Indian TV channel’s Investigation: Zakir Naik’s converts were paid to change beliefs, say aides

Admin’s comments: Zakir Naik is a known fanatical Islamic preacher. On Indian TV channels, he has refused to condemn Osama bin Laden as a terrorist, when pin-pointedly asked about 9/11, he said that he does not know if Osama was involved in this act or not (despite Osama bin Laden himself admitting and boasting of it in October 2004). In 2016, the noose was tightened around Zakir Naik after it came to light that terrorists involved in a terrorist attack in Dhaka (Bangladesh) were inspired by Zakir Naik. Naik had been in the news since his sermons inspired two of the five terrorists, who hacked 20 people to death at a cafe in Dhaka in July 2016. Even at that time in July 2016 after being grilled about Osama bin Laden, he had refused to condemn Laden. On being asked about defending Osama, Naik said, “I don’t know him. How can they say I am supporting him when I simply say I cannot comment on him because I don’t know him and I have not done any research on him. The Quran does not allow me to speak about a third person regarding whom I have done no research or study.”

   This fanatic has said that non-Muslims should not have the right to preach in Islamic countries, but Muslims can and should preach Islam in non-Islamic countries because other religions are false and Islam is true. (In truth, Islam is false.) He has said that temples and churches should not be allowed to be built in Islamic countries but mosques should be built in non-Islamic countries because other religions are false and Islam is true! “Propagation of other religions is prohibited. Even construction of any place of worship is prohibited,” he said. Explaining why Islamic countries shouldn’t allow people of other faiths to build their places of worship, Naik gives an example. He says he asks non-Muslims who they will pick as a teacher for their school, if there are three teachers– The candidate who says 2+2=3, the one who says 2+2=6 or the one who says 2+2=4. “As far as religions are concerned, we (Muslims) know that only Islam is the true religion in the eyes of God.”

The Islamic State is notorious for keeping sex slaves. Zakir Naik shares similar views and has said that the Quran says that one can have sex with whatever one’s right hand posseses. (This view is correct in the sense that the Quran does indeed permit slavery and sex-slavery, of non-Muslim women.)

   He has also defended wife-beating. “If you have a son, and he wants to jump from the roof, you will admonish him.” According to Naik, Allah has given permission to men to beat women. But, he says, men should beat their wives ‘lightly’. “As far as the family is concerned, a man is the leader. So, he has the right,” he says.

   Needless to say he has also supported death penalty given to apostates in Islam, to anyone leaving Islam. According to Naik, in case, somebody wanted to convert to another faith, and leave Islam, then capital punishment was the most ‘humane punishment’ for him. So much is his fanaticism. He has also called music as ‘sin’, and defended cutting of right hand as a punishment for theft.

  In the past, there were calls and invitations to Zakir Naik for a debate with Ali Sina on the truth of Islam, which Zakir Naik avoided. Ali Sina dismantled Zakir Naik’s false claims in his paper “World’s Greatest Showman”. Naik is not a real scholar but a showman, a magician. His tricks were all exposed by Ali Sina in his paper. Some would claim that that debate between Ali Sina and Naik was supposed to be in writing and not in person. But Zakir Naik has also refused to accept the challenge for a debate even in person by other real scholars. Zakir Naik’s Guru Abdullah Thariq was defeated in a debate by Mahendra Pal Arya, a real scholar of the Arya Samaj. Zakir Naik indulges in propaganda that Vedas have prophesied Mohammed (which is absolutely false, and if true, would only show the ‘Divinity’ of the Vedas that they could foretell coming of a self-styled Prophet like Muhammad thousands of years before Muhammad!)  and cow slaughter is allowed in Vedas and quotes some of the Vedic verses [distorted] to support his view and it is confusing to both Hindus and Muslims. Hence, in order to put an end to all the nonsense, Arya Samaj through its Apex intellectual body called Paropakarini Sabha has invited for a debate [Shastrarth] on the following subjects. A formal invitation was sent to Dr Naik to accept and be ready for the debate.

a. Comparison of Quran and Vedas
b. Prophet Muhammad and Cow Slaughter in Vedas
c. Science and Human Rights in Quran
d. Paradise and Hell in Quran

Dr. Zakir Naik did not come for open debates with Arya Samaj scholars, how could he, when his Guru was defeated. But scholar Agniveer of the Arya Samaj dismantled all of Zakir Naik’s lies on this. His lies were also exposed here and one lie by Swami Abhayananda Tirtha.

   But thats not all. India Today is a TV channel which is known to be a champion of ‘secularism’ (read anti-Hindu pro-Islamic rhetoric in India, like Leftists defending the fanaticism of Muslims and painting Muslims as ‘victims’). But even this channel has exposed some more of Zakir Naik’s deeds, and shown that many of the people converted in Zakir Naik’s shows were paid to do so! Read this report below to know.


India Today Investigation: Zakir Naik’s converts were paid to change beliefs, say aides

In the televised conversions he presides over, Dr Naik ensures the potential converts say it on camera that they were neither forced nor bribed to change their beliefs.

“Dressed in a suit, he engages with a Christian woman in a quiz over religion as multiple cameras capture his dialogue for a seamless visual delight. On the YouTube channel of his Peace TV, Dr Zakir Naik is seen persuading her to accept Islam. The woman, who claims to have been already inclined towards Islam, switches to the faith after posing some questions to the televangelist across the podium in what takes around 18 minutes on the video-counter to complete the proselytising exercise.

That’s usually how the chief of the Mumbai-based Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) is presented on TV by his own production house and followers – articulate, convincing, learned and an authority of Islam.

In the televised conversions he presides over, Dr Naik ensures the potential converts say it on camera that they were neither forced nor bribed to change their beliefs. And they do in what appears to be a transparent platform allowing people to embrace the faith of their choice out of their free will.

But as serious accusations stemming far away from the lights and cameras of TV studios and auditoriums erupted that Dr Naik used dubious means to execute religious conversions, India Today’s Special Investigation Team (SIT) fanned out to Mumbai and Pune to verify the claims.


Four correspondents spent 12 days, meeting the IRF head’s present and past associates in the two cities. Quite startlingly, none of them declined allegations of being lured to Dr Naik’s conversion activities. India Today’s investigative reporters spoke to some of the IRF office bearers who alleged that the televangelist was on the Saudi payroll for proselytising.

PA Inamdar, the president of the Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society at Pune’s Azam Campus, hosted Dr Naik’s event in 2008, where the televangelist supposedly converted 12 Hindus and Jains on-the-spot to Islam after a public debate. Inamdar recalled he had expressed his reservations to the IRF chief over those instant conversions. He, moreover, felt they were orchestrated.

“That’s what I am telling you that I spoke with him the moment we stepped down (from the podium) that whatever you are doing (is inappropriate),” Inamdar told India Today’s special crew. “Those who want to convert and convert with full understanding, they need no public platform. According to me, that was all stage-managed,” he remarked.


The Azam Campus president shared another grave concern, saying Dr Naik’s proselytising could be his tactic to attract foreign funding. “Second way of looking at it is about getting money from the countries who take interest in these activities,” Inamdar claimed.

He apparently referred to the Arab World that’s currently hosting Dr Naik.

Asked how the televangelist responded to his objections, Inamdar alleged he had termed his conversions a routine. “Yes, (Dr Naik said) it happens routinely,” Inamdar insisted. He again expressed apprehensions that Dr Naik’s on-the-spot conversions could have been pre-scripted. “See everyone has a level of thinking. People’s ability to become emotional and intelligent vary. It’s just emotional. You haven’t learned the A,B,C,D (of Islam) and you abandon the faith of your forefathers after hearing a half-hour speech. That’s either driven by emotions or can be planted,” remarked Inamdar.

Last year, Dr Naik received Saudi Arabia’s most prestigious “Service to Islam” award from King Salman. In 2013, he was honoured with the Islamic Personality of the Year title by UAE PM Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The IRF head of the Mumbai-based Islamic Research Foundation publicly proclaims his faith as superior to other religions. He, however, denies allegations of inspiring young men to join the Islamic State. In an interview to India Today, he called the terror group “anti-Islamic State”.

But police also suspect that Dr Naik and his IRF are misusing funds from countries like Saudi Arabia to carry out illegal conversions in India. As many as 800 such cases of proselytising traced to them are driven by coercion and allurement, claims Mumbai Police.

This month, an IRF staff and another person were arrested over accusations of forced conversions and radicalisation.

Arshi Qureshi, a guest-relations manager at Dr Naik’s organization, was picked from his house in Navi Mumbai in connection with investigations into the disappearance of 21 youths from Kerala, who are suspected to have joined the ISIS. After his arrest, sleuths took Rizwan Khan into custody.

Khan was a worker at Al Birr Foundation at Mazgaon in Mumbai. The Mazgaon NGO is found to be having links with the IRF, investigators say.

According to Maharashtra’s anti-terror squad, both Qureshi and Khan have converted around 800 people to Islam under suspect circumstances. All the people who converted had visited the IRF, ATS sources told India Today last week.

Before their proselytizing, Qureshi provided them Islamic texts from the IRF, according to top investigators.  Later, they were introduced to Khan, who is suspected to have radicalized them, ATS sources said.

Religious conversions carried out by force, inducements or fraud are illegal in several states, such as Arunachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Odisha.

As part of this investigation, India Today’s team visited a madrasa in Mumbai to meet senior cleric Mufti Manzoor Ziayee, who is also advisor at the Haji Ali Dargah, and an old associate of Dr Naik, Asif Khan. Over the past 12 years, Khan’s company in Mumbai has been providing technical support to the IRF for setting up studios and other logistics.


During their conversation with the SIT, Mufti made startling claims that Dr Naik extended benefits to converts. “They were formally paid and got converted,” the cleric alleged when a reporter asked whether a number of Hindus had indeed changed their belief after listening to Dr Naik’s speeches.

“He (the televangelist) gives benefits. He gives a lot of benefits. Not just like that,” Khan added. “If one converts, he gives a lot of support. He helps them stand in the community,” the businessman continued. In his claims, Mufti also alleged Saudi funding behind Dr Naik’s proselytising programs.

“Especially if Saudi Arabia is funding, they (the Saudis) would get to know he’s doing that work for them, making non-Muslims accept Islam. If he doesn’t do that, his funding from there will stop,” the religious leader said.

The SIT dug deeper and tracked down a man who came in touch with the televangelist in the 1990s. Sheikh Irfan is privately employed now. But he was one of Dr Naik’s first interfaces with the people. Irfan was his spokesman in 1992 for some months.

Irfan alleged Dr Naik would brainwash young men into aspects of fundamentalist Wahhabi Islam.

“Basically, these people propagate against tomb visits… (then it’s) jehad… if someone doesn’t agree with you through dialogue, then use force (that’s what they believe in). Even bloodshed is justified,” Irfan alleged.

So far, Dr Naik has refused to return home from his safe haven in Saudi Arabia.


IRF defended its programs after India Today aired its special report.

“In its history, (the) IRF has never been involved in forced conversions. Conversion itself is not a primary agenda of (the) IRF,” the foundation said in a statement.

“Its agenda is larger awareness and inter-religious harmony,” the IRF claimed. “All these allegations are based on hearsay and opinions of individuals, who are either disgruntled ex-employees or persons with low regard for IRF and Dr Zakir Naik. (The) IRF would not want to comment on these allegations as Dr Zakir Naik himself has made his views very clear on every such issue in the past few weeks,” it added.

The IRF described itself as a research body that publishes literature on Islam and conducts awareness events.

“People interested in Islamic literature and information contact IRF from time to time and attend Dr Zakir Naik’s events,” it said in its statement.

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  1. Face_The_Truth says:

    Question: Why a non-Muslim woman should NOT marry or fall in LOVE with a Muslim man?


    Wife-beating is solemnly sanctioned and appropriately prescribed by Allah (i.e., Jehovah) and by Allah’s (i.e., Jehovah’s) last messenger for all faithful Muslim men until Qiamat (i.e., Judgment Day) descends on earth!

    Indian Islamic preacher Zakir Abd al’Karim Naik frequently attested to that Islamic “religious” truth, which I have written above for my readers at FaithFreedom.Org website.


    “A Muslim refugee from Pakistan went to the United Kingdom seeking a visa and a wealth of government benefits, but he needed to get married first.

    That Muslim refugee from Pakistan ended up taking a Western wife!

    Soon after marrying her, that Muslim refugee from Pakistan beat her with hammers because she didn’t have his dinner ready.”

    Lacy MacAuley’s testimony:

    “I fell in love with an energetic, charismatic [Muslim] activist I met in November when I was present to write about resistance to the G20 Summit, a global event in Antalya, Turkey.

    After I came home to the U.S., we talked every day.

    He [– the Muslim man –] was lovely and charming, I thought at the time!

    He [– the Muslim man –] offered a ready smile, engaging kindness, and intelligent conversation.

    He [– the Muslim man –] said all the right things to convince me that he cared about women’s rights and activism.

    In February, I decided to return to Turkey with the promise of [Islamic] LOVE driving me forward.

    I couldn’t have known things would turn sour!

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    We went to the beach and historic sites, and he [– the Muslim man –] introduced me to his friends.

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    Then came our first fight.

    I had wanted to interview a local [Muslim] woman for an article on Syrian refugees.

    He [– the Muslim man –] did not approve.

    Things deteriorated rapidly.

    His insecurity and childishness got worse.

    In the following weeks, I was violently pushed, blocked from leaving freely, and repeatedly told not to speak.

    If I spoke anyway, anger erupted.

    I endured threats that I would be burnt with cigarettes, flinching as he “faked” with his lit cigarette.

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    Two days later, however, I was jailed by Turkish police for several hours when I tried to simply enter a large public speech in Antalya by the president of Turkey.”

  2. Face_The_Truth says:

    Vishal Kumar wrote: “Islam is world worst cult. I do not say it [a] religion. Greatest surprise for me [that] it[‘]s growing! How can world 99% scholar[s] be so dumb about Islam? It is a miracle for me! Islam is clearly demonic cult.”

    Islam is growing because of the world’s Christians who have been backing Islamism in various parts of the world for centuries.

    Christians invaded Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and other countries — in our time — to rehabilitate medieval Islamism where medieval Islamism has been kept under a lid by various military dictatorships since World War II.

    Christianism always finds friendship with Islamism because of their mutual fondness for human slave-trade and human slave-trafficking around the world.



    American and British Christian governments favor Islamism all over the world, because Islamism — to this day — continues and perpetuates human slave-trade and human slave-trafficking.

    Early Christianism and medieval Islamism were rooted in human slave-trade and human slave-trafficking in order to make early Christians very rich!

    Early Christians loved the highly profitable human slave-trade and human slave-trafficking business, because non-believers of Jesus the Nazarene Jew — as the “Son of God” — are condemned to slavery and painful death on earth as well as are condemned to eternal hell-fire after death.

    Similarly, world’s Muslims follow medieval Islamism according to Allah’s (i.e., Jehovah’s) commands for enslaving non-believers of Allah (i.e., Jehovah) and Allah’s last messenger!

  3. vishal kumar says:

    Islam is world worst cult. I do not say it religion. Greatest surprise for me its growing. How can world 99% scholar be so dumb about Islam? It is a miracle for me. Islam is clearly demonic cult.

  4. Face_The_Truth says:

    The one big problem with any faithful Muslim’s claim that ancient Vedic literature had “confirmation” about later day coming of Muhammad the Arabian Bastard in Arabian Peninsula is: The theology of Islam has NOT a scintilla of similarity with Vedic religion of Bharat Rashtra.

    As the following LINK shows, world’s faithful Muslims’ claim that Christianism’s idol Jesus the Nazarene Jew prophesied about Muhammad the Arabian Bastard in the “Super Holy” Bible also turns out to be utterly false.

    All historical evidences indicate that Muhammad the Arabian Bastard wanted to imitate Jews and Christians fervently and, as a result, Muhammad the Arabian Bastard transformed a Pagan Arabs’ God Allah into the Jewish and Christian Abrahamic God Jehovah.

    The proof of what I wrote above is that the Pagan Arab’s Allah was quite COMFORTABLE being one of 360 other deities inside Ka’Bah; but, Muhammad the Arabian Bastard’s transformed “Allah” was NO longer comfortable being worshiped with other Pagan Arabs’ Gods anymore!

    The METAMORPHOSIS of Pagan Arab’s God — Allah — into Jewish & Christian Abrahamic God — Jehovah (i.e., Yehowah) — changed the course of history of almost all people residing from Middle East thru Indian subcontinent.

    One of my MOST revered historians, Sita Ram Goel, wrote:

    ‘Ibn Ishaq, the first biographer of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, devotes many pages to a description of Arab polytheism at the time when Islam started taking shape.

    Every Arab household, Ibn Ishaq tells us, had an idol of some God or Goddess.

    Ibn Ishaq also gives the names of many idols which were housed in sanctuaries maintained by different Arab tribes across the Arabian Peninsula.

    The Ka’Bah at Mecca which housed 360 idols was only one of these sanctuaries, though it was the most prestigious!

    One of the idols in the Ka’Bah was named “Allah”.

    Though it had some primacy over other idols, it was FAR FROM being an exclusive deity!

    Besides, there were many sacred groves and places of pilgrimage visited by Pagan Arabs on special occasions.

    At the same time, Ibn Ishaq informs us that, Monotheism was becoming an attractive creed among some sections of the Arab elite!

    It was the creed of the Roman, Iranian, and Abyssinian empires which inspired awe and admiration among the Arabs at that time.

    Many Jews and Christians were present, individually or in communities, in the more important Arab towns.

    These PEOPLE OF THE BOOK took great pride in their worship of the one and only true God Jehovah (i.e., Yehowah) and looked down upon the Pagan Arabs who had had no Prophet, who possessed no Book, and who only worshiped idols of stones and stocks!

    Jews and Christians aroused a sense of inferiority in the minds of those Pagan Arabs who came in close contact with them, but who were not equipped with an alternate theology that could defend their own Gods and Goddesses.

    Such Arabs looked forward to the day when Arabian Peninsula also would have a Prophet and a Book of its own!

    Those who have compared the Bible and the Quran know how close the two are in spirit and language on the subject of idols and idol-worshipers.

    Like Jehovah (i.e., Yehowah) of the Bible, Quran’s Allah also advances his claim to be the one and only true God.

    Quran’s Allah denounces the MUSHRIKS (idolaters) as the doubly damned category of KAFIRS (unbelievers) when compared to the other category, THE PEOPLE OF THE BOOK.

    The idols, proclaims Quran’s Allah while abrogating the so-called Satanic Verses, are mere names invented by the ancestors of the Pagan Arabs.

    Idols have neither eyes nor ears nor hands nor feet and can, therefore, neither help nor harm.

    Idols cannot respond to prayers and will fail to save their worshipers from hell on THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT.

    Idols will themselves burn in the fire of hell together with those who worship them.

    Meanwhile, idols render their worshipers NAPAK (abominable) in the eyes of Quran’s Allah.’

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