Iowa State Students Required to Write about 9/11 Attacks from al-Qaeda Perspective

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2 Responses

  1. Excellent, David, excellent. You were able to take an incredibly complex situation and display the simple-mindedness of those probably actually believe the kind of things you wrote. Kudos to you. And God bless you and your work.

  2. Walter Sieruk says:

    This absurdity of an assignment is the sick outcome of the PC concept of Cultural Relativity and Multiculturalism . If such an insidious and warped PC philosophy was common during World War II America would had useless and opposing and fighting the forces and powers of Nazism.
    One of the many Politically Correct idea’s which is tragically alive and well America is the philosophy of multiculturalism which many Westerners are infected by the worthless , sick and unrealistic philosophy also part of the PC madness that is called “Cultural Relativity.”
    Which is the concept that all culture are equal because this C.R concept teaches the foolishness that all values derive their meaning within the specific social content. This folly of thinking leads, or misleads, many people to view every position as only “opinion” and that truth is only relevant to the person or society holding that view. In other words, discovering actual truth in impossible.
    Such C.R is absurd, nonsensical and contradictory. For example, to say “finding the truth is impossible “Is a statement of contradiction. For in making that statement that is saying, in essence, “I have found the truth which is finding the truth is not possible.” It should be obvious that this “Cultural War’ needs to and should have a solidly based in and on truth and not by a worthless “war of opinions” With the Left Wing ,with PC mindset of CR everything those of the Right says is just “opinion.” on a subject. Of course, that’s not so with the left in which everything they claim is be true is “true.” What a flip –flop!
    Two other examples of the falseness of C.R. with its teaching that everything is only “opinion.” First is in the elate 1970’s two guys said “There are so many different religions that no one can ever know the truth about religion.” They were really saying that statement so dogmatically that they were self-contradicting. For they were saying that they know the truth about religion that is not one can know the truth about religion. Second, a shallow man in the 1980’s said when asked the question “Why do you always small talk ? You don’t ever talk about a topic that might have some value, as politics? After all , all thing are related “ That shallow C.R man replied “There are so many different political ideas that finding the true one is unattainable and all thing are not related.” The wisdom-less man was saying that he obtained the truth which is the he can’t obtain the truth and who does can is really truthfully say that all thing are not related in he can’t find the truth. How foolish, an obvious contradiction. What is needed to counter this nonsense C.R./P.C. is the concept of “Absolutism.” Which a definition of this, with the scope of the topic, is “An absolute standard or principle .” In this cultural war it’s the Bible with its absolute standards and principles to stand firm against the extreme folly and foolishness of the CR and PC concepts. In conclusion, in this War of Ideas a firm foundation for truth may be found in the Bible and not the weak folly of CR. in which everything is “opinion.”