Main Purpose of my translating into Tamil the book ‘Understanding Muhammad & Muslims’ By Ali Sina

Main Purpose of my translating into Tamil the book

Understanding Muhammad&Muslims

Authored By Dr. Ali Sina

As ‘முகம்மதுவையும் முஸ்லிம்களையும் அறிவோம் 

By Siraj al Haq



          Dr Ali Sina has written a classic book and named it as “Understanding Muhammad and Muslims” (UMM). This book is the result of his continuous research on the contents of Islamic Trilogy (Quran, Hadiths and Sirat) over a very long period, thus culling out fresh evidences from the authentic sources which were either hitherto not known to many or hidden from non-Muslims so far. He had dedicated his entire life to appraise the world about the Islamic menace through his website , for over a decade and in the process showing the present day Muslims and the non-Muslims together without any distinction as to how to judge Islam and Muslims in proper & purified perspective and vision. He is the fittest person to do so, as he knows both the sides of the same coin, Orthodoxy and Apostasy.

He is also the first and only person in the world so far, to subject Muhammad to psycho-analysis who was dead in 7th century, an extremely difficult task which none will dare to take up after a lapse of 1400 years. This he did with aplomb with factual evidences based only on Islamic Trilogy and from nowhere-else.  Then he compared the contents of Islamic Trilogy with the science of psychiatry and its branches, and in the process quoting from the contemporary world renowned psychiatrists’ researched and much acclaimed results published so far to prove his incontestable points with no loose ends left out even unknowingly.

I salute him whole-heartedly for all his selfless dedication to make the life of people purposeful.

He not only analysed as to how the atrocities in the name of Islam against the innocent human beings of the world had been perpetrated so far and examined the causes as to how and why these inflictions are happening continuously even to this day.

After thoroughly studying the contents of the original English book UMM, I was stunned by the stark facts exhibited from the authentic sources, as well as the sincerity of the author, in marshalling such evidences so cogently. So, it is natural that I really felt the effect as of a Tsunami in my mind.

In the process I also learnt from him how to recreate the historical happenings unwritten so far out of research on a chosen subject for the benefit of mankind, after a great amount of planning and preparedness with alacrity.  

As a Tamilian from Tamil Nadu State, a South-Eastern State of India, I have been praying that someone should write on the disparity of treatment of non-Muslims in India, due to direct Islamic impacts for centuries even though the non-Muslims are in majority and consequently in Tamil State. But regrettably there is no original book in Tamil or a translation of such great English works e.g. like Calcutta Quran Petition & Hindu Temples-what happened to them by Sitaram Goelji, Understanding Islam through Hadith & Muslim Separatism (Ramswarupji), Arab Imperialism & Islam and Human rights by Anwar Sheikh etc., into Tamil, depicting the true facts of Islamic cult to appraise the native Tamilians.

As if God had been listening to my mental rumination for a long time I got this book of ‘Understanding Muhammad and Muslim’ (UMM) and after I finished reading it, I lost no time in requesting Dr. Ali Sina to grant me the permission to translate his classic book in English  into Tamil. He also consented graciously.

Even though these foolhardy Muslims are a minority community in India, they believe in their bloated bravado of terrorism and feel that they can inflict heavy destruction and death on the majority by coercing them to submission effectively like their role-model Muhammad, the (so called) Prophet of Allah once did in 7th century. For example: The likes of Hyderabadi Owaisi Brothers – (Asad & Akbar) by their verbal vomits – They feel they can ‘make the majority – the non-Muslims to submit to Islam in an hour’s time with their type of ‘violence’ and ‘terrorism’, thus exhibiting the childish immaturity of their minds with outlandish claims. The swift hands of non-Muslims will not be plucking flowers for offering to their favourite God during prayer at this point of time. Besides the above, these fanatics want to implement the Shariah Law also in India unmindful of serious consequences first to themselves from Indian Polity. So, it is high time the majority teach a lesson or two to this type of Muslims at least regarding how to behave in a democracy. Islamic cult is based on the methods of destruction whereas for other religions the methods are based on the construction and spiritual uplifting for peace in everybody’s life. 

I was born in Tamil Nadu brought up in a rural atmosphere and graduated as professional in one of the premier institutions of India and went to a Western country and made that land as my permanent home for a very long time and contributing my mite (whatever little I could do) for its well-being as a dutiful citizen of my adopted land, and also still attached to my everlasting love for mother tongue, the Tamil language. I dedicate this book of Tamil translation to the people of Tamil Nadu for their awakening as far as Islamic cult is concerned. After imbibing the contents of this book in Tamil, they can safeguard themselves against Islamic ‘Taqquiah’, as well as they can also know how Muslim mind works. I am very thankful to Dr. Ali Sina for giving me such an opportunity to translate his Magnum Opus into Tamil.

          We read frequently in Tamil magazines and in their Tamil websites, the articles and or small catchy sentences written by Muslim writers that “Islam means peace”. I give the following extracts from the book; ‘Lifting the veil’ (Page 6) authored by the distinguished author I.Q. Al Rassooli in three levels: Linguistic, Historical and Actual.


1. “Linguistically: ‘Islam’ does not mean ‘Peace’ and never meant as ‘peace’. This disingenuous explanation is spread by people who are either utterly ignorant of the Arabic Language, or to purposefully deceive the unwary listener or reader. In Arabic Islam has its root in the verb ASLAMA which actually means only one thing: submission, i.e., submission to the will of one God as Quran as well as the Muhamamdan exegetes asserts this”.

2. “Historically, according to Quran Ahadith, Arab & Islamic records, the spread of Muhammadan Islam in the Jazeera al Arabia – Arabic peninsula – was achieved by shedding of a sea of Arabian blood to start with, followed later on with Arabian conquests through shedding of an ocean of blood of the conquered and subjugated peoples”.

3. “Actually, as we see, listen to and read in all world’s media, almost 93% of all acts of terror and war around the world from Philippines and Indonesia to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq to name just a few in Asia, then to Africa, Europe and the Americas, are all committed (crimes) by Muhammadan Muslims.

          So, by all these three incontestable arguments the “Islam means peace” is nothing but deception through thuggery.   

          As Dr. Ali Sina rightly states in his book ‘UMM’ ‘All Muslims are not terrorists, but all proved terrorist acts perpetrated on the innocent people so far are by Muslims only’.

          There are also 73 sects in Islam itself and there is a never ending war amongst them for the past 1434 years. (Some Muslim sects are sunny, shia, Kharijitis, Mutazilah, Wahabis, Sufis, Hashshashins, Bahaism, Ismailis, Ahmedia etc.) This war and consequent mutual killing will continue till the whole Islamic cult is wiped out from the face of earth and finally one true Islam will emerge fit to go heaven as clearly stated by Abu Dawud Hadith 4579 & 4580.

          ‘In fact more Muslims are killed by other Muslims than by any outsiders to the faith of Muhammadan Islam’ – another Quote from I.Q. Al Rassooli. How then the Muslims still mouth “Islam is a peace”?

          For the past 1434 years in the name of Islam, 28 crores (equivalent to 2800 Millions innocent people) have been killed in this world and in India alone it is 800 million (8 crores) innocent Indians. This does not include the Muslims killed by Muslims in the world as stated in the above paragraph. Yet Muslims still sing (blah-blah) threnodies to call ‘Islam means Peace’ and Muslims are victimised throughout the world including in India!!

          In all Tamil websites, the articles and the catchy sentences about Islam, they never give the references numbers of Quran or Hadiths or Sirat. They can now at least quote the briefest Apha-Numeric Index numbers (as reference) given in ‘Reliance of the Traveller’ (RT). e.g., Taqquiah Holy Islamic deception as: – r8.2.

When I had enquired with many Tamil Nadu Muslims around me (where I live now) about this book – ‘Reliance of the Traveller’ they actually did not know such a book is in existence. This book was actually written as early as 1368 byAhmad Ibn Naqib al-Nisrias Umdat al-Salik wa/Uddat al-nasik (tools for Islamic Worshipper) and later translated in English by Nuh Ha Mim Keller as ‘Reliance of the Traveller. This book is regarded as “Shariah Guide or Manual of Shariah by Islam approved pundits with their written certificates to this effect.

Once the reference Numbers are given, there may be many questions from inquisitive people there: such as Mecca Quran and Medina Quran verses. Probably this is the reason to avoid to all possible further queries / questions, the Tamil Muslim writers do not give any reference numbers in their articles.

Let the Muslim Writers in Tamil Nadu need not be an Ostriches to believe the world has become dark the moment they shut their eyes. Let them reckon that 21st century of today is not 7th century of Muhammad.

The world has woken up and quite aware of Islamic designs like never before. It is very gratifying to note that at least a few Tamilians are aware that all important books are now available on Islamic trilogy throughout the (Network) websites and also know the real causes for terrorism after having completely assimilated such books. For a discerning reader of these Islamic cult Books, and watching their actions today everywhere, now they know why and how all these things do happen. Islamic Trilogy is clearly vibrating with verses like ’Kill all those who are not Muslims, ambush them when they are not ready, rape any non-Muslim women of any age (even a child), enslave Kaffirs, and reject Democracy in Toto, put an end to any kind of dissension of Islamic thoughts or by deeds by torture and killings etc.,’ 

‘The spoon gets what is in there the vessel’.

The Tamil websites and Magazines are still compelled to release the articles of Muslim writers as per the hand-outs handed over to the Editors without any questions being asked about the correctness of contents. The Editors and owners of these Magazines and websites are aware what these Islamists are capable of.

Only a few years ago a large circulating Tamil Daily office was raided by the goatee-bearded Muslims and did havoc to the men and machines there because that ‘Daily’ had reported an unlawful incident with evidences to prove as to what had been reported was absolutely true. The Islamists had badly beaten-up the news editor-in-charge for the reported incident and got an apology letter from him too. In the process these goatees had heavily damaged all computers and furniture in the whole office. They then proudly released that apology letter in their Islamic propaganda magazine as a triumph over the non-Muslim daily with huge (Islamic Drum) celebrations because all such dailies / magazines will have to print whatever Islamists wanted them to release hereafter about Islam. Or else………!


Why is all due to?

1. Is it because the Indian Democratic Government is so foolishly spending a quite a lot of money every year from the common treasury out of the accumulated tax collections of 80.5% Kaffir-citizens, to dole out to Muslims to go on ‘Hajj’ pilgrimage, (robbing Peter and doling to Paul); at the same time taxing these majority non-Muslims for visiting their holy shrines within INDIA itself. Is it not a height of sadism coupled with treachery? Is there any other Muslim country which doles out to their Muslims citizens to go for “Hajj” pilgrimage?  If so I need to be enlightened.    

2. Once upon a time there were National Newspapers dedicated to the cause of Indian Nationalism, and democratic traditions and values of the world. All these major newspapers are now owned by non-Indians such as Saudi Muslims, Swiss Australian Christians etc., or by those with leftists’ leanings and for showing-off their one-up-ness in Indian politics. This is the same case with Television Companies control. The foreigners know that how to control the Indian mass by controlling the press and information media. In the process the gullible Indian public is the real victim by the reprehensible and insatiable avariciousness of newer generations of old patriotic media owners of India, when with dollar bundles were thrown on them.

3. Is there any direct / indirect support given to Muslims through the President of the ruling Congress party in India who is an Italian by birth (Edvige Antonia Albina Maino Sonia Gandhi) and married to Nehru dynasty (Roberto / Rajiv Gandhi) sibling presently heading the ruling party in India?  Now Congress President’s son who was the General-Secretary of the party so far and now elevated as the Vice-President of Congress Party (Raul Vinci as Italian name and Rahul Gandhi in India)! Congress Party is ruling India for almost 60 years from 1947 that is after Independence from British?

          Now, the common Indian’s position is like once fried in a frying pan of Islamists & British and had fallen now into the burning fire of Nehruvian / congress majority rule closely related to Muslims for generations.

Unlike yesteryears, now it is the trend to depict or glorify violence or using language of vengeance and murder in stories of films made to satisfy the base-animal-instinct to the present young generation only for making money by any means by the film makers. The film makers now learnt from Islam that violence, vengeance and murder also pay rich dividends as power and pelf. Due to these trends, the guilty-conscious terrorist Muslims now begin to feel somehow that they are being portrayed / targeted directly or in veiled manner regarding their terrorist activities. Thus the Islam friendly non-Muslim film producers whether they like or not will have to compromise at least to exist or co-exist with violent Muslims of the day or to stay alive in one piece!!

 Recently in case of a film producer, actor, dancer, great kisser in films, Black shirted Party enthusiast of a political party etc., (all rolled in one) was made to toe the line of Islamists in Tamil Nadu. There was no way but to submit for a compromise with Islamists!!

Take it from me now and engrave these words in granites. In the coming days the same Islamic friendly non-Muslim strange bedmates in films will be the first victims of ‘Halal’ treatment (torture by cutting the throat in slow motion and not in just one ‘Haram’ stroke) in their worst circumstances, i.e. if they are to be treated as Islamic Kaffirs. Then it will be too late as spilt-milk. It is proved 100 % from the History. History will be repeated in their cases too. To give a recent example, Muslims have done it in Iran for their own leftist helpmates / friends when they were very close to each other even just before the Islamists came to power. First thing the Islamists do is to ease out all those ‘use and throw” one-time helpmates who are now branded as leftist Kaffirs/non -believers of Islam, when actually occupied the seat of power. This must be done or else they cannot be true Muslims.

Why these things do happen? Who will benefit from all these horrors? Who will benefit from keeping the world in economic crisis? My instant answer will be ‘ISLAM’. I had thought about this problem for a very long time. Hence this instant answer.



As per the usage – ‘Old wine in new bottle’ ‘Islamic Banking concept’ is spreading its tentacles through modern phraseology by interpreting them to fit into Quranic Ayats of 1400 year old Islam. We know how ingenuous these Muslims are, when it comes to interpreting modern science and beyond to the origins of Universe and the verses in Islamic Trilogy. According to Islam the world is like carpet – i.e., flat.   

It is stated that there is no ‘interest collected’ in Islamic Banking for loan, but money is collected in the name of Money leasing cost. Whatever be the name, money is money, thus collected in the place of Interest in some other name!

‘The money which is being collected by selling a DOG is not going to bark’ so said as Tamil colloquial usage.

So, Islamic banks have to hold them necessarily as income. What is there in a name? “Interest is an Interest is an Interest” like ‘Rose is a Rose is a Rose’. Islamic books say that Muslims will not engage in the trade of Alcohol, tobacco, Gambling, Pork meat etc., and consequently Islamic banking will not advance money to these trades in Islamic countries, but actually if the Muslims residing in Democratic countries like India (Dar-ul-harb) and engage themselves in these trade they shall be allowed to collect/pay interest as clearly stated in ‘Reliance of Traveller’, with Alpha numeric Index Numbers, (w43.1). If at all the Kaffirs also want to benefit from Islamic banking they should first convert to Islam. It is a precondition. On any account Kaffirs cannot benefit from Islamic Banking (h8.24).

          Next, ‘Zakat’ Islamic Charity one the five pillars of Islamic structure. (Other four pillars of Islam are ‘Kalima, Salat, Ramzan fasting and Hajj’). The money so collected in the name of ‘Zakat’ is spent mainly for financing Jihad, and other activities like constructing new mosques; suicidal bombing related expenses, murders through Al-Qaeda (h8.17). The Mosques are also aids to Jihad, because Muslims declare Jihad only from Mosques after Friday Mehrib prayer. These are all a part of Shariah. Now the new mosques are coming up in rapid succession throughout the world starting from New York (Sept-11, 2001 notoriety – New York Mayor Bloomberg and Faisal Abdul Rauf, the Imam behind ‘Cordoba Initiative’ fame in ‘Ground Zero’) and the latest in Ireland, the biggest Mosque ever built in the whole world.

          Some of the other horrors of Islamic banking are: 1. Partnership sharing with the business; 2. confiscation of partnership properties by Islamic banks for trivial / flippant reasons if Islamic banks choose to be so.

          Islamic Banking is being operated as Economic Branch of Jihad-by terrorism. When the whole Banking concept is being analysed thro’ Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) in Indian Democratic set-up it or in any Democratic set-up for that matter, will create more problems than benefits when we talk of business. In other words costs / (opportunity cost) losses will be more than (opportunity profits) benefits. Only fools will resort to such business through Islamic Banking in India.

 It is like allowing / keeping inside your dresses a lizard / chameleon.  These creatures by their very nature go jumping / loitering in the fences or branches of trees and devour lesser insects if they are left to themselves. If you catch one of them and allow it by inserting / keeping inside in your inside clothes, you know what will be its effect on you.

Why going for all these heartburns? Traditional Banking has made the world what it is today which also made the Saudis also to talk from the position of strength as on date (John Foster Dulles language) with so much of petro-dollars on hand due to their extraordinary greed in the name of Islam. Let these Saudis remember that their petro-dollars were not due to their Islamic Banking alone. Islamic Banking is ‘one way traffic’, like its parent Islam. It can’t but be otherwise. Isn’t it?

Why go wantonly bite a sour / bitter mango in the form of Islamic banking when a best ripe and sweet tasty with appetising aroma filled ‘Alphanso’ mango is readily available in the cool refrigerator in the form of ‘live and let live’ traditional Banking.

At least all those who may have a soft corner for Islamic Banking, just see with your own eyes what happened in Europe. It is apprehended that ‘Euro’ exchange in the nearest future is to be called as Eurobian exchange because they allowed such Islamic Banking (fence loitering lizards or chameleons) in their business systems (dresses).

Let Islamist do their own banking in their own Islamic Lands and not in Democracies. Democracy does not need Islamists in any hues, let alone in Banking.

          Islam always craves for “Caliph-governed Dictatorship”. The word ‘Democracy’ is allergic to Islamic psyche. This the reason why they incite violence, raid, plunder, torture, assassinate, and engage in genocides; rape to quench their lust and visualise any part of any women’s body are meant to be used for only for sex and fit to be enveloped in a black tent uniform covering the entire body (Hijab, Nijab etc.,); and irritate to the maximum the democratic world to test their patience and if are paid-back in their own  coin out of reaction or necessity, there are always a hue and cry by the Muslims as being victimised for the past 1434 years again and again. But intermittent fights may one day becomes unbearable and culminate into a World War Three (WW III) if allowed to intensify. That is what Islamists want.

Islam will be a dead zombie without a raid/fight/war and misogyny. These two types of violence feed them for their very existence. If they succeed in bringing in, a World War III, we do know what may happen. (I am prone to use George Scott’s dialogue on Nazis in the film role as General Paton, but not using them here now).

Under the leadership of Americans so far up to the last WW II, Democratic values have always won. But under the present circumstances and the experience gathered so far regarding American leadership under President of US Barrak Hussain Obama, I don’t know……? What a flourishing height of American Democracy had been so far from the founding fathers times but ……! What will happen to “Life Liberty and pursuit of happiness” if US under the present leadership, going to lead non-Muslim world! I can only say that I shudder to think…….

The time before Muhammad desecrated the Ka’ba temple; there were 360 daily worshipped shrines in a circle as depiction of miniature of Universe in 3600 (Geography). When Ka’ba fell to Muhammad, people were really perturbed

Here I am borrowing words from Shakespeare in ‘Julius Caesar’ thro’ the words of Mark Antony on Caesar’s funeral,


“What a fall was there my countrymen,

Then I and you and all of us fell down

whilst bloody treason flourished over us,

O! now you weep, and I perceive

you feel the dint of pity.”


There are two sets of Quranic verses:


1. Mecca Ayats;

Mecca verses were from beginning of Muhammad’s days as Islamic preacher, thanks to Khadhijah, his narcissist wife who said that he became a ‘Prophet’ of Allah. This in fact was done just to pacify Muhammad for the time being at his critical initial frights when he came home running from fungus infested Hira cave wrongly interpreting as if being troubled by evil ghosts and demons. After Khadhijah stated so, he started behaving as a Prophet because it suited him well at that time.


2. Medina Ayats.

In those days of Mecca, there used to be a trade-cum-exhibition festival at ‘Okaz’ festival, where even the Christian /Jewish preachers used to preach them from a podium and enrapture the audience with the stories and parables from their Holy books.  Muhammad was very much impressed with the respect these holy preachers used to get from the people and he wanted such respects shown to him as an Islamic preacher. Though Muhammad knew that as a preacher he had no capacity to impress people with his preaching as he was totally illiterate (Quran: 7:157 & 7:158). Without understanding the relevance or real meaning of contents of those holy books, he as a copy-cat uttered in his own ingenious style the teaching from Biblical and Jewish books. This made the Meccan people to laugh at him for his incapacity to impress the people with his preaching and completely discarded him as a religious preacher as he had nothing to say new on spiritual concepts to attract them to Islam or elevate them to highest of spirituality. But he had never failed to pronounce his parrot-like words of ‘he was the Prophet of Allah’. The above is so stated in Sirat of Ibn Ishaq – in page 195.

          It is said by the learned scholars / elders that wherever there is all-round education, there cannot be fights in between them / the people of different religions who practise them diligently.

Now coming back to Islamic reality, it is clearly echoed by a Pakistani-Economics writer Dr. Farrukh Saleem in 2005 and had clearly proved that ‘Islam has been a curse to everyone and Muslims are its primary victim. His complete data to prove these points are given in Chapter 8, of ‘UMM’ under the title of “Islam and Muslims’ Backwardness”.

In Muhammad’s Mecca days, he could not make people to think in terms of spirituality like Buddhists, Christians, Hindus and Jews did by their honest spiritual preaching, but Muhammad repeated as a parrot as ‘he is the Prophet of Allah’. All he could thus get 130 to 150 disciples in 13 years of assumption of office of ‘Prophet of Allah’ appointed by himself! But all Muhammad’s early disciples were anti-social elements and blood thirsty ex-slaves and misguided violent youths against their own parents.

To eulogise these Meccan verses i.e., copy-cat Islamic preaching, the present day so-called secularists, sickular media, apologists and useful idiots and all Muslim writers of today diligently pick up these copy-cat verses of Mecca ONLY by frequently echoing eloquently without ever picking up Medina verses which he actually practised till Muhammad died.   

Since there was no future for Islam in Mecca he sent the people to Jewish “Yathrib” for livelihood. The year he landed in Yathrib is also reckoned as Hijra by Muslims. But Muhammad frequently cried hoarse through Quran it was Meccans had driven him and his disciples from Mecca. It is thus Muhammad who had taught the Muslims to blame the others for all their foibles and this practice is being followed to this day diligently by later day Muslims.

Now he had his folk of anti-social elements as disciples and they were to be employed or else these few disciples would go back to Mecca for their livelihood leaving Muhammad in lurch, he feared. By his hook and crook ideas, and employing ‘Divide and rule’ policy he was able to cheat the Jews and usurp ‘Yathrib’ belonging to Jews. Jews in those days were timid because they had no experience as raid and ambush / war because everybody was living peacefully there before Mohammad landed. But they were good at smithy works and manufacturing utilities. Initially Jews, by their very nature gave the immigrants food, shelter and livelihood as employees. Muhammad was also aided by Ansaris in those days in the initial stage of aggression. Muhammad was so disparaged and ungrateful to Jews only because they refused oblige Muhammad by embracing Islam in spite of devising suitable Quran verses initially for the purpose. Muhammad and Muslims repaid this by biting the very hands which fed them. Then as a mark of audacity, he rechristened ‘Yathrib’ as Midunat-ul-Nabi later came to be called ‘Medina’.  But not now…………….


Now one “Entebbe” airport incident (very old 1977) can show to the world what Jewish precision efficiency is to the Muslim world.

 (    )


Muhammad advocated – ambush, kill, maim people, marry any girl at the age of nine, and reserve a girl-child in the crawling stage for ultimate marriage (which in fact Muhammad actually did) ; kill even the parents who oppose Islam, keep the women in the back cloak as Hijab / Nijab forever, never allow adoption of any children by the child-less, and rape any women as booties during raid”-(Sahih al-Bukhari – Vol. 5, Book 59, No. 459;Bukhari: Vol. 7, Book 62, No.137). There are allusions as evidences for all these above despicable crimes.

It was only in Yathrib / Medina he realised that violence was going to pay more than he expected and so it became very indispensible for the spread of Islam and the later Muslims followed his methods as they were used to in all other matters. The caliphites followed this method to wreak vengeance on non-Muslims and the Mullahs found out this method had to be made as Islamic ‘Tradition’ for future of Islam as legacy. So they created innumerable ‘Hadiths’ after 200 years of Muhammad’s death, that is after two / three generations after Muhammad’s death — though heresy and supposed to be from people who had heard him say so when Muhammad was alive. Even for a same incident there are different versions in the various Hadiths or in the same Hadith. With this dubious background material as Traditions and practices of Muhammad as Hadiths, these are also a part of Shariah now. Does it not show the lowest level of civility of thinking by Muslims throughout?

Hadiths and Sirat together are called “Sunna’. So, Quran and Sunna form (Islamic Trilogy) i.e. the whole “shariah”. In the whole shariah (100%) with this dubious background material of Hadiths form [email protected], Quran as 14% and Sirat of Ibn Ishaq as 26%.  (Thanks to Bill Warner’s Statistical Research website for the Islamic calculations of % as given above)

I give below two reactions in the formation of Quran verses (thanks to Bill Warner in “Shariah for Non-Muslims” for the two points given here).  


1.   It is not done according to Historical happenings i.e. Mecca verses first and then Medina verses. Anyone can see for themselves there are a lot of cut and paste of Quran verses. First a few Mecca verses and then Medina verses, thus creating wanton confusion throughout for Quran readers.


2.  The beginning chapters of Quran are extraordinarily very long with lots of verses (ayats) and the later chapters are so short and slim.

Even the last few chapters out of 114 chapters there are insignificant one-liners betraying themselves as to their very necessity and existence. (Name-sake Chapters)

          Whatever has been quoted as evidences in this Tamil translation of UMM are downloaded from Orthodox Tamil Islamic websites only and nowhere else! I

          I found many anomalies in Tamil Quran too.

Everyone expects that Tamil translation of Quran might have been from of Arabic Quran as English Quran is. But sadly there are so many commissions and omissions in very many places. I found that in the Tamil translation of Quran, a lot of portions in many verses are conveniently omitted / or not translated at all in many troublesome spots (for Tamil Muslims).

This I was able to find out by comparing English and Tamil version of Quran at the same time.

If English Quran which is based on Arabic Quran, how and why should in Tamil Quran discard some portions of verses or completely swallow Allah’s words so blatantly? Then I remembered ‘Taqquiah’. So it cannot but be otherwise. But I have made it a point to show such anomalies of Tamil Quran translations as and when required for the purpose of this translated book.  

          Even then, it is warned and many were and are sentenced to death for contravening or changing traditional, so sacrosanct rendition as given original Quran. It is taken as serious violation of faith of Islam and so it is called as ‘Blasphemy’ punishable only by death as per Shariah rulings. But Mullahs when translating Arabic Quran into Tamil Quran and they either left such inconvenient verses or completely swallow words or not translating at all, (it seems these commissions and omissions) become Islam approved Holy Deception – “Taqquiah’. Inshallah! Subhanallah!!

Muhammad was also a human, like you and me when he later realised that he had made a mistake in the previous Quran verses and re-rendering fresh Quran verses contrary to what had been already stated it was rechristened as ‘expiation’. There are not just a few expiations (contradictions). You know what I mean to covey!  If Allah is the real author of Quran, can HE as all knowing God, Omnipotent, Omniscient, and omnipresent would he be so contradictory in His utterances and justify them later on? Quran 53: 19-20 (an-Najm) and 53: 21-24. Contradictions never end here. Quran blames for such contradiction to Shaitan who had unnecessarily made Allah to say such wrong Quran to be conveyed thro Gabriel to Allah, thus justifying the new latest edition of Quran verses!  Quran: 22 – 52-53.  I am prone to ask this question here. Is Allah the creator of all does He not know what Shaitan is capable of and seal his mouth permanently not to blabber such nonsense in Quran? Here the next question is: who is the real author of Quran? Is it Allah or Muhammad?

In Islam there is no equality in the treatment of human beings. 1.  There are 73 sects in Islam and they fight with other every moment and the result is bloodshed. 2.  There is no equality between Muslim Male and Muslim female (Muslima). 3. Even between other humans, there are Muslims and non-Muslims, i.e. Kaffir. (Whole world knows about this). 4. A Muslim, so long he is remaining a Muslim is considered as a Brother, but the moment he becomes an apostate (leaves Islam), he automatically becomes an enemy fit to be killed by ‘Halal’ torture.

          Whatever Muhammad wanted to do in the name of Islam, like Jihad, he launched unprovoked attacks and raid on people (innocent village folks) without any arms whatsoever and called them (as if) a big wars. Muhammad had never spent even a paisa (very minuscule part of a cent of US) from his pocket to get rich himself and asked his Disciples to spend freely from their own resources for ‘Jihad’. (Quran: 2:195; 3.383; 8.60; 57:07and 10 & 11; 60: 10& 11); assuring / promising them that Allah would return manifold with many unthinkable awards, in terms of earthly comforts and unthinkable excellent heavenly awards. Muhammad had comforted the Muslims that if they spend from their own pockets for the sake of Allah, Allah becomes the debtor for such Muslims and HE will repay manifold!! Those who never listened to this advice will be thrown into hell and inflicted with endless pain by Allah. This is discussed in detail in the book UMM. Whatever commenced from the illiterate narcissist dictator Muhammad it is being continued to this day for the past 1434 years without the use of brain by Muslims. Thus he conducted a business of Islamic cult politics without investment and whatever that comes on the way was his solid profit.

The same method is being followed by all leftists and dictators of the world but these two anarchists just vanished into thin air today. Islam is the in the line next to vanish from the world. Islam was commenced before over 1400 years ago and was grown not by religious preaching but by politics, nothing but politics only.    Here are such Quran samples: 57:10 & 7:158;

Since the whole world belongs to Allah and as Islamic inheritors, Muslims alone should inherit this earth and it is the duty of all Muslims to get rid of those who have occupied the Allah’s / Islamic land unauthorised so far (Dar-ul-harb) and free them from their clutches by war. The lands when freed and made as Allah’s land belonging to Muslims either by converting the Kaffirs to Islam or kill them mercilessly thus making the whole world as Islamic world (Dar-ul-Islam). Do you still call these Islamic orders to covert or kill the non-Muslims as Islamic religious preaching or political ordinance?

          Non-Muslims will not have anything to do with Muslims for what they do to themselves (Muslims) so long it does not hurt non-Muslims. ‘I don’t care about the fox whether it goes to my left or right, as long as it does not pounce on me’. This is what everybody in the world feels today about Islam.  Another thing, the day Islam stops violence, it will evaporate into thin air. And Islamic violence is motivated by Islamic Trilogy (Quran, Hadiths and Sirat). Having all these in mind Dr. Ali Sina has predicted as way back as 2001, Islam will be non-existent like Communism, Nazism, and Fascism by 2030.

          The Eastern religions when compared to Islam, they can be proud of their religions. Here I do not want to discuss about Christian crusades, inquisitions and their present methods to spread Christianity in India. It is said by T.S. Eliot, one of the greatest modern American writers so statesIndian philosophers’ subtleties make most of the great European philosophers look like schoolboys”.

Today I am very happy that I translated Dr. Ali Sina’s magnum opus, Understanding Muhammad&Muslims into Tamil as முகம்மதுவையும் முஸ்லிம்களையும் அறிவோம்’.



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