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What you write about the Prophet is offensive to those of us who believe in him as a messenger of God. You are insulting us and the religion of more than  a  billion people.

 I do not insult people nor do I taunt their beliefs. I am after facts and the truth. If I say something that I believe is true and you are offended, it is not my fault. If I steal and you go accuse me of being thief, and you can prove your claim you are not insulting me. You are simply telling the truth and it is your duty to warn others who may otherwise become my victims. If my kids are offended by that it is because they love me so much that they cannot face the truth. What they have to do is to prove my innocence or accept the fact that their beloved father was not a perfect man. But if they retort by calling you names then they are insulting you.

What I say about Muhammad are not insults but the truth.  

  • The only words I know for a person who massacres his prisoners of war  is a criminal and a mass murderer. 

  • The only word I know for someone who at the age of 54 becomes aroused by a 9-year-old child is pedophile. 

  • The only word I know that describes a person who  raids merchant  caravans and steals their goods is highway robber. 

  • The only words that I know for someone who captures human beings and sells them or asks for ransom to release them is a slave merchant and terrorist. 

  • The only word that I know for someone who forces himself on a captured woman in the same day that he kills her father, husband and many of her relatives is a rapist.

  • The only word that I know that describes a person who sends his men to kill his opponents in the middle of the night traitorously is an assassin. 

If you think these are offensive words please suggest other words that are less offensive. I promise to use them instead. But if Muslims are offended for they believe what I say is false then they have to prove that these stories are all baseless.   


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