Muslim-majority areas in French suburbs are now NO-GO areas for females where they are banned from mixing with men

[Admin’s comment: Human freedom has been lost due to Islam throughout the past 1400 years of its existence. Even in the modern European and American states, the Muslims have not given up their ghetto mentality and fundamentalism. After 9/11, one would have expected USA and Europe to become strict and cautious in dealing with Islam. Unfortunately, Islam has only strengthened in both places. There is a big problem with Islam in Europe now, with Muslims playing a crucial factor in many Parliamentary seats in UK and other parts of Europe, such as France. In Europe and USA, Muslims are trying hard at converting the local people to Islam and achieving a bit of success as well. Europe is already no longer safe with Muslims having the capacity to murder critics like Theo van Gogh in a city like Amsterdam in Holland in 2004. There are many others who need security. The same fate will be of USA if it brings in Muslim migrants. Muslims are trying hard to implement Shariah laws in Europe and USA, even trying to build a mosque at Ground Zero- the site of 9/11. And the American and European media is as pro-Muslim as ever, even a blow like 9/11 has not made them change their ways, not to talk of other blows like Bali 2002 bombings, Madrid 2004 bombings, London 2005 bombings etc. The biggest danger is not from those who follow Islam correctly but from Leftists, who whitewash Islam and the fanaticism of its followers, stifling human freedom.]

French women who have been effectively banned from cafés and bars in certain ‘no-go’ suburbs in the country are fighting back.

Journalists and activists for TV channel France 2 went undercover in various communities with high Islamic populations in Paris to show how conservative Muslim men are enforcing social segregation in public spaces.

In the secret footage, activists Nadia Remand and Aliza Sayah from women’s rights campaign group La Brigade des Mères (Brigade of Mothers) enter a shop in Sevran: a commune in the northeastern suburbs of Paris.

‘The café terraces and the streets have something in common: women seem to have been erased,’ Journalist Caroline Sinz narrated:

The group was told by a customer in the shop: ‘It’s best to wait outside. There are men in here.’

Another said: ‘In this café, there is no diversity.’

Outraged, one of the activists asked the manager of the store what it would be like if he wanted to go to a café with a female relative who was denied entry.

‘My cousin stays at home,’ he said. ‘My cousin can do what she wants, but not with me.’

‘In this café, there is no mixing. We are in Sevran, not Paris. Here there is a different mentality. It is like back home,’ he added.

In Lyon, a city farther south, France 2 journalist Sinz spoke to a young woman who said she makes sure to be very careful in how she dresses.

She said she will often wear baggy clothes and no makeup to avoid being targeted by the Muslim men in the neighbourhood.

‘I’m afraid, simple as that,’ she said, when asked why she feels she must alter her appearance.

The undercover report was called an ‘intolerable’ example of ‘discrimination against women’ by Axelle Lemaire, the Secretary of State for Digital Affairs and Innovation.

‘There are now areas in our country where women can no longer go,’ Pascale Boistard, the women’s rights minister, added.

Gender inequality in certain parts of Paris was exacerbated following urban riots in 2005, when conservative Muslim men took control of various neighbourhoods, including Sevran.

Now, feminist group Collectif des Femmes often hosts marches to streets that are dominated by Muslim men in an effort to encourage the group to diversify.

But for many women who live in Sevran, Lyon or elsewhere, their daily lives are still routinely censored.

‘They are afraid, they have already spoken out in many cities, and were insulted and assaulted,’ Sinz told Franceinfo.

‘So now to avoid threats, and being put under pressure, they censor themselves and keep quiet.’

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4 Responses

  1. Face_The_Truth says:

    Christians invite Muslims in Christendom in the earnest hope that Muslims would someday convert to Christianism.

    However, once Muslims grow in population size, Muslims start beheading, raping, and arsoning Christians and Christians’ everything.

    “Hindu” kings during medieval ages allowed Muslims from Middle East and elsewhere to migrate and settle in Indian subcontinent.

    However, when opportune time came, migratory Muslim settlers acted to overthrow Indian “Hindu” kings and Indian “Hindu” kingdoms one after another during medieval ages.

  2. Richard says:

    Not ALL Christians.

    Vladimir Putin is a Chrsitian – your description sure doesn’t fit him. The Spanish inquistion – which was the mechanism of the reconquista when Islam was expelled from Spain – was a Christian institution. Christians have been more ruthless in the past – otherwise Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Romania would still be in Muslim hands.

    Now one might say that these people erred in the other direction – but my point is that it is only a certain kind of “Christian” that lies down and lets Islam walk all over – it is not wholly representative.

  3. This article by an unknown author delineates a Christian mindset. The so-called good manners or decent behaviour are so dear to a Christian than fighting against injustices and humiliations. The observance of good manners in excess proliferates unasked for formalities and leads one go masochistic and cruel against one’s own self. Then there is that incessant dissipation of energy which prevents one fight against the brutal and the barbaric. Then there is glory in utter humiliations. What does it show when Pope washing and kissing feet of a Muslim?

  4. Walter Sieruk says:

    First, this is yet further proof of the totally false claim made by the many propagandists for the “Islam teaches respect for women.” This is proven false by the misogynistic Islamic doctrines found in the Qu ‘an and the other authorized written works of Islam. The Islamic dogma’s misogyny inspire awful brutal and vile actions towards French girls and women by Muslim male now living in France.
    Second, This despicable and deplorable male Muslims behavior in the nation of France also reflects the Muslim arrogance and contempt for Not only the country of France but also all Western governments, All Westerns, All non-Muslims, All Western laws and their Islamic hate for all Western civilization ..
    Third. the unthankful ,ungrateful vicious criminal actions by those Muslim who were allowed to enter France . For many of the said the were trying to escape that terror murder machine ISIS. This heinous and vicious Muslim lawlessness towards French people who were so kind yet foolish as to allow then to enter in the country of safety may well be explained by the Fable of Aesop which is entitled THE FARMER AND THE VIPER
    The story is that once there was a farmer walking out in his field one extremely cold winter day and he came across a viper that was frozen near death . The kind but foolish farmer felt sorry for that freezing dying creature so he took it and put in in his vest jacket he was wearing to warm it up to save it life.
    The viper warned up so and revived . After that the viper bit the farmer through his vest jacket and then the farmer dies and slow and painful death . So the farmer dies because he felt pity for the viper and tried to help it. This short fable of Aesop shews and even the greatest act of compassion and kindness will never change an evil nature. So it is with the people of France showing kindness and compassion for the males Muslim refugees who say the they need and country to serve as a safe place to live to escape ISIS.
    Those Muslim refugees have this violent and criminal mindset because of their religion which is Islam

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