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Question 71
Can I continue believing in God after I leave Islam?  

Absolutely! There is no reason to give up the belief in God once you discover that Muhammad was a charlatan. This is like a follower of David Koresh or Warren Jeffs decides to disbelieve in God after realizing that his false prophet was a liar. What those conmen had to do with God? Muhammad had nothing to do with God either. Yes, it is perfectly okay to believe in God after you leave Islam. 

As a mater of fact you can start believing in God only if you leave Islam. Allah is not God. Allah is the figment of Muhammad’s imagination. He was an Arab idol who had three daughters. Muhammad used this Pagan deity to advance his goal of domination. It was easier for him to use a known Pagan god than introduce a completely new one. So he said this big idol is the creator and the same god spoken by Jesus and Moses. Nothing is farther from the truth. Allah and Jehovah are not one and the same. The god of Jesus is the god of love. Allah is the god of hate. 

We humans do not know what is God. Muhammad, that pervert criminal, was the last person and the least qualified to know it. Whatever he said about God were lies. He had no understanding of God. God to him was just an omnipotent despot, a fearsome Hitler, a mighty Saddam Hussein, one who does whatever he desires and responds to no authority. "Allah blots out and establishes what He pleases." (3:39). He is whimsical, wanton and capricious. He can punish anyone he wishes and reward anyone he pleases disregarding their merits and demerits. Tabari writes: “Then Allah rubbed Adam's back and brought forth his progeny. And every living being to be created by Allah to the Day of Resurrection came forth at Na'm.n. He scattered them in front of him like tiny ants. He made covenants with them.... He took two handfuls and said to those on the right, ‘Enter Paradise! And He said to the others, ‘Enter the Fire! I do not care.' Tabari I:305

You can’t earn your salvation with Allah through your good work. It is all up to him to decide whether he accepts your good work or not. And it all depends whether his prophet is on your side or not. It all boils down to appeasing Muhammad so he can intercede on your behalf and gain you God's forgiveness. You can do all the good works in the world but if Muhammad is not pleased with you, you won't go to heaven and vice versa, you can commit all the crimes but if he advocates on your behalf, Allah will make exceptions and forgives your sins. "On that day, the intercession will not avail, except for whom The Gracious permits, and whose request is acceptable to Him". [20:109] This is awesome power in the hands of Muhammad. With this, he basically claimed the status of Allah's partner and counselor. 

This is foolish. God must be constant or he is not God. Perfection requires constancy and predictability. Only imperfect things are unpredictable. Is God so corrupt that he would bend the rules for some people only because they have gotten on the right side with Muhammad? Do influence peddling and wheeling and dealing work even in Heaven? Isn't this enough to see Muhammad was a cuckoo?  This is how Islamic countries are run. In Islamic countries you can go through any door and bypass all red-tapes, if you know the right person. Your merits and qualifications are secondary. It is who you know that determines where you go in life. If you know the right people at the top you can get away even with murder. Take the example of Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran. In a democratic and fair society this joker would not be able to become anything more than a clerk. But in an Islamic Iran, he is the president because he knows the Supreme Leader. Allah's court is just like that. How much one must be stupid to believe in these ridiculous charades of Muhammad? This man made his foolhardy followers believe that Heaven is hanky panky and that he has the power to pull some strings with the maker of this universe. Isn't this stupid? If this is true, is such an unethical and unprincipled deity worthy of worship?

God is nothing like what that fiend mad man described. God can't be corrupted. Paul said God does not show favoritism. Romans 2:11 Peter said he same in Acts 10:34. These disciples of Christ had a better understanding of God than this self appointed prophet of Arabia, whose only intention was to fool people and take them for a ride.  

As our minds expand and we understand the mysteries of the Universe, we gradually start to give up our primitive idea of God as a vengeful loony, who sits up there watching our actions to see whom he should send to hell and whom he should reward, as if he has nothing better to do. This is infantile. And when it is believed by grownups, it is pathetic. How can one worship this stupid god as described by Muhammad? Muhammad is describing his own self. That narcissist is telling us about his own wet dream. Allah is what Muhammad wanted to be. 





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