“Islam” means Peace


Want to hear a perfect and popular example of Islamic taqiyya? Well, what about, ‘Islam means [is] peace’? Or, as above, ‘Muslims for Peace’?

In a sense, Islam does mean ‘peace’. Or, rather, Islam does not literally mean peace, but Muslims fight for peace.

Everybody is well aware that people use terms, especially abstract terms, in very different ways. So when a non-Muslim hears a Muslim say that ‘Islam is [means] peace’, he will have a pretty determinate idea of what this means. After all, the non-Muslim surely knows what ‘peace’ means. Maybe he does. However, he probably will not know what Muslims mean by ‘peace’. In fact, he probably won’t.

The ‘Islam is peace’ soundbite tells us what Muslims are attempting to bring about. Alternatively, it is a statement about future peace, as it were.

Let me explain the taqiyya

Muslims do want peace. However, the peace they want will only come about when the entire world ‘submits to Allah’. That peace will only come about when Islam reigns supreme on earth. So there are only pockets of peace at present. They will be the areas or states in which Islam reigns supreme. That very Islamic nature of these areas or states secures peace, at least according to Muslims.

So, bizarrely, Muslims show us that they believe in peace, or that Islam is peace, by their often violent actions against all that’s not conducive to (Islamic) peace. Peace is brought about in proportion to how many infidel states or peoples are destroyed by Islam. Peace can only come about, according to Muslims, when Islam reigns supreme. Until then, peace will only occur in the future. It will only occur when every last kuffar power or influence is destroyed.

Peace, for Muslims, is our subjugation or even our death. When every last infidel, kuffar, non-believer is destroyed, then Muslims will have the peace they want.

In the end, then, ‘Islam is peace’, or ‘Muslims want peace’, means that the infidel must either die or convert to Islam. When every infidel is dead or converted, that will bring about the peace which Islam ‘means’.

So Islam does mean peace. And, yes, ‘Muslims believe in peace’. But it is not our peace. It is our death, subjection or conversion to Islam. For the kuffar, it is, as Tacitus put it, ‘the peace of the grave’.

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