Inspiring: A child who lost her Mom


Editor’s note: This is not an Islam story. It’s a human story. This is a video I thought worth being watched by our valued readers and supporters. It has a pleasant ending.

To Muslim apologetics out there – the happy ending of this video did not happen at all to Muhammad’s victims. One example suffices – Muhammad beheaded 800 innocent men and parents of Bani Qurayza, and one mother. The thousands of their children never had a chance to see their parent again, and did not understand what happened. Muhammad never worried about those children. The evening of the day of Bani Qurayza genocide, Muhammad gave the orders to cover those who perished with dirt, and went on to enjoy an evening with Rihana; a woman he had just beheaded her husband, and all her male relatives. What a fine example for humanity you Muslims have in your prophet.

Back to the song

Turkish song of a child who lost her Mom for 3 months and did not know what happened to her  – true story. I was not able to obtain more details

She had not seen her mom for about 3 months and her mom surprised and she cried  for she  missed her very much…

Lyrics in English :

where are your warm hugs

the one I loved the most have gone

I loved and people loved me

why did all that happen

and  how much pain I got

and the problems in my life..

you’ve gone to other countries and live there!

my heart was burning  everyday  and every night

its now like I die…




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