Let’s rape’em brother; Hala’ lulu!

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  1. Actually I am Atheist not Satanist.

    Meanwhile, Islam legitimizes pedophilia and beautiful ever ready to do services for you boys are mentioned in Quran right after the verse which mentions ever virgin nymphs. But you should ask the establishment why they have set a whole religion of Islam to be considered legal and free while there are tons of anti Humane verses in there.

    In fact, the problem is current worldly establishments, politically and religiously, anywhere around the globe. Islam is as sick as Christianity and as sick as Judaism and Satanism. Religion is a sickness, some have been moderated and cured through centuries struggling, revolutions and wars to lead to Secularism and one is much more aggressive that never could have been cured, Islam.

    Mohammad was a pedophile of course, but Moses was a murderer, David was son of a bitch and his father Solomon was a rapist. Jesus also you know!

    Global problem: religions.
    Solution: Atheism, Science and justice on the basis of pure Humanity by removing religions and go:D$.

  2. Lizzie says:

    There are child molesters all over everywhere. They are not a Christian monopoly. Actually I’m so sorry to point this out but atheists are frequently rapists and pedophiles, and a gay man is 17 times more likely to be a pedophile than a heterosexual -the usual prey being young boys.
    The established Churches esp. Catholics are guilty of allowing children to be abused and then covering it up. This is evil and destroys faith of the decent Christians who belong to the denomination.
    The most prevalent of pedophiles lies with Islamics and it is even endorsed in their Koran with marriage of 6 years old girls and ‘boys like pearls’ etc.
    Although the behaviour of some Christian Churchmen in relation to children has been vile, this does not tar the whole religion. To describe the Christian church as satanic is laughable because this article is obviously written by a Satanist.
    The Pope who appears to be an utter fool needs to root out the pedophile priests he governs and return the church to Christ like behaviour. Celibacy is not helping.

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