I am Free from Islam


Dear Mr Ali Sina,


I am Ahmed. I am writing to you from my friends email id. I thank the power of whatever is ruling this earth that I landed on your website in search of the truth.


I was a God fearing Muslim . As early as when I was 20 years old I had so many questions regarding my religion. Questions like: 

a) Why is music not allowed?

b) Why shouldn’t we laugh loudly?

c) Why will Non-Muslims (even very good ones) not be ALLOWED in Heaven and will continue to burn in Hell forever? Aren’t all humans God’s creation? Any creator will love his creation and not discriminate.

d) Why will transgenders/Homosexuals burn in Hell even though it’s not their mistake that they were born like that?

e) Why did the prophet have 11 wives?

f) Why does Allah sit in judgment of his own creation? He is a creator isn’t he. Why then he forces us to believe in him and gets angry when we don’t pray to him?

Why is there a concept of praying 5 times only? Why not 3 or 10? I felt foolish when I heard that our noble Mohammed bargained with Allah on the number of time a person should pray or fast. He related the story of how Moses asked him to reduce the number of fasts and prayers on Me’raj day. 


When I would read the Quranic translations I would feel repelled because:

a) Every other line was about hell or torture.

b) Every other line was about Allah praising himself in narcissistic terms. Once I was so disgusted at the pompous and shameless bragging of his powers I felt like puking. 


But I was young then and unable to comprehend why I was feeling so. The questions kept coming and I kept suppressing them from fear or offending the mighty Allah who was sitting in judgment of his own creation. The Quran is full of verses that expound Allah’s hatred towards his own creation.


I feel there is definitely a higher more evolved being who has created us. But he isn’t petty, hateful, vengeful or wrathful for not praying to him. Isn’t it vain and jealous of God if he punishes us for not praying? A God who swears to burn you in hell fires if you profess some other faith?


I compared god to a mother with 2 children. She commands one to pray to her 5 times. If he doesn’t will she threaten to punish him? If one of her child believes someone else is his mother she may become sad but surely she will not say she will burn him for eternity. I cannot imagine any mother thinking like that. So doesn’t it make a mother better than God?


Anyway, I have rejected Islam. Not as much Islam as much as it’s Evil Author Mr. Mohammmed. What a man! What a colorful personality! Today there are 1.5 billion blind, filthy, uneducated souls with their scratchy lice infected beards following him fervently and killing innocents by the thousands. The sight of a man with a full beard wearing his trousers above his ankles REPELS me.


I am coming to terms with my hatred towards Mr. Mohammed. I am ashamed to ever have been associated with such an inhumane religion. I have wasted 4 decades of my life. But today I am FREE. SO FREE! Free from the imagined fires of eternal Hell!!


I have rejected the unholy prophet, the fake Islam. I only believe in myself as a co-creator of my own world. 


When I started having my doubts I thought I was alone. So I started searching. While looking up on the Big Fraud Mr. Zakir Naik, I found your site and that gave me hope. I was an ardent follower of this snake Zakir. But Once I saw him rebuking an innocent Non-Muslim girl when she asked a simple question. It got me thinking. Here is a man who is having the responsibility of bringing enlightenment to human beings and he is behaving in such a mean way? I very firmly believe that he will not take up your challenge because he is so scared. With millions of dollars pouring into his account why will he risk answering you? 


May your quest to bring more innocent Muslims into light bear fruit.


From a relieved Ex Muslim


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