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Islam – A Big Fat Lie

One Response to Islam – A Big Fat Lie

  1. Grendell_Fuzz says:

    My paternal uncle is a USA citizen from India; a Hindu.

    If he hear about the pro-Israel ads, surely he would vocally support them but get labeled as an Islamophobe.

    Islamophobe, yes right?

    I would love to see the CAIR members visiting India one of these days and witness for themselves how much “love” the Hindus hold for ISLAMOFASCISTS.

    And, I would love to see the CAIR in India being stupid enough to accuse the Hindus of being Islamophobes and hate-mongers directly at their faces.

    In fact, I would love to see American-Hindu associations placing PRO-Hindu Kashmir ads everywhere in America telling: “Support Kashmir, Defeat Jihad”.

    I would love to see the reactions of American-Pakistanis, especially those living in Dearborn, Michigan.

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