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Question 72
Can you tell me how to find God?  

You want me to tell you how to find God? I am afraid you have to find it on your own. No one can lead you to God. This is an entirely personal journey. You must choose your own path. 

Trying to understand God is a futile exercise. All I know is that if God exists he must be Love. Therefore all we should care is love each other. We must see each other as members of one human family and do not fight over whose religion or understanding of God is better. If you love, you are experiencing God - you are becoming one with God. 

God does not give a hoot if we pray to him or not. He is not a narcissist. He is not a needy psychopath as Muhammad portrayed him. All he cares is that we love each other. So help someone who needs you. Do something good for your fellow humans. This is how you serve God, not by waging wars and killing people. If God wanted to make people believe in him by force, he could easily have done it on his own, why would he need to hire henchmen and Jihadis to do it? 

Islam is blasphemy. It is an insult to God. It implies that God is irrational. He can't convince people with logics but he wants to make them submit by force. It also implies that God is impotent. He depends on his believers to do what he can't do on his own, i.e. kill the unbelievers. What blasphemy can be bigger than this?

No one knows God so no one can tell you how to find him, what he is or what he wants. If anyone tells you "God said" he is lying.  He wants to use you. "God said" is a logical fallacy. God does not speak and no one can hear him. No one can know what is in the mind of God. Read what others say about God but take everything you read with a grain of salt. Trust your own intelligence. Accept what makes sense to you and reject what does not. Particularly be wary of those who are convinced. Those who claim to know, know the least. No one can understand the entire truth. Truth is bigger than all of us. We all understand a piece of it. Listen to others to enhance your understanding but always evaluate what they say with your own commonsense. Reason is above everything; let it be your guide. God has given all of us enough of it to find our way on our own. We fail to use it. We follow impostors who lead us to our perdition. This is our own shortcoming. We have betrayed the greatest gift of God which is our intellect.  

Jesus said God is love. This is the best definition of God in my opinion. If God is love the only way you can experience God is through love. Love the Universe. Love this Earth and all things therein. Love the sky, the sea, the mountains. Let the air fill your lungs. Follow it with your mind. Feel and love the life that it breaths in you. Love the trees and the animals. Love your fellow human beings. You can show your love for humanity by serving it, by doing something that benefits mankind. If you can't volunteer to go to Africa to help the victims of AIDS do your daily work in the spirit of service. Love your parents and meet their needs. Love your spouse - be loyal to her, be faithful to him. Love your children and be committed to their growth, progress and well-being. But above all love yourself. If you don't love yourself you can't love anyone and anything. It is by loving yourself that you can love others and love God. Love yourself unconditionally. No one can or should love you unconditionally unless you are an infant or a toddler. Learn to love yourself unconditionally always. Learn to forgive yourself every time. Acknowledge your mistakes and forgive yourself. As you forgive yourself, forgive others too. Let go. This is the essence of love. This is how you experience God.

When love fills your heart, it becomes the seat of God and you become a temple where God descends. God will not descend in a heart that is filled with hate. No Muslim can experience God if he loves Muhammad and hates mankind. You can't love mankind when you believe that unbelievers are najis (impure), Jews are monkeys and pigs and that those who do not share your asinine creed will be burned in hell. The farthest people from God are Muslims. They have shun themselves from God and his love by a veil. Look at them! Look how they live and how they are constantly waging war with others and with each other. look how miserable they are. They are worshipping Satan. They are filled with hate and this is what they get as the result. Jesus said  "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves." (Matthew 7: 15) Then he added,  "By their fruit you will recognize them."  Look at the fruit of Islam. A cursory look at the Muslim world is enough to know Muslims are misguided.

Hate and love do not mix. A heart that is filled with hate has no room for love, and therefore, no room for God. Muslims, to the extent that they follow Muhammad, have distanced themselves from God. They are incapable of loving and as such have deprived themselves from God's love. In hate they come, in hate they live and in hate they die.  


I will direct you to a few articles I have written about God and what I understand of it. This is my understanding and my understanding changes, so don't take my words as facts. They only represent my thinking. Evaluate them with your own understanding and if you come up with a better definition share it with others. If God is the maker of reason, he must be rational. If a definition of God is irrational, it is not true.  

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