rocket speed world wide. You are attempting to accomplish this by an elaborate campaign of lies, deceits and distortions of historical facts- and not confronting the truth. I can once again tell you loud and clear- all your attempts to discredit Islam and its mighty Messenger will fail miserably. The same tactics were tried by many like you in earlier times and they were encircled completely by their own lies and hatred towards Islam. If people like you were actually successful in all your attempts to malign this great religion of Islam- its messages and practices would not be spreading at such great speed in every nook and corner of the world. Allah is Great and that ISLAM will be the most dominant religion on the face of this earth for a very long long time to come.

A true believer in Islam and its Mighty Messenger

Since you were able to see my lies and fabrication, post them in the forum of this site and if you can prove me wrong I will give you $50,000 dollars in reward. Hey, that is easy money for you. Don’t miss it. 

There is no ulterior motive. I have stated my goal clearly. I want to expose the lies of Islam and liberate the Muslims and the world from the claws of this demonic cult. 

Yes, for sure others before me had attempted to destroy Islam but they were all killed before having the chance to say what they wanted to say. This time is different. This time we have the technology of the Kafirs on our side. Now we can tell the truth and there is nothing you can do to stop us. Assuming you get to kill me, this site will sill outlive me and will keep growing. It is already in the hands of very able and dedicated soldiers of truth. Let us see now for how long Islam will last. Not long! I assure you not long. If you don’t wake up from your slumber now that the truth is out, your children will. That game of deception is over. Now truth will reign and truth will win. 

Islam spread with sword and violence. You and I know that. But today words are mightier than swords and the days of Islam are numbered.

From: Kamran Jamal <kamranjamal@hotmail.com>
To: faithfreedom2 at gmail dot com
Date: Oct 1, 2006 10:42 PM
Subject: publish this on your site Ali Sina

Ali Sina,

I see your allegations and challenges but you are hiding behind an internet if you are so truthful come out of your hideout ,  even feel that your name is not even your true name, if you are so eager to prove us wrong do it publicly at large on TV with whom so ever you liek be it Zakir naik or any other scholar, but you dont you prefer on the internet why??? on one hand you said muslims are weak and stupid and on one hand you fear them to face, stick to your words; either we are weak so face the whole of us 1.4 billion on TV do your debate n a free country like UK where you are given protection but you just show your visitors 100,000 and figures, give me reality.

physcopath you forget human nature is to follow logic and truth if you are true why do you have handful of followers and why we are huge in numbers than you?? any answers then.

I have already proven Islam wrong. The proof is all over this site. Who said to prove something one has to commit suicide? I have exposed Zakir Naik’s deception and have proven that the Quran is not from God 

I said Muslims are weak in the brain but they are more dangerous than any ferocious beast and I stick to my words. I have no desire to die young. I want to live long and see the end of Islam in my own lifetime. 

First of all I have no followers. Being a follower is for fools. Secondly the fact that Muslims are many is proof that stupidity is endless. Many of them however are waking up and are leaving Islam. Not all Muslims are stupid after all.

Ali Sina infact you are bringing muslims more towards islam rather than making them leave,

In that case why don’t you advertise this site to Muslims? For 1400 year Muslims have been killing each other and finally I am bringing them together. I need a medal of honor.


Okay! We will be there soon. Please send us your address.  


None of these people are my followers. But we are very calm. The one who seem to have lost his calm is you.


I already know that. But you will take that wish to your grave and then to hell.  


You already served your purpose. All I wanted from you is to show to the world that Muslims are savages and you were an good example. Now I have no need for you anymore. Like a used toilet paper I throw you away and forget you.  


If I were a savage like you, probably I would have take up your invitation and meted you what you deserve. But I am a human and you are a beast. Humans don’t take up the challenge of ferocious animals. They simply avoid them.    


You just proved that Allah is Satan and you are the slave of that demon. No believer of the true God has such a murderous blood.  


From: nilofer ali <dr_niloferali@yahoo.com>

Date: Sep 30, 2006 6:48 PM

Subject: a good opportunity lost 

mr ali sina..i feel very sory for a person of high intellect like u is no longer under d blessings of almighty allah n hs prophet pbuh.i just went thru ur website wer u boast of emails frm handful of hindu n christians who themselves dnt knw d meaning of their own faith n r very open in condemng islam..i do nt want to prove anythn abt islam because a day wil com wen al of us wil die n wil hav to face almighty allah n then we al wil see the disgrace n wrath u shal face.. being born a muslim n nw becoming a s

Dear Nilofer:

I did my research and decided I do not need to be under the blessing of Allah because it became clear to me that Allah is not the real God but he is Satan. So my dear sister, if you want to save your soul you better leave this demonic religion of lies as soon as possible because you never know when you are going to die. Truth is very easy to find right in this world. Muhammad was a liar and he did not want you to find the truth. That is why he said only when you die you will find the truth. But when we die is too late. Then you’ll see Satan a.k.a. Allah laughing at you and taking you to hell where Muhammad is roasting like a pig on barbeque with an apple in his mouth. You cry but your cries will have no effect. You committed the big sin of not using your brain. Yes my dear. This brain of ours is the biggest gift of God to us. If you don’t use it, you are being ungrateful and he will be crossed with you. 

You will wonder why MuHamMad is being roasted like a Ham and other Muslim terrorists who have gone to hell will tell you that he is being tortured because he sold his soul to devil in this world. He got to become king and sleep with a score of young women and lied to everyone. In exchange his soul is going to be burned for eternity. Then you remember my words to you. I tell you sister, open your eyes and read the facts that we are giving you in this site. Truth is very clear for those who want to see it. God is not so cruel as to not give us any proof and then send us to hell for not accepting someone whom he sent without any proof. There are many proofs that Muhammad was a liar and you’ll find them all in this site. If you or anyone can prove us wrong, we will remove this site and even pay you $50,000 dollars in reward for saving our soul. If you or no one can do that, then leave this cult and save your soul.

From: abdullah ansari <ruler_of_hockey@hotmail.com>
Date: Sep 30, 2006 5:24 PM

hey loser i heard about your stupid challenge  i know you are stupid  do not
make any one else stupid i do not know who you are but i know your stupid .
i curse that in this world you shall never live happy . and hereafter there
will be a terrorizing tryst that cannot be brocken so you better stop doing this stupid so ya stupid

From: usama tariq <terminator_name@yahoo.com>
Date: Sep 30, 2006 1:57 PM

well my friend i should say u have worked very hard to bring muslims away form Islam, but cant u see ur only bringing them more closer to it. I dont know wat kind od human u are , and why r u against Islam wat has it ever done to u????Why dont u go to A Madrassah and TRY to learn Islam better.Allah Is watching u .U will be punished for wat u r doing. AND for my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters forget about ALI Sissy or who ever he is.Just leave him be


From: asmaa ahmed <asma40ahmed@yahoo.ca>
Date: Sep 30, 2006 6:06 AM

Hi Munafiq,

please post my email on your main comment page !
I am sorry to say that the only claim you have is the number of visitors you get on your site .It is actually very misleading because IF YOU REMOVE DR ZAKIR NAIK NAME from your web page you will not get even two visitor a day .I was trying to search Dr Zakir and was misguided to your website . I am sorry to say that three time in the same day I unwillingly logged on to your site. I wanted to read and hear only Dr Zakir. PLEASE STOP USING HIS NAME TO MISLEAD THE VISITORS thankyou.
I was asked by many Muslims to confront Dr. Naik. I told them I am ready at any time. Finally I wrote an invitation for him to show up and prove me wrong. He did not. So I wrote a refutation to his claim that the Quran is miraculous and here it is for anyone who wants to see it. 



AND YOUR TEN COMANDMENTS SAID NOT TO DISRESPECT OTHERS .but  you are using very bad words for a person loved by millions ..no wonder this is the reason why all of us the visitors log on your site …soon we are attaching a virus to all of your websites that will prevent it to open.


<fbm@formosa.co.nz> to me

Date: Sep 28, 2006 10:01 PM
Subject: May you rot in hell Ali Sina and all your supporters

Ali Sina,
You and your supporters will all rot in hell! Ameen.
Allah Hu Akbar
Allah Hu Akbar
Allah Hu Akbar

Raja Ariff bin Raja Toran
Food&Beverage Manager
Formosa Golf Resort
110, Jack Lachlan Drive
Beachlands, Auckland
DDI 64 9 536 4716
Fax 64 9 536 5896
Mobile 64 21 358 828
Email fbm@formosa.co.nz
Website www.formosa.co.nz


From: Thufail Algifari <algifari666@yahoo.com>
Date: Sep 29, 2006 
Subject: love letter to Mister Ali Sina

Dear Mr. A Sina,

I have found you guilty against Islam by telling Moslems those false articles regarding the Islamic teaching and trying to confuse Moslems with your stories. Therefore, I ask you to shut down the Faith Freedom International website.

I invite you to speak to me face to face regarding this issue. You do not have to worry, I assure you will get no harm and we can run the discussion smoothly. However, if u chose to reject my invitation, then I have no choice and will do my best to stop the spreading of those false stories and shut the Faith Freedom International website down by any chance.

I believe you are an atheist, aren’t you? I presume when you were still a Moslem, you did not understand clearly about the Islamic teaching. I do not mind you have chosen not to embrace Islam anymore, but I warn you not to make a mess with my belief.

Islam teaches good things, not bad things and it is not a fascist religion as you thought. I have been enjoying my life so far because I heart Islam. Allah gives me prosperity and an extremely good life.

I encourage you to read the Holy Quran properly and by the time you finish reading the Holy Quran I suppose you will know how beautiful Islam is. I assume you have understood Islam in a wrong perspective which makes you hate the Islamic teaching.

You cannot say that Islamic teaching is responsible for those terrorist activities, because Islam does not teach us to kill people, and one more thing, Islam does not mean terrorism. However, I believe there are some Moslems out there who got the wrong perspective about the Jihad which makes them act too extreme against the non-believers. Nevertheless, I assure you that the Jihad is actually not a bad thing if you get the right message about it, because the Jihad means fight against the evil. You probably will get the right path to see what Islam is all about if you do learn the Islamic teaching properly.

I once again ask you to shut your site down. However, if you are still keen to run your website and keep telling lies to people, I will for sure take an extreme action to stop it.

Thank you,

Thufail Alghifari

 You don’t have to issue so many threats. All you have to do is prove me wrong and I will shut down this site. 

For your information, I read the Quran and that is why I left Islam. I found nothing beautiful in that book – only evil and stupidity. And yes, I do say that Islamic teachings are responsible for Islamic terrorism. The terrorists quote the Quran to justify their crimes against humanity. 

Isn’t it funny that you on one hand claim that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and on the other hand issue threats against me and say Jihad is not a bad thing? What is the definition of evil? There is nothing more evil than Islam. You yourself are a terrorist. Other terrorists are just like you. You are all angry because you are brainwashed by your demonic cult and can’t defend it logically so you resort to violence. But you are so brain dead that you can’t see you are a terrorist. Terrorists do not have horns. They sound like you, thinks like you and speak in exact same tone as you do.


Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2006 19:03:01 +0000 (GMT)
From:  “Nusrat Ramzan” <nusrat_theone@yahoo.co.uk>



you are a mentally deranged man BEGGING FOR ATTENTION WHY NOT SEE A PSHCIATRIC DOCTOR and to prove you are not scared of SHOWING THE SO CALLED “TRUTH”. One picture of you should be posted on your website so one day you will be rightly asassinated i hope you live a long life and see years of disease and sickness. ALLAH will give you a legitimate punishment. I request that you revert to ISLAM and beg for ALLAHS mercy . OH, I ALMOST FORGOT I BET YOU ARE CHUFFED ONE MORE MESSAGE TO SATISFY YOUR HUNGER FOR PUBLICITY AND ATTENTION.ps. on the day of judgement dont say nobody gave you the true message of ISLAM meanwhile i will wait until then to meet you


I have received many threats from Muslims but no truth yet. These threats are of two kinds: 1- the threat of assassination and 2- the threat of Allah’s punishment. Threat is not a good substitute of truth. It convinces the narcissist bully though and that is why Muslims are so convinced that their violence is proof of the truth of Islam. How pathetic!

Ali Sina


<pyretic_hotty@yahoo.com> to me2006/08/09
Not so Dear
Mr. Ali Sina
I would like to thank u for ur website FAITHFREEDOM.ORG.Because   beacause of this site many of my muslim and non muslim friends were interested to study the HOLY QURAN. They have sspent many of there days in reading and understanding ISLAM and THE HOLY QURAN as a result the Muslim became a good muslims and one of the NON MUSLIM BECOME MUSLIM..So i thought  that i should thanks u for ur work.By visiting ur site i had also a curiosity to know ISLAM better I also spend many days leaving my study’s and lastly i know Islam better than earliar..I think if some other site like your’s come to existance than every one will try to know Islam better…..I again tahnks for ur work
with lots of hate
your unobiedient
Mohd. Arif


<elaineongsl@hotmail.com> to me



Dear Ali,

I stumbled across your website and was quite appalled at the manner in which you conduct yourself. I do not know you, but you have succeeded only in painting an arrogant, pompous and ignorant portrait of yourself. I read the debate you had with Mr Shahzad, and I’m sorry to say that he came off the better man. As a non-muslim and a Christian, I was very taken aback by the disparaging remarks you made about Islam and its prophet. Though my knowledge of the religion is limited, i recognise that your accusations were baseless and downright disrespectful.

You say this website is not meant to create trouble of any kind, but to “build bridges”. With all your intelligent witicisms etc, I am confused as to why you cannot see that you are merely offending Muslims and turning them away with your brass, distasteful attitude? Perhaps you should reconsider the reasons for writing in the website. Masquerading behind a humanitarian facade in order to belittle others is a very pitiful thing to do, Mr Sina. Poking fun at the Muslims’ comments, especially a 16 year old girl, is really small. And it occurred to me that you are somewhat of a coward, hiding behind the anonymity of the internet and a questionable pen name. And the fact that you attack the Muslims’ comments by making snide remarks after each line further illustrates this point. it is very easy to attack someone when you think you have the last say. Also, you might want to brush up on your grammar a little bit if you insist on trying to make other people look stupid.

I feel ashamed and embarrassed for you, and despite being a Christian, I’m with the Muslims on this one. If you are the spokesperson for all the non-muslims, then we’re in trouble. You are a reflection of what you believe, and i hope to God that you are not a Christian. No self-respecting person would say the things you have said. Your website only serves as a window for the world to see how small you are. You come off sounding ridiculous and preposterous most of the time, it’s almost enough to make a Christian Muslim. You are a disgrace to mankind and humanity. I await your witty reply, though I have my doubts if you’d even post this. yes yes, prove me wrong.


Dear Elaine:  

You are deeply hurt to the extent that you have lost your objectivity and have become full of venom and vitriol. I wonder why. You seem to have taken this very personally. Is there a reason for that?  Okay, since I am gullible I believe that you are actually whom you say you are. Now, how did  Mr. Shahzad win the debate? Can you be specific?  

In that debate I proved that Muhammad was an assassin, a pedophile a rapist a lewd person and a misogynist. Do you think these are divine attributes or do you think I failed to prove these charges?  

If it is the first case, you lady must convert to Islam right away. You love evil and you found it. But if you think I am wrong, all you have to do is prove me wrong and claim your $50,000 dollars reward. I will close this site, as promised.  

All good people must despise Islam just as all good people must despise  Ignorance, Savagery, Lopsided thinking, Arrogance and Misogyny. You can defend Nazism and pretend to be a nice person but who would believe you?  If you defend Nazism you are either a fool or a racist. Islam is no different. You claim to be ignorant. But this is no excuse. Now you know the truth. You must either refute it or accept it. Get over your misplaced loyalty. Stop defending something you yourself say you don’t know. Isn’t this the acme of stupidity? Please face the truth. See Muhammad for who he was and do not defend something you know nothing about.

Did you know that Muhammad tortured to death his prisoners to make them reveal the whereabouts of their treasures and on the same very night slept with their wives? You did not know that did you? Well now you do. This is written in all the books reporting his biography.

I am not the spokesperson for all the non-Muslims, but you are in deep trouble nonetheless. You must either wake up from your slumber or prepare yourself to be ridiculed, humiliated and despised for defending a pedophile assassin. Muhammad was no different from Charles Manson. Please learn the facts before coming to the defense of a criminal.


Ali Sina 

PS. If you choose to respond, please leave your response on the forum. I have no time for private debates. Are you concerned that I am having the last word? The don’t be shy my dear. Go to the forum and have the last word.


From: “Runi Begum” <runi_begum@hotmail.com
Subject: Jokers
Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 02:26:19

Ali Sina, you have too much time to waste.

Ali Sina: I wish that was true.

You’re all so mentally challenged that your theories about Islam appear comedic, which is why knowone reputable is interested in your diahorea, it seems you are so threatened by the truth of Islam that you tug at the tiniest ambiguity, and make a moutain of it, confusing your miniscule brains further, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

So rape, genocide, torture, assassination, pedophilia, raids and looting are tiny ambiguities? I thought they are major crimes. Ah… silly me. What I was thinking?

Firstly, the Quran was revealed 14 centuries ago!!! At the time the laws governing the rules of today’s society had no application, it was the norm to marry young, the marriage between our prophet and Ayesha was consensual and bourne out of mercy for her,

We have no similar case recorded prior to Muhammad. Frankly grownup men are not sexually attracted to little girls, unless they are pedophiles. But since Muhammad committed this crime, Muslims think it is sunna and now they do it everywhere.

Now isn’t it odd that a person who comes to set new divine examples follow the practices of the people whom he calls ignorant? Did he come to teach these ignorant people the right way or did he come to learn their ignorant ways? Who was following whom? You are admitting that Muhammad was following the bad example of the people of his time, and that he was not a leader but a follower. Let us say this is true. Now because he followed the bad practices of the ignorant people of his time, those evil practices have received the seal of divine approval. and all the Muslims do what he did. Isn’t it ironic? The man comes to set good examples but instead he spreads the evil practices of the ignorant people of his time throughout the world and for eternity. And there is not even one person among these 1.2 billion Muslims with a brain functional enough to see the irony of this.

Did you say the marriage between the 6 year old Aisha and the 51 year old Mo was consensual? You seem to forget that the only thing a 6 year old child can consent to is the flavor of her ice-cream. A 6 year old child is not in a position to consent to her marriage. A 6 year old child does not even understand what is marriage.

if you studied their relationship with a clear mind maybe you would have realised it was a relationship based on spirituality and intellect!!!

I had no idea that spiritual relationships are performed in bed.

Nontheless, Ayesha’s age is not clear cut, she was between 9 and 18 years old, why is it that your spoiled mind thinks so immorally?

I am glad that at least you acknowledge that it is immoral to have sex with a 9 year old child. But this immorality does not come from my “spoiled mind”. The age of Aisha at the time of her marriage has been reported by herself in many hadiths. There can be no error in that. See this. She married Muhammad when she was 9 years old and by the time she was 18, Muhammad died and went to hell. Muhammad had sex with that little girl on the same morning that she was brought to his house. The poor girl later reported that she was “surprised” and did not know what was going on.

Moreover, your beloved india has a larger Muslim Population then Pakistan , and the highest rate of child marriages! LOL! ha ha!!!

Now which part of this tragedy needs “LOL” and “ha, ha”? Doesn’t this prove that thanks to Muhammad’s lust for little girls, now millions of little girls are raped? I don’t know what you are laughing about? You do not seem to have humanity do you? Why the abuse of children should be a laughing matter?

Also, your idols in the west have been having relations with children over centuaries, because it took their fancy, but that’s cool i suppose…

Those in the West having sex with children are called pedophiles and if caught they will be severely punished. We do not worship the pedophiles and we do not take them as our prophets. We put them in jail and sometimes lock them for life.

Nothing in life is black and white!

Yes somethings are black and white. Rape is evil, pedophilia is evil. What Muhammad did was evil. To justify the crimes of their prophet, Muslims have become moral relativist morons. How can pedophilia be sometimes good? How much stupidity is enough? Muslims are so sick in the head that it is not possible to laugh at their stupidity.

Tell me why the sky is blue? and why you exist? No religion fits in with your idea of logic,

Your brain does not work does it? So because you don’t know why the sky is blue it was okay for your prophet to sleep with a 9 year old child and commit all sorts of crimes? Is this the level of your intelligence?

Christianity and Judaism are practically mirrors of Islam with only slight variations, which make them even more ‘illogical’, but that’s OK, since the masses and the media are not laying into them, why should you, eh?

There is a world of difference between Christianity and Islam. Christianity maybe illogical but is it not evil. Islam is both illogical and evil. No one becomes a murderer by putting into practice the true teachings of Christ while anyone trying to live by what Muhammad said, becomes a terrorist and a murderer. You call that slight variation? They are worlds apart.

Islam is the most logical of all the faiths that exist,

Logical? Like the belief in Jinns split moon, descending of sun in murky waters and the moon being above the stars? There is no book as stupid as the Quran. What logics are you talking about? What does a brain-dead zombie like you know about logic?

why don’t you open up an encyclopedia once in a while and discover the various other beliefs around today; there’s wonderful ones that worship dogs and monkeys you know, just your kind of thing. LOL!

What is wrong in worshipping dogs and monkeys? If those who worship dogs and monkeys don’t hurt other people their faith is a million times superior to the faith of those who claim to worship one God but kill others for not worshipping him. The god that teaches murder is not god. He is Satan. It is a million times preferable to worship dogs and monkeys than worship Satan.

Before you lay into all the ‘Muslim’ nations, and refer to them as useless, why don’t you assess, exactly when and why they messed up, maybe once the west stepped in and tried to ‘make things better’…or maybe it’s the secondary sources you oh so love to quote from, try doing some first hand research for yourselves sometime.

All the Muslim countries, invariably, and to the degree that they are Islamic, are barbaric, backward and filled with misery. What West has to do with that? If it wasn’t for oil all of them would go hungry. They have not been able to produce anything useful or add a word to the vast human knowledge. They are just parasites of mankind.

Listen to yourselves, “HOW TO SOW THE SEEDS OF DOUBT” , you wish it were that easy…hmm, SO CONFUSED,

No it is not easy. To doubt one must have a working brain. Muslims don’t have that. How can brain-dead zombies who can’t think doubt?

Does Allah love pigs or not?

does Allah love pigs or not? doubting my religion your ***************! the answer lies in the question you fool! LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!lOL!LOL!LOL!LOLLLLLL


LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Give it up, coz you don’t have a clue and you’re not helping anyone, least of all yourself.

You did not answer the question. Does Allah loves pigs or not? That nervous laughter is not the answer. You are too fool to answer so you try to laugh it off. But there are other young Muslims who are born into this cult and have brain. It is for them that I created this site. Many of them wonder upon these questions. Your brain is fossilized. Those whose brain still works ask, so does Allah love pigs or not? That is one of many questions. It’s important because it underlies the stupidity of Islam. If Allah does not love pigs, why he created them? If Muslims think about only this question they will see how stupid is Islam and will leave it.


From: sofina b <sofie3@hotmail.co.uk>

Date: May 19, 2006

Subject: Astagfirulla

ok i will not greet a such imbecile like that. i will just state the fact that this site is not true! a muslim brother nor sister has made this site but a kufar has made this site to influence the ignorant innocent people that are educating.

This site was not made by a Muslim and nor is the authors name is Ali Sina! i will not anticipate with my other MUSLIM brother and sisters to use abusive language because we all know that is not the right way.

Good heavens that she is not abusive. What would she call me if she was one?

i will express my feeling and i do not expect this site to disappear because you non believers want to multiply but the fact is ISLAM IS THE FASTEST GROWING RELIGION and you know that that’s why you are trying to provoke the non Muslim society to convert! i am just a 16 year old educating student and i’m bengali!!! i might not know everything to know about everything because i am just human and i am learning it doesn’t mean YOU JEW can try to conduct our religion or contradict us because i know for a fact that the unintellectual ‘Ali’ as he calls himself is not a Muslim and does not know anything about islam because if he who did know they would have not judged islam! also your site is so pathetic you just try to satisfy yourself ‘Ali’ because you and me know that islam is the best and you are just trying to make conflicts and twist words around. YOU cant handle the truth, the truth will seek you and you are mentally abusing yourself by believing that your right because your the stupid one out of everyone and Allah will sort you out so no point cussing you because your are useless putting all the non muslim on your nice comment list and the muslims in your stupid list? i wonder why? because its true and you know it i wont be surprised if i was on that list as well but listen up you jew soon enough islam will spread so you can hide in your own little world for know but ISLAM will seek the truth!!!!

Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar

peace be upon Muhammad his mission is fulfilled and bless my MUSLIM BROTHERS AND SISTERS FOR TRYING TO CONFIDE THESE IMBECILES AMEEN!!!!


If you think what Muslims write is stupid and what you yourself wrote is stupid, then why you write stupid things? It is amazing that Muslims see their stupid emails are being published, which is the cause of embarrassment but still keep writing them. Why? It’s because stupid people can’t understand.



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