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Gullible Australians Protested Dutch MP Geert Wilders

PROTESTERS clashed violently with police and guests tonight before a speech by controversial anti-Muslim Dutch MP Geert Wilders.

Activists pushed and shoved guests to stop them entering, and linked arms to try to form a blockade.

One middle-aged invitee was shoved to the ground in the skirmish.




2 Responses to Gullible Australians Protested Dutch MP Geert Wilders

  1. Mina Zadmehr says:

    I saw many pictures in that blog..is strange when ALL OF THEM are pisslamistsleftists but none of them is a damn SINGLE nazistmuhaMADAN!!!!!

    My guess IS they are in action everywhere…NOT ONLY in Asia,Europe,USA but even in Australia!

    NazistsmuhaMADANS are the witches..the most EVILS at OUR wonderfull Earth!

    PS..The idiot..Wilder IS NOT ANTI-MUSLIM…He IS an ANTI-PISSLAM…The only here who IS ANTIMUSLIM IS ME

    NO1 ELSE BUT ME..So much i HATE thoes XXXXX which poising our wonderfull Earth!

    The idiots overthere will get it when they will RETURN one by one..then they all will tell the funny
    and “peacefully” histories about nazistsmuhaMADANS and english one!

  2. How disgusting that the usual muslims and marxists are out howling for blood when Gert Wilders speaks.
    Gert is a brave man worthy of respect. He is one of the few MP’s who has the guts to speak out against the evil tide of Islam.
    Maybe some of these protestors need to go and live in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia to understand just what Islam will bring into Australia if given the chance.
    Obviously the truth hurts.

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