Islam – The Fastest Growing Religion…?

by A Spade’s a spade

Almost everyone who will read this already knows the long list of outrages perpetrated upon half the world—the female half—by the Religion of Peace. I’m not here to expound upon those grievances, but if you are unsure or need a refresher, there are many good, cited articles—I encourage you to do your own research so that you are able to discern for yourself the misogyny of Islam.

When discussing women’s issues with Muslims, the argument of “It’s the fastest growing religion, especially among white women” always seems to rear it’s ugly little head. So I thought I’d do some research.
After googling it, reading string upon string of articles and commentary, watching YouTube videos, etc., until I felt my brain was leaking out of my ears, I found that an extraordinary number of white women in Europe—the actual number is unclear but some articles say around 100,000—do convert every year, far more than their male counterparts. (American women, while they do convert, apparently do not have nearly the same numbers here.)

So my question was why? Why in God’s name would a woman in Europe or America in her right mind convert to Islam? Here’s what I discovered after exhaustive research (please keep in mind that my research was completely online, from countless news sources, Islamic sites, and so on, and I could find no actual statistics since there aren’t any):

  1. Women do it out of love. Yep, they fall for a Muslim guy hook, line and sinker, and knowing little if anything at all about the religion, they sign on so that they can marry Mr Right. These guys act so Western: drinking booze, eating pork, dancing… But marriage changes everything. That’s when these women find out about Islam! The stories are multitudinous, with most of the marriages resulting in emotionally horrific (for the women) divorces. Very, very few end up being life-long, happy relationships. The lucky ones get out with no children being born.

  2. Women do it out of a lack of self-esteem. There are many indications that lead one to the conclusion that many younger women who convert to Islam without actually being in love with a Muslim have personal issues. They are overweight or are physically unattractive. They aren’t pretty (at least in their minds). They have been dumped or abused by boyfriends/spouses/parents. They have mental disorders to some degree. And so on. For whatever reason, they find Islam and it looks appealing: their unattractiveness becomes a non-issue because they embrace the hijab or even the niqab—they feel like it puts them on a “level” playing field, since no one can see them. As they fall deeper into the trap of Islam, and because their parents aren’t Muslim, the imam of their mosque takes on the role of “Mahram” and encourages them to marry a Muslim. A marriage is invariably arranged. Typically, it’s with a man looking for legal papers in their country. This marriage is when the woman’s eyes are invariably opened—they are often physically and emotionally abused by their good Muslim husband, and then they find out that hey! This is acceptable in Islam! They find they have no support group, and they are more isolated than ever. These marriages tend to be harder for the woman to exit due to the sensitivity of their pre-existing emotional condition(s). Again, the lucky ones get out with no children being born.

  3. Women do it because they dislike some aspect(s) of Western culture. Tony Blair’s sister caused a sensation when she converted—smart, attractive, educated. Women like her in Europe or America who convert tend to be a little more mature, and do not have the same limitations put on them as their sisters in Islamic nations. They are free to talk, free to work, free to embrace hijab or niqab if they want, free to further their education—in fact, nothing much changes for them, except how much they choose to involve themselves in the requirements and restrictions of Islam. It’s these women that the imams and clerics and apologists like to march out in front of the public as spokeswomen for Islam. And these women, with their expensive designer scarves and silken clothing, wearing expensive makeup with just the right amount of moderation, tout the feminist side of Islam and how it has freed them from “the depravity of the West”. These seemingly educated women seem to have forgotten that they have the secular laws of the West protecting them against the harsh Sharia laws that govern their sisters in countries ruled by Muslim authority. And it seems most of them are not married to Muslims, either, when they convert.

Ironically, I found also that women in category three above tend to involve themselves in Western Islamic women’s organizations that are actually working to change Islam into a progressive religion that is tolerant and better suited to Western sensibilities. So while they’ve converted to Islam, they practice an ‘Islam’ that does not match the Islam that Mohammed intended, and in fact are considered “hypocrites” by Islamic tradition.

 Now that we know a little bit more about the women who convert to Islam, the next question about the fastest growing religion is how many of the converts fall into apostasy? This is another question that really does not have any statistics behind it, and I couldn’t find anything that referred at all to gender in apostasy. But with everything I read, it doesn’t look good for Islam: several estimates I found say that up to 95% of converts leave Islam, with an astounding majority leaving within the first year! This is an alarming “statistic”, but one that I found to be reiterated by many reformed Islamic converts. What were the reasons? It’s not hard to guess: they actually learned about Islam. Whether men or women, they discovered the truth behind the veil of “peace”. They found themselves alienated within the Islamic community because of their Western heritage and culture. They were classified as the “losers” (even though they had converted). Like the Muslims who leave Islam, they found that their questions were left unanswered and they were even rebuked for asking them. Raised as Westerners, usually with a Christian background of some sort, they realized that Islam did not promote peace, equality, forgiveness, love, tolerance or any other quality that they were raised with.

(As an aside, I find it interesting that in all my personal reading and research on this, one does not find many—if any!—willing Islamic converts in Muslim countries, men or women. Which begs the question of why? One can only surmise that they are already familiar with the “real” Islam, and thus would prefer to keep the religion of their birth.)

So, the next time you hear about “the fastest growing religion, especially among white Western women,” the truth is that while there are many converts, my research concludes that most women convert out of ignorance, misinformation, desperation, or misrepresentation, and that an astounding majority eventually (and sooner rather than later!) reject Islam.


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